Visiting the Highest Sea Cliff in Europe - Cabo Girao Skywalk

- Highest Sea Cliff in Europe - 580 meters above sea level - Located in Madeira - 25 minute drive from Funchal  3 Euro's to access the skywalk - Overlooks Camara De Lobos

About Cabo Girao

Cabo Girao is located on the south side of Madeira. It's roughly a 25 minute drive from Funchal and can be accessed by car, bus, or by private tour!

Where is Cabo Girao Located

Cabo Girao is essentially a viewpoint that overlooks the coast of Madeira and the Atlantic Ocean. There is a viewing area with glass you can look through and see just how far the drop down to the sea is (580 meters)  It truly is an iconic viewpoint on the island of Madeira.

What is Cabo Girao

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