After our first canyoning experience in Madeira, it was only a matter of time until we decided to go again and try the intermediate level!

The first time we tried canyoning, we went with a few friends and did level 1 (beginner) with Epic Madeira. We had so much fun that we decided to try it again!

This time we decided to try out the level 2 (intermediate) experience and it was amazing! 

Madeira is quickly turning into quite the adventure island with more and more tour companies offering adventure activities like canyoning, mountain biking, and even paragliding!

This is awesome because, for a long time, Madeira has been more laid back with amazing walks and viewpoints to see.

Now, if you’re looking for a bit of a rush to get your adrenaline pumping, you can also find some pretty awesome activities like canyoning.

This was our first time doing intermediate canyoning in Madeira and it was EPIC! 

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Canyoning in Madeira with Epic Madeira

💰 Price: €80
Duration: 5-6 hours (2-3.5 hours in the canyon)
⭐️ Rating: 5/5
📸 Photos & videos included
📆 Book level 2 canyoning with EPIC here

If you are looking for a bit of a rush and have tried canyoning before then the intermediate level in Madeira is perfect for you.

Before trying the intermediate level canyoning (also known as level 2), we tried the beginner canyoning level with the same company (Epic Madeira).

What we found about level 1 was that it was super fun, but it was a little easy. We wanted to challenge ourselves a little bit more and for that, the intermediate level was absolutely perfect for us. 

When we tried level 2, there were actually a few people in our group who had never canyoned before and they found the intermediate level to be really good.

To give you an idea of what you can expect, the most challenging/scary thing we had to do was jump from 6 meters into a pool of water that was really deep. Honestly, the guides were so good and made us feel so comfortable and safe that it didn’t feel scary at all.

Everyone ended up doing the jump a second time because it was so much fun!

A little adrenaline rush, a lot of excitement, and one huge splash!

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Why we chose to go with Epic Madeira 

There are tons of good tour companies in Madeira – especially when it comes to canyoning.

We’ve spoken to multiple people who have gone on canyoning tours (including locals and friends), and they almost always say the same thing: The tours are awesome and the guides are great.

It can definitely be a challenge when picking a company to go with. However, there’s one company that stands out amongst the rest, and that is Epic Madeira.

We’ve gone with Epic Madeira twice now and both times, we had the best time. The guides were so much fun and made sure we got an awesome experience. You can really see how much they love what they do and that they’re super passionate about canyoning!

Another great thing about Epic is that they have tours for all three levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).

You can read about the different canyoning levels in Madeira in this post! We explain the difference between the three levels, share some of our own experience canyoning level 1 in Madeira, and more.

Fun fact: Epic Madeira is the number one canyoning company in the world (with the most 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor) as well as the #1 tour in Funchal!

Pickup spot for canyoning in Madeira

Most tour companies in Madeira are based in Funchal since that’s where most people stay. If you’re staying in Funchal too, that makes it super to get to the pickup spot as it’s located very central and convenient for everyone. 

Right in front of the Cristiano Ronaldo Museum in downtown Funchal, there are a few parking spots on the side of the road. That’s where you’ll find the Epic Adventure van that will drive you up to the starting point. 

For anyone staying in Funchal, it’s quite a convenient spot and if your hotel or accommodation is a ways away you can always try and talk to Epic before and see if they can pick you up closer to your place (potentially at an extra cost).

From the pickup spot, you’ll sit back, relax, and enjoy the drive up to Ribeiro Frio where some of the intermediate canyoning experiences start. 

Note: If you have a car and want to drive to the starting point yourself, you can use the promo code ‘NoTransfer’ to get 10% off.

Getting ready to start canyoning for the day

The team has access to a little storage shed where you will change and put on all the gear you need for the day. From gloves to keep your hands warm in the ice-cold water to grippy water shoes to help you from slipping on the slick rocks, they’ve got it all.

Their wetsuits are extremely good as well and if you think you’re going to be freezing during the trip because the weather’s not looking good… Don’t worry!

With all the gear you have, you should (hopefully) be able to stay warm. Even Jo who is always cold was surprisingly fine during both canyoning experiences. (Also, it’s important to note here that the word ‘cold’ is not allowed during the canyoning experience, haha!)

Of course, a trip like this is a great opportunity to bring a GoPro or waterproof camera! It’s definitely not a bad idea but we do want to let you know the team is really good at taking pictures and videos during the trip.

If you do want to bring your GoPro, make sure you let Epic know beforehand so they can bring one of the helmets that you can attach your GoPro to. And remember to bring your own GoPro attachment!

When the canyoning is over, you can ask them to airdrop you the pictures if you have an iPhone but they will also send them to your email in the next day or so.

It’s just something to consider because unless you have the helmet mount it can be a bit of a pain carrying your GoPro or camera around with you during the whole canyoning experience. 

Besides that, you really only need to bring a towel and your underwear or swimsuit to wear under the wetsuit. Everything else will go in a duffle bag that you’ll get at the end of the canyoning experience when you change before the drive home.

The actual intermediate canyoning experience in Madeira

Once you’re geared up, got all the necessary training, and have walked down to the starting point the real fun begins. 

You’re most likely going to be in a group of between 5-8 people on the intermediate canyoning experience since that’s a pretty standard group size. 

