Brno isn’t only known as Prague’s little brother or the city between Vienna and Prague, it is also home to some of the best cafes in the Czech Republic, funky bars, and some amazing wellness hotels. It’s something many people don’t know about, but Brno has a few great wellness spas and hotels such as Hotel Atlantis. 

You can combine a Brno Wellness weekend with exploring Brno and the surrounding area. You can easily spend a day or two checking out all the different things to do in the city and then in the evening spending time at the wellness facility in the hotel. 

We spent a few nights at Hotel Atlantis right on the outskirts of Brno over the Christmas holidays and it was the perfect little getaway. 

We couldn’t have timed it any better since the country was covered in snow at the time. It truly felt like a winter wonderland. The trip from Prague to Brno had snow the whole way, downtown Brno was covered in snow, and even outside at Hotel Atlantis, there was snow around the hot tub and pool which truly made it feel like an authentic winter experience.

Disclosure: This post has been created in collaboration with Hotel Atlantis Brno. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on our personal opinions and experiences.

Hotel Atlantis Wellness Brno review

💰 Price: $$ (€65 to €350 a night)
📍 Location: Great! Close to Brno Reservoir (lake)
⭐️ Rating: 8.5/10
🌿 Sustainability? Has taken steps to provide more sustainable and environmentally friendly travel
👉🏼 Check out Hotel Atlantis Brno’s prices & availability here

There are quite a few wellness hotels and facilities in Brno but this post is dedicated as a hotel review of Hotel Atlantis. To summarize our experience: It was incredible. We’ve spent quite a bit of time in Brno in the past but never thought about checking out one of the wellness hotels in Brno until we went on a press trip to Brno in 2022. 

After hearing about Hotel Atlantis and the cool facility they have, we knew we would have to make a trip back to Brno to experience the wellness for ourselves. 

It’s located right on the outskirts of Brno in the countryside between a few villages. You can actually see the outskirts of the city from the hotel but you feel like you’re out in the peaceful countryside away from everything.

Once you’re inside Hotel Atlantis, you really don’t need to leave. The restaurant, wellness, and hotel rooms are all connected and you can easily walk from one to another. There’s even a room that has a private spa!

Breakfast is included in your stay and so is a daily wellness visit. You can get food both at the restaurant as well as inside the wellness centre, so if you just want to stay at the hotel for the entire duration of your stay, you totally can.

If it wasn’t for all the good cafes in Brno that we love we probably would have just stayed at the hotel the whole time as well and enjoyed all the amenities it has to offer. 

Hotel Atlantis Wellness Center

We haven’t been to that many different wellness spas in the Czech Republic so we can’t compare it too much but from our experience, Hotel Atlantis is really, really nice! 

The Wellness Center offers a wide variety of different saunas, cooling pools, and even a small little waterfall outside. You can see all of Atlantis’s wellness facilities here. Our favourite was relaxing outside in the hot tub and by the outdoor fireplace that’s surrounded by water.

As we mentioned before, the wellness center has a little bar where you can order drinks (smoothies, cocktails, and other cold drinks), snacks, and even some meals. So you can enjoy the saunas and pools for a while then come back and grab a bite to eat before going back to enjoy the other amenities Atlantis Wellness has to offer.

Facilities at Atlantis Wellness Center:

  • Salt Sauna
  • Steam Sauna 
  • Finnish Sauna
  • Cooling bucket
  • Ice Fountain 
  • Unique Shower
  • Cooling Pool
  • Waterfall
  • Outdoor and Indoor Pool

So you can see how you can easily spend all day at the wellness center if you want to. Since we only had a few days in Brno on this trip, we were in the city for a good portion of the day exploring Brno and catching up on things we missed out on during our previous visit. But in the mornings and evenings, you could find us going between the saunas and the pools while sipping on smoothies at the pool bar!

The rooms at Hotel Atlantis

There are multiple sections to Hotel Atlantis and the room we had seemed quite modern compared to the hallways in the hotel. Each room has a different theme and we got the Penguin one as you can see from the black and yellow in the photos.

The rooms are spacious and comfy with a nice, spacious bathroom. The focus at Hotel Atlantis is definitely the wellness area but the rooms are everything you need for a chill evening and a good night’s sleep.

The only downside is that there was no coffee or tea in the rooms so if you do want a drink you have to make sure to get one at the breakfast buffet in the morning. Anything else you want can be bought at the restaurant or inside the wellness.

We do recommend going into the city for coffee though since Brno does have some excellent cafes! But if you do just want to enjoy the hotel for the whole trip, you can just grab some coffee and tea there.

Check out the Atlantis Wellness Hotel room prices here.

