A fun day trip from Sibenik: Krka National Park Croatia


Are you traveling along the Croatian coast? And have you found yourself in the beautiful coastal city, Sibenik? Well, if that’s the case we have a fun day trip for you to add to your itinerary. You probably came for the beaches, the historical cities, and the Game of Thrones tours but this amazing day trip to Krka National Park Croatia will consist mostly of waterfalls – and you can expect a lot of them! So don’t forget your swim trunks and your camera!

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The best way for teachers to make extra money this summer


Are you looking to make a bit of extra money this summer? And do you want zero commitments to work a specific amount of hours or days a week? Well, thanks to the internet and the need for English speaking teachers, the demand couldn’t be higher! It’s the perfect time to join the movement of working from home or on the road while still enjoying your summer holidays! Welcome to the world of teaching English online!

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Which company is the best for sea kayaking in Dubrovnik, Croatia?


As you might’ve heard before, Croatia is known for its beautiful coastline, and Dubrovnik definitely plays a part in that! It’s no surprise that about 50% of all tourist attractions include being in the water. Boat tours can be really fun! But if you’re like us and you LOVE outdoorsy stuff then sea kayaking in Dubrovnik is a must! It’s such a fun way to spend the afternoon while being active, and you get to see some beautiful sights which you can’t see from the city center.

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7 important things to know when driving to Kotor, Montenegro


When you’re driving to Kotor there are a few important things you want to know. Both about the driving conditions, about the city itself, and general stuff about the country.

It’s pretty obvious that you would do some research about Things to do in the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro before making your way to this beautiful city, but there is also some general stuff that is good to know before driving to Kotor in order to make your trip easier, safer, and more fun!

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