Hiking Vihren Peak for Sunrise - July Morning Tradition

- A head torch - Warm clothes for the hike up - Shorts and t-shirt for the way down -Snacks & coffee to enjoy at the top - glvoes and hat to keep warm - Hiking poles

The Basics: What to Bring

Vihren Peak is located in the Pirin Mountains right next to the town of Bansko, Bulgaria. The trailhead is easily accessible and you can drive there by car!

Where is the trail located?

Practical information about the hike up to Vihren Peak Distance: 8.5 km return / 5.28 miles return Elevation: 931 m / 3055 ft. elevation gain Type: In and out trail (can also be done as a lollipop) Length: 5-6 hours return including breaks for pictures and a lunch break Difficulty: Hard Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Trail information:

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