Are you looking for things to do in Tenerife? What about wine tasting with a view? That’s exactly what you get at Casa Del Vino in Tenerife. From wine tasting to a delicious restaurant and even a museum Casa Del Vino has it all.

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How does an afternoon under the sun sipping on wine and cheese platters in their courtyard sound to you? We were there for what didn’t feel like a long time until we looked at our phones and realized that we’ve been there for hours…whoops! We just enjoyed it so much. Casa Del Vino is a known place for wine tasting in Tenerife and there’s a good reason for it…

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Outside of Casa Del Vino in Tenerife.

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Local wine with a view

It’s not often that you’ll find us sipping on wine at a vineyard. Most of our time in Tenerife was spent hiking all over the island since there’s so much good hiking on the island. We decided to switch it up though and tick off some Tenerife bucket list items and go enjoy some wine and food at Casa Del Vino. Even though I (Dom) got slightly sick on the bus (due to the windy roads) the day trip to the vineyard was absolutely worth it!

The windy crazy roads are normal though I’m just a bit of a baby and have a really weak stomach. For the majority of you, you should (hopefully) be fine. Besides the roads to get there, the winery is amazing! The winery is up in the hills overlooking the beautiful oceans and some small towns below. It’s the cutest little place with the most amazing views. 

We were staying in Puerto de la Cruz so we were looking for something local, not too far away by bus since we were drinking. We talked to a few locals and they recommended Casa Del Vino so we couldn’t argue with that! 

One of the best parts of travelling in our opinion is asking locals about the hidden gems and visit cool places they recommend.

Dom exploring Casa Del Vino in Tenerife.
Amazing view of Mt Teide, Tenerife.

A little bit about Casa Del Vino 

The history of this place is too cool not to share and another reason why you have to go check it out. The property dates back to the 17th century! Yes, the 17th century!! It wasn’t a winery back then but the property has been around for that long.

Back in the day, it was an old Canarian farmhouse. If you do the tour or go to the museum you’ll be able to see some of the old pictures and tools the farmers used back in the day. Even sipping wine in the courtyard you’ll get a farm-like vibes! We thought it was really cool. 

So this old Canarian farm transformed into what it is today. With a little bit of help from the Tenerife government, they have transformed into this beautiful Wine House where locals and tourists can come to try out all the different types of wine that are produced in Tenerife. Pretty cool, right? 

In one day you can mix history, amazing views, wine, and cheese all together. That’s a win in our books!

Views of Tenerife and the coast.

A list of things to do at Casa Del Vino

There’s more to this winery than just drinking wine! We didn’t know all the extra services that the winery offered until we got there but we thought it would be cool to share so you know all the services offered at the winery! 

#1 History of and Evolution of wines in Tenerife

You can watch a screening of a short film about the different wines that can be found on the island. It’s in multiple languages including English! We thought it was a fun historic short film about wine. 

#2 Museum of wine in Tenerife

There’s a little museum where you can observe by yourself or get a staff member to do a tour of the museum with you and explain the process of making wine and the tools they use. 

#3 Tasting Room

This was our favorite part! 😉 If you like wine sampling then make sure you find the tasting room. You can taste up to 12 different wines and they change every 15 days. Definitely a visitor’s favorite!

Wine tasting at Casa Del Vino.
Jo enjoying some wine in Tenerife.

#4 Permanent exhibition 

There’s a little room outside of the courtyard where a permanent exhibition is set up. It shows the history of Casa Del Vino and what it looked like back in the day when it used to be a farm and not a winery. 

#5 Restaurant

There’s a delicious canary-styled restaurant overlooking the winery down below and the ocean. Go try some yummy food and pair it with one of the local wines. The views from the restaurant are breathtaking.

Beautiful restaurant at Casa Del Vino.

#6 Courtyard terrace 

This section of the winery is absolutely beautiful. The courtyard is right in the center of the property and has plenty of room to enjoy some wine and a cheese plate right in the sun. The decorations in the courtyard are beautiful and just make for the perfect place to spend an afternoon. 

Courtyard at our favourite winery.

#7 Vinoteca and gift shop

Do you want to bring some of the delicious local wine back to your place? You’re in the right place. Their vinoteca is full of all sorts of different Tenerife wines. We were quite surprised by their selection! The gift shop is also filled with tons of wine-related accessories.

#8 Vineyard tour

Do you want to know about the process of how they make their wine? The staff is more than happy to take you on a tour through the vineyard and show you the grapevines and the process of how they make their holy water. 

So as you can see you can easily spend a full day at Casa Del Vino de Tenerife. From learning about the history and the process of the wine to actually consuming it and enjoying getting a little buzz on in the sun it made for the perfect day! The winery has a little bit of everything and the location was absolutely perfect. It was definitely one of our favorite things to do in Tenerife.

Jo walking around a  winery in Tenerife and looking at the grapevines.
Beautiful wine tasting at Casa Del Vino.

When to go 

Casa Del Vino is open 7 days a week so you can go any day. It’s up to your personal preference but of course, the weekends tend to be busier. We also recommend going on a sunny day so you can truly enjoy the courtyard, restaurant, and everything else that’s outside. 

It can still be cozy on a cooler or rainy day but there’s nothing better than sipping on some wine while the sun is shining. 

Their hours are Mon-Sat from 11am – 9pm and Sunday from 11am – 6pm. If you can then try and go sometime early afternoon and enjoy the museum, wine tasting, and then have time to maybe enjoy a nice dinner with a view at the restaurant!

You can find more information about Casa Del Vino on their website here.

Jo sipping on some wine at Casa Del Vino.

How to get there 

You’re in luck! There’s a bus stop very close to the winery so it’s quite easy to get to. We stayed in downtown Puerto De La Cruz and had no problems taking the bus to the winery! Even though the roads were a little windy (Dom didn’t like that, haha).

Here you can see the directions from Puerto to the winery. If you’re coming from a different city then change the starting point and you will be all set.

Gorgeous coastline of Tenerife.

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Sign of Jardin de Vino in Tenerife.

We hope you have the best time visiting this local winery in Tenerife. It’s one of the many things to do on the island and Tenerife is an outdoor paradise with so many different activities for everyone around the whole island. The hiking in Tenerife is incredible and then wineries like this one are just the cherry on top! We hope you have the best time and let us know what you think of the wine after your visit!

Have fun!

Dom & Jo
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