Hiking the Stunning Boca do Risco Coastal Trail

- A water bottle or two - Sunscreen or and a hat to protect yourself from the sun - Hiking poles - Snacks or lunch or enjoy while you're at the peak

The Basics: What to Bring

Boca do Risco is located in the mountains above Machico and Canical. The majority of the trail is located along the coast between Canical and Porta da Cruz.  It's an ancient trail that used to be used by locals to travel and exchange goods.

Where is the trail located?

Distance: 8.3 km return / 5.17 miles return Elevation: Roughly 748 m / 2454 ft. elevation gain Type: One-way-trail (can be done as an in-and-out as well) Length: 5.5-6.5 hours (gives you enough time to enjoy the views) Difficulty: Hard (but very rewarding) Rating: 5/5

Trail information:

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