The Benagil Cave is one of the most popular caves in the Algarve – and for good reasons! This beautiful rock formation with an open hole in the roof is unlike any other sea cave we’ve ever seen before. This cave is also incredibly accessible so it’s no wonder that there are a ton of different Benagil Cave tours to pick from.

This specific area in the Algarve is known for its sea caves and Grotte de Benagil. The Grotte de Benagil is the iconic sea cave. You can actually get inside the cave and relax at the little beach section which is pretty awesome. 

The Algarve is a stunning place with an awesome coastline and the Benagil cave tours are some of the best in the area. There’s the chance to visit the caves both from places like Portimao and Lagos, and, of course, right from Benagil as well.

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5 Fun Benagil cave tours worth doing 

Know before you go:

⚠️ Note: Most Benagil cave tours book out in advance during the summer months in the Algarve so it’s best to book in advance!

The fact you can actually get inside the Benagil cave and get off your kayak or SUP and get out and explore the cave is incredible. Some crazy people even swim from Benagil beach to the cave and explore it that way too! (We don’t recommend this unless you’re a very experienced swimmer and know the tides btw).

The Benagil cave tours range from boats to kayaks and even stand up paddle boards. So there are plenty of options to pick from. In this post, we’ve highlighted some of the best options for you in order to make it easier to pick which Benagil Cave tour(s) to go on since there are so many different options out there.

Let’s dive in!

#1 From Lagos: Benagil Coast and Cave Tour

⛵️ Book: your Benagil Cave tours here
⏰ Time: Roughly 2 hours
💸 Cost: €40

Lagos is a popular place for boat tours – especially to the Benagil Caves because it’s so beautiful. You get an awesome trip along the coast, passing all the beaches, where you might even spot some wildlife before you reach Benagil. 

The Benagil cave tour gives you a great image of what the Algarve coast looks like and the cliffs in the area are absolutely incredible. Even though the Grotte de Benagil is the most famous, there are other stunning sea caves along the way that you get to experience on this tour.

For two hours you’ll cruise from the Lagos Marina towards the caves, inside the famous Benagil Cave, and then back towards Lagos. In a few hours you get to see so much and these speed boats really cruise on the water so you’ll cover a lot of ground on this trip.

This 2-hour boat tour from Lagos allows you to see the caves, cliffs, and beautiful coastline firsthand.

Book your Benagil Boat Cave tour here.

#2 Benagil Caves kayaking tour

⛵️ Book: your Benagil Caves Kayak tour here
⏰ Time: Roughly 2 hours
💸 Cost: €35

If you’re already in Benagil then going on a kayak tour is the most popular way to get to the caves. Boat tours are more common from other cities along the Algarve but here in Benagil it’s the kayaks that take over.

This two-hour kayak tour to the Benagil Caves is a whole bunch of fun. You’ll get the chance to go to the most famous sea caves in the area plus get to actually go inside the Grotte de Benagil which is the most known sea cave with a big hole in the roof of the cave.

There’s a small little section inside the cave where there’s a little beach spot you can kayak to and relax at. In our opinion, one of the best parts of seeing the Benagil Caves by kayak is the fact that you can actually hang out inside the cave. By boat it’s a bit more challenging! 

On top of all that, you’ll explore a few more local caves and what other surprises the guides may have for you. We don’t want to share the whole trip but hopefully this gives you a pretty good idea of what you’ll see!

Book your Benagil Cave kayak tour here.

#3 Benagil Cave Sunrise SUP tour

⛵️ Book: your Benagil Caves Sunrise SUP tour here
⏰ Time: Roughly 2 hours
💸 Cost: €55

There’s nothing better than beating the crowds to a popular place and getting there while everyone is still asleep, right? Around 7 am, you’ll be on the Benagil beach getting a quick briefing of what to expect and a few safety tips before starting the SUP tour to Benagil Cave.

Early in the morning, the water is nice and calm with no boats on the water and it will most likely only be your group of SUPs and maybe some kayaks heading to Grotte de Benagil.

Coasting along the beautiful blue water of the Algarve and actually getting inside the cave before most people is pretty awesome (especially knowing how busy it gets during the day). 

You’re really going to enjoy getting up nice and early before everyone else. Watching the sunrise above the Algarve (especially with the cliffs and sea caves) is pretty magical.

Book your Benagil Cave tour by SUP here.

#4 From Portimão: Benagil & Coastline Catamaran tour

⛵️ Book: your Benagil Caves Catamaran tour here
⏰ Time: Roughly 3 hours
💸 Cost: €30

This catamaran tour of the Benagil Caves starts from the city of Portimão which is between Lagos and Benagil. For 3 hours you’ll cruise on this beautiful catamaran from Portimão towards the sea caves near Benagil. 