Atlantis restaurant and breakfast buffet

Breakfast buffet

We love it when hotels have breakfast included! The fact that you don’t have to leave the facility to get food just makes the mornings so much more chill.

The breakfast buffet at Atlantis is actually really good with a wide variety of sweet and savoury foods for breakfast! You will find everything from eggs and hashbrowns to traditional Czech pastries and waffles to bread, spread, and fresh fruit and veggies. You can definitely fill yourself up in the morning and keep you going for a few hours!

We would always have a few coffees from the machine (if you haven’t realized by now, we love coffee) and a few waffles with Nutella. We made sure to have some fruit and a few healthy snacks as well for balance.

Restaurant for lunch and dinner

If you plan to stay at the Atlantis Wellness Hotel the whole time, you can easily go to the restaurant connected to the hotel for lunch and dinner. They offer a wide variety of traditional Czech food with a mix of international cuisine for a reasonable price. We tried two of their different soups and really enjoyed it!

If you are already inside the wellness facility you can also grab some food from the bar there. They serve simpler and a bit healthier meals, smoothies, and all sorts of drinks. There’s a seating area inside the wellness and also a little swim-up bar which is really cool!

Other amenities at Hotel Atlantis

On top of the wellness at Hotel Atlantis they offer a few other activities and amenities you can enjoy during your getaway. These activities are all weather dependent and most of them are only available between spring and fall – not during winter.

All these amenities are connected to the resort and can be used at no extra cost. All you need to do is book the courts a few hours in advance to reserve your spot.

The amenities include:

  • Basketball court 🏀
  • Outdoor swimming pool 🏊🏼‍♀️
  • Tennis court 🎾
  • Badminton 🏸
  • Giant chess set ♟️
  • Playground 🛝

Getting to Hotel Atlantis 

If you’re coming by car then it’s super easy to get to Hotel Atlantis. You won’t even need to drive through Brno if you don’t want to since the hotel is on the outskirts of the city.

If you’re coming from Prague by public transport you may want to check out this Prague to Brno guide. It shows all the different ways you can get to Brno by public transport.

Once you’re finally in Brno it’s actually not that hard to get to Hotel Atlantis but it does take a little bit of time. The good news is that there’s actually a bus stop right in front of the hotel so you don’t need to do any walking across fields and villages in the Czech countryside to get to the hotel 😉.

Steps from Brno to Hotel Atlantis by public transport:

  1. Take tram #3 or #10 to Zoologicka Zahrada stop (Zoo stop) – 18 minutes
  2. Cross the bridge across the river to the bus stop – 5 minutes
  3. Ride bus #302 to Rozdrojovice stop – 9 minutes 

Total takes about 35 minutes from downtown Brno.

You can find the directions on Google Maps between downtown Brno and Hotel Atlantis here.

Other related question to wellness Brno Hotels

What is the best place for wellness in Brno?

There are a few well-recognized wellness spas in Brno which include Maximus Resort, Atlantis Resort, and Wellness Bohmova. All three of these wellness facilities are located right on the outskirts of Brno and are accessible by public transport. 

Is Wellness in Brno good for a couple’s date?

Yes, a nice weekend getaway to a hotel and wellness makes for a perfect couples getaway or date. It’s a very relaxing and peaceful date where you can enjoy the saunas, have a drink, and spend time chatting in the hot tubs. It’s especially good in the evenings and during the winter months!

Hotel Atlantis is a great option when it comes to a couple’s wellness date near Brno!

Is Hotel Atlantis worth staying at?

If you’re looking for a wellness spa in Brno where you can stay the night and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing time then Hotel Atlantis is a great option! It has everything you need from saunas and pools to activities and food. With a restaurant on-site and a breakfast buffet in the morning, there is no need to leave the facility unless you want to go spend an afternoon in Brno.

Check availability and book your stay at Hotel Atlantis Wellness Brno here.

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Recap of our stay at Hotel Atlantis Wellness Brno

Brno isn’t the wellness and spa capital of the Czech Republic (Karlovy Vary is) but it’s a beautiful city and there are some fantastic facilities to stay at such as Hotel Atlantis. If you’ve never been to Brno and want to experience it for the first time this is a great way to do it.

You can enjoy the wellness but also explore Brno and see all the things there are to do around the city. From cafes to underground tunnels, Brno is a pretty awesome city. Add in the wellness and you have yourself the perfect getaway for a few days!

We hope you enjoy the city and the wellness in Brno. Let us know if you end up going to Hotel Atlantis and enjoying all the different saunas!

If you have any questions about Brno, wellness in Brno, or anything else Brno-related, feel free to DM us on Instagram. You can also leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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