There are quite a few different options when it comes to finding