A fun fact about this catamaran is that it’s the first one in the Algarve to actually be eco-friendly and be powered by solar energy. This is awesome and pretty smart because of how sunny the Algarve gets.

This tour is perfect if you’re looking for a super relaxing and easy going trip. The ride is super calm with hardly any noise coming from the boat and it takes its time and cruises to the caves near Benagil including the Grotte de Benagil. 

This trip is great for a family or anyone who wants to see the beauty of the Algarve by boat with a more relaxing setting. And for anyone who tries to take that extra step to be eco-friendly. Since it’s a catamaran you won’t get up as close to (and inside) the caves like you would on some of the more small boat tours but you’ll still be able to see them from afar and enjoy the coastline.

But from a relaxing standpoint you can’t get a better tour of the Algarve than the catamaran tour from Portimão.

Book your Benagil Cave tour from Portimão here.

#5 From Albufeira: Benagil Cave & Dolphin Sightseeing tour

⛵️ Book: your Benagil Cave & Dolphin Tour here
⏰ Time: Roughly 2.5 hours
💸 Cost: €35

Yup, you can see dolphins and the Benagil Caves on the same trip! It’s actually quite common to see dolphins in the Algarve during the warmer months between May-September and even other months if you’re lucky. During June and September you might also be lucky enough to spot killer whales in the Algarve!

As you cruise from Albufeira towards Benagil you’ll be on the lookout for dolphins in their natural habitat. Usually, once you spot one dolphin, you spot a whole pod of dolphins swimming together! They are quite used to being near the boats here in the Algarve so they’ll even swim next to the boats sometimes which is so cool! 

On the way to the famous Benagil Cave, you’ll also pass by the Alfanzina Lighthouse and other sea caves and cliffs on the east side of Benagil. This boat tour from Albuferia is an awesome experience and the fact you can see the dolphins and the caves on one tour is pretty cool.

Book your Benagil Cave tour from Albuferia here.

Other related questions about Benagil Caves

Are Benagil Caves worth it?

The Benagil Caves are totally worth it. They’re one of the main attractions along the Algarve Coast and for a good reason. These caves along the coast are stunning, especially the famous Grotte de Benagil which you can actually go inside and relax at on the beach inside the cave.

How do you get to Benagil Cave?

The best way to get to Benagil cave is by kayak tour from Benagil Beach. There’s parking nearby, all the tour companies are there, and there’s a nice big beach to depart on your kayak trip. 

There are plenty of other ways to get to Benagil like a boat tour from Lagos or a kayak trip from Portimão but a kayak trip from Benagil Beach is the best way to get to the cave in our opinion.

When should I go to Benagil Cave?

If you have the chance, the best time to visit Benagil Cave is in the morning before all the tours start going from Benagil and all the neighboring coastal cities. 

The best way to see the cave in the morning is to go on a sunrise SUP tour or rent a kayak from one of the local tour companies in Benagil.

Can you walk to Benagil Cave?

You can walk and see Benagil Cave from above but you can’t get inside the cave by foot. The viewpoint of the cave is near the parking lot and you can see directly into the cave from the eroded hole at the top. 

To actually go inside the Benagil Cave and get to the beach spot you need to go by kayak or SUP to actually stop and hangout inside the cave. 

You can’t actually walk from the beach inside the Benagil Cave because there is no direct access. 

Can I swim to Benagil Cave?

Yes, you can totally swim to Benagil Cave if you’re a good swimmer. If you start at Praia de Benagil and go East (left looking out at the ocean) you will have roughly 300 meters of swimming until you reach the sand section inside Benagil Cave.

If you’re a good swimmer, 300 meters shouldn’t be too challenging for you. The only thing you have to remember is that you also have to swim 300 meters back to Praia de Benagil once you’re ready to leave the cave. And keep in mind that swimming to the caves is at your own risk!

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Photo of the famous Benagil Caves in Lagos.

The best part about visiting the Benagil Caves is that you don’t actually have to be in Benagil to go on a tour. There are tons of tours from Lagos, Potimão, and even Albufeira. Wherever you are along the Algarve you can find a tour that works for you.

As you can see there is a good variety of different tours to these iconic caves. From SUP tours to boat tours and even relaxing catamaran tours from Portimão there are so many different options. 

We hope you have an awesome time on whichever tour you decide to go on. Hopefully get to hang out inside the Grotte de Benagil and enjoy it as much as we did!

If you have any questions about these tours or the Algarve in general, please leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you!

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