Right from the get-go there are waterfalls you need to abseil down (with help from the guides of course).

Before every abseil, jump, or rappel, the guides will tell you exactly what you need to do. So even if you’ve never been before (and you’re not scared of heights) you’ll be completely fine. 

The canyoning itself is awesome but the surroundings make the experience even better. While you’re waiting for the other guests to rappel down you’re able to rake in the incredible nature that you’re surrounded by and it’s absolutely epic. 

The lush green flora all around you, the waterfalls, birds chirping, and, hopefully, some sunshine beaming through is absolutely incredible.

We don’t know the exact distance you end up covering down the streams but you’re definitely out in the water for a good 2-3.5 hours rappelling, jumping, and scrambling through the water. 

We don’t want to spoil too much but at the end of our trip we got to jump off a 6-meter rock into a pool of water and it was SO MUCH FUN! 

As we mentioned above, the guide asked if we wanted to go again and every single person went for round 2 because it was so much fun! 

It was the perfect way to end an adventure-filled day! 🙂

Finish off this canyoning experience in Madeira

Canyoning really is one of those adventures where you don’t want ut to end. Especially once you get used to the water and you don’t feel cold at all. The thrill of abseiling and jumping into pools of water is just too much fun. 

Of course, you can go again on a different trip since there are different circuits and different levels. Who knows, maybe next time you’ll give the advanced level a go! 😉 

Sadly, the fun does have to end though, and once you get back to the van the hardest part of the whole adventure starts: Taking off your wetsuit!!

We were fortunate enough to get rewarded with a chocolate bar after so it was worth the struggle, haha.

This is also when you can ask the guides to borrow the phone and airdrop the pictures if you have an iPhone. Otherwise, you will get them in your email later. 

More Information on level 2 canyoning in Madeira

Level 2 canyoning in Madeira is perfect if you love a bit of a rush and aren’t afraid of heights. After doing both levels 1 & 2 it’s safe to say they’re quite similar but with a few more challenges on level 2! The abseils, rappels, and jumps are just a bit longer and higher up.

If you love a good adventure you’re definitely in for a blast! The guides are always there to assist you and keep you safe which we really enjoyed about the trip. There was never a time when we felt unsafe.

The guides are always laughing and having a good time while being super professional as well. 

We’re not crazy adventure seekers looking for the next adrenaline rush so the intermediate canyoning in Madeira is the perfect sweet spot for us. Safe, fun, and exciting all in one!

We’re sure you’ll have a great time too because the landscape and the area where the canyoning takes place is absolutely stunning. All the different waterfalls and streams you’ll come across are amazing. 

If you end up going with level 2 just prepare yourself for a bit of heights + excitement and you will have the best time!

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Other related questions to canyoning in Madeira

Where do canyoning tours start in Madeira? 

Most of the canyoning tours start in Funchal and usually the pickup is at the Cristiano Ronaldo Museum. Some of the tour companies will even pick you up at your accommodation/hotel.

From Funchal most of the canyoning trails are around a 30-50 minute drive from the city to where the start of the canyoning trip begins. 

Is there beginner canyoning in Madeira?

Madeira is a popular spot to go canyoning and there are quite a few beginner tours on the island that are perfect for families with kids or people trying out canyoning for the first time. 

After going on both the beginner and intermediate canyoning levels in Madeira, we would say that the beginner tour is great for people who have never tried canyoning before and who are also a little afraid of heights.

If you’re comfortable with heights and open to a challenge, you can also start out by doing level 2 canyoning. 

Is canyoning in Madeira dangerous?

If you go on a guided tour then the canyoning in Madeira shouldn’t be dangerous. The canyoning guides are very experienced and always make safety the main priority.

As long as you do a level you are comfortable with then the canyoning shouldn’t be dangerous at all. 

Another thing we love is that the tour companies on the island are professional and take care of the canyoning routes to make sure the safety protocols are always followed.

What’s the best tour company for canyoning in Madeira?

There are quite a few good tour companies for canyoning around Madeira such as Epic Madeira, Fast Rope Madeira, and Adventure Kingdom.

We’ve only ever gone with Epic Madeira for the two canyoning trips we’ve done and we absolutely love the company. We can highly recommend them!

Can I go canyoning with my kids in Madeira?

Yes, you can go canyoning with kids in Madeira. Level 1 is a great starting point for kids to try canyoning for the first time. It brings a lot of excitement and adrenaline for the kids and still enough fun for adults – especially if it’s your first time.

The canyoning guides are awesome and make for a fun adventure. 

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Recap of canyoning in Madeira (intermediate level 2)

That’s a wrap on our experience trying out intermediate canyoning in Madeira! It was our second time canyoning and definitely not our last. It’s hard to say if we’ll do another intermediate level or try the advanced one day.

If we do go on an advanced tour one day we’ll be sure to write a post about how it goes. 

Hopefully, this post about intermediate canyoning gives you a bit of an idea of this specific level and helps you book the tour that fits your level.

If you have any questions about the canyoning, the different levels, or anything else related to Madeira then feel free to reach out.

You can leave a comment below or DM us on Instagram @redwhiteadventures and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing about your canyoning experience and trip to this paradise island!

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