One thing many people don’t know about Switzerland is that there are actually cheap ski resorts. Thanks to Bansko Nomad Fest we met the two co-owners of Ski Coliving/Hostel Liddes. They told us all about coliving in Switzerland and Liddes and now we finally made it here. It’s quite crazy how affordable it is compared to the rest of Switzerland. 

As more and more digital nomads and remote workers find out about this little hidden gem in Switzerland Liddes will continue to grow and grow. With some of the cheapest ski resorts in Switzerland and an awesome community of like-minded people is what coliving in Liddes is all about. 

After spending a week in Liddes we’ll share what our week looked like and what you can expect. It was such a cool experience and the only downside was that it wasn’t long enough. In the future though, we’re going to spend a longer amount of time at the coliving to fully enjoy the experience. 

Disclosure: This post has been created in collaboration with Coliving.frilingue. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on our personal opinions and experiences.

What Coliving in Liddes, Switzerland is all about

Coliving Ski Hostel has gained popularity recently because of their amazing workcations and the affordability of the ski pass. For only 139 Francs ($160) you can get access to a ski pass. The ski pass works for a full year that gives you access to 3 ski resorts in Switzerland – and it also works during the summer months!

We decided to try it out in winter to see if it truly lives up to its hype. We can most certainly say it did! Coliving Liddes is an amazing place. We probably got slightly lucky because everybody who was at the coliving was super friendly but we had so much fun. We often find that the more outdoor and remote places we go have some incredible people that are also just there to enjoy the outdoors and have a good time.

The best part of Coliving Ski Hostel Liddes was the fact that the ski resorts and mountains are so close to the coliving. It’s really nice because even though you feel like you’re in quite a remote place, the coliving makes you feel like there are always people around. And if you need time to yourself, you can always go out in nature or hang out in your room for a bit. 

The community aspect is one thing that we always look for when researching coliving spaces, and we find that the more we get out of cities and into remote places (like this coliving in Liddes), you really meet some amazing people.

If you’re interested in coliving in Switzerland, you have two options for accommodation with Coliving Frilingue: Ski Hostel Liddes and Petit Velan in Bourg St Pierre. Both are run by the same management and both houses hang out and do events together all the time.

The two coliving houses are located only about 10 minutes apart by car. There’s also public transportation that runs between the two (which is free if you’re a pass holder).

Our experience at Coliving Ski Hostel Liddes

Before we dive into the coliving and what it’s like staying in Liddes we want to share a bit of our personal experience there. We’re both skiers (actually, Dom is a snowboarder) and love winter for a few weeks of the year. Especially when you can actually do outdoor activities and not be stuck in a cold city. So this workcation couldn’t have been more fitting.

We had an idea of what to expect but we didn’t know it was going to be as good as it was. Every night there was some sort of planned dinner nights or activities. One night there was night skiing, one night was fondue night, and one day, a group of people went to the spa. We didn’t participate in all of the evening activities because we still had work to do or we were just exhausted from skiing and working during the day – but it was cool that the option was there!

For us, the highlight was definitely the community! Whenever we go to new destinations and coliving spaces it’s always the community that can make or break your stay. The community at the coliving here in Liddes was awesome!

We connected with so many people and ended up doing some really fun things together. Over a span of a few days, we built a huge igloo together. One night a bunch of us went night skiing. There were a few wild parties thrown into the mix as well. To top it all off, we had a bunch of good ski days with fresh powder.

So we can highly recommend spending some time in Liddes during the ski season or in the hiking season as well. You’ll always have people do to stuff with and it’s a great way to make like-minded friends and connecting with people from all around the world.

What are the differences between the Ski Hostel Coliving Liddes and Petit Velan Coliving?

Ski Hostel Coliving:Petit Velan Coliving:
A little cheaper (since all rooms are shared)Slightly higher priced than the ski hostel
More people which means more eventsSmaller space
Faster turnaround time as a lot of people are staying short termTighter community as more people are staying long term (1 month or longer)
Bunk rooms onlyPrivate and double rooms available
Incredible coworking viewsMultiple office spaces

Coworking Space in Liddes 

It doesn’t get much better than being able to cowork in the heart of the Swiss mountains. To be honest, at times it’s hard to be a little productive. You see the fresh snow on the mountains and know you can be outside skiing and it’s just more appealing than getting your work done.

There are also days where the sun is shining and you know how nice it would be to go hike the peak right outside your front window. 

That being said, we really enjoyed being able to cowork in Liddes. Your creativity comes out, there are good people around you at all times, and the views are amazing. If you love the outdoors it truly is a little happy place and makes you more productive while you work.

Coliving Ski Hostel coworking:

  • Plenty of room
  • Amazing views
  • Good internet, and
  • Lots of people to connect with

Petit Velan coworking:

  • Smaller coworking room but two different rooms
  • Both group tables and private tables
  • Good internet, and
  • Quiet

Rooms at Coworking Ski Hostel Liddes 

There are a ton of different options for rooms in Liddes. Depending on your budget and your privacy you can choose between private rooms and bunk rooms. 

We stayed in the bunk rooms at Coliving Ski Hostel and it was perfect for our short stay. Next time if we stay a month or two we’ll probably stay in a private room at the Petit Velan Coliving. 

At the end of the day, you mostly just use your room to sleep in since you spend the majority of your day coworking, skiing, hiking, or hanging out in the living room with the other nomads.

Coliving Ski Hostel rooms:

  • Cheap for Switzerland
  • Rooms with 4-6 bunkbeds
  • Shared bathrooms
  • Between 10-40 people in the coliving 

Petit Velan rooms:

  • Slightly more expensive than the ski hostel
  • Option for private and bunk rooms
  • Private and shared bathrooms
  • Between 10-20 people in the coliving

Other related questions to coliving in Switzerland

Is coliving cheaper than renting?

Most of the time, coliving is cheaper than renting your own place. The more you get to know a place and find affordable coliving spaces, it can be significantly cheaper than renting your own apartment. Plus by coliving you get the benefits of meeting and living with other like-minded people and sharing experiences together. 

Are coliving spaces worth it?

If you are a remote worker or a digital nomad and are looking to be surrounded by other like-minded people then coliving spaces are totally worth it! Staying at coliving spaces is an easy way to make friends and connections while travelling.

Also, most coliving spaces will give you plenty of tips for things to do nearby and ways to save money in local areas. This is especially beneficial when it’s your first time in a new place. 

Recap of coliving in Liddes, Switzerland

There are so many benefits of coliving in Liddes, Switzerland and if there’s one thing to take out of this is that Switzerland doesn’t have to be expensive. There are cheap ski resorts in Switzerland and affordable coliving spaces – you just have to know where to look!

What Coliving Frilingue has created here in Liddes is awesome and makes it affordable for nomads and remote workers from all over to come and experience this beautiful country.

If you can, we definitely recommend staying at least a month here. Leave room to extend your stay because there’s a good chance you may want to stay an extra month or two after getting a feel for what life is like here in Liddes.

If you have any questions about coliving in Liddes, Switzerland, the skiing, or anything related to the coliving life here, feel free to DM us on Instagram. You can also leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We hope you get the time to visit Liddes and maybe we’ll even see you there one day!

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