Walking With a Wolf – Wolf Sanctuary Tour in Golden, BC

Northern Lights Wolf Centre is a short drive on Highway 1 north of Golden. From downtown Golden, it’s 15 minutes to the Wolf Centre.

Where is the sanctuary?

Closed shoes are a must along with long pants (no leggings), and none of your clothes can have fur of any kind. Dress according to the weather as this tour operates whether it rains or shines.

What to wear?

If you go on one of the guided wolf walks with Northern Lights, there is a chance you will get to pet one of the wolves. It’s 100% up to the wolf if it decides to interact with you or not. You cannot approach the wolf to pet it but it will come to you if it wants to. So at the end of the day, it’s up to the wolf to decide if you get to pet it or not.

Can I pet the wolves?

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