Google maps of Madeira and a bunch of different points of interest.

Discover Madeira!

With a customized map

If you’re craving an adventure in Madeira, you’re in the right place! We put together this Google Map of everything you simply can’t miss.

You no longer need to worry about researching all the different locations – we did that for you! 

On this map, you will find over 135 different locations with everything you need and more – including all of our favourite spots! 

What’s included on this map?

  • Hiking trails
  • Restaurant and food recommendations
  • Coffee shops and places to work
  • Museums
  • The best poncha
  • Epic viewpoints
  • Our favourite waterfalls
  • Lesser known areas of the island
  • Amazing beaches and rock pools

We can't wait to help you explore Madeira!

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Kind words from past clients...

"10/10 would recommend"

I had an absolute blast of a trip. 10/10 would recommend. Thank you for an amazing trip!

- Mia V.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Over the past 2 years, we’ve been fortunate enough to spend 4 months in Madeira so we know the island pretty well!
  • We’ve done over 25 hikes around the island, visited countless viewpoints, tried out a ton of amazing restaurants, tested out various beaches and rock pools, and so much more.
  • By using this map, you will save hours and hours of research to find the best spots. Just open the map, click the different icons, and explore the locations – it’s that easy!
A couple sitting at a viewpoint in Madeira.

Travel planning doesn't have to be hard