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How to Hike From Punta Del Hidalgo to Chinamada – Tenerife

Looking for a hike in the Anaga National Forest? Explore the trail from Punta del Hidalgo to Chinamada for amazing views.

How to Hike Wasootch Ridge in Kananaskis

If you’re looking to go hiking in the Kananaskis area and want some breathtaking views, then Wasootch Ridge is the perfect hike for you!

How to Find and Hike to Vyhlidka Maj Near Prague

Less than an hour from Prague you can find the European version of Horseshoe Bend in the form of Vyhlidka Maj, an amazing day trip from Prague.

Is Fairyland Loop Trail the Best Hike in Bryce Canyon?

If you’re looking for some fun Bryce Canyon Trails we can highly recommend Fairyland Loop Trail as one of them. Here’s why…

How to Hike Cruz del Carmen to Chinamada – Tenerife

Explore and hike from Cruz del Carmen to the famous mountain town of Chinamada up in the Anaga Mountains, Tenerife.

The Best View of Mount Teide – Mount Guajara Hike

Mount Guajara is the second tallest mountain in Tenerife and also one of the most breathtaking hikes on the island.

The Best Sunset Spot in Tenerife – Montaña Roja Hike

Tenerife is known for it’s amazing hikes. One of the best hikes to do with an amazing lookout for sunset is Montaña Roja near El Médano.

The Gorgeous Mirador de Las Breñas Hike to Costa Acentejo

Once you get to the viewpoint of Mirador de Las Breñas you will see the beautiful Costa Acentejo coastline and the start to an amazing hike.

How to Find the Famous Rambla de Castro Coastal Trail – Tenerife

If you’re visiting Puerto de la Cruz you’ll want to explore the famous Rambla de Castro coastal trail that takes you along the beautiful coast of Puerto.

Everything you Need to Know About the Tamaimo Guama Loop Trail – Tenerife

We found the most scenic hiking trail in Tenerife. All the information about this hike near Tamaimo can be found throughout the post.