Exploring The Bila Opava Hiking Trail in Karlova Studanka

- Plenty of water  - Sunscreen and extra layers - Waterproof hiking shoes - Energy + protein packed snacks - Camera to capture the views

The Basics: What to Bring

The trail is located in Karlova Studanka. Karlova Studanka is in  the Moravian region of the Czech Republic not too far from Ostrava. The area is known for having some of the cleanest air in central Europe.

Where is the trail located?

Distance: 7.1 km return / 4.41 miles return Elevation: Roughly 317 m / 1040 ft.  Type: In and Out trail Length: 2-2.5 hours total Difficulty: Moderate (very family-friendly) Rating: 4/5

Trail information:

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Bila Opava Hiking Trail in Karlova Studanka

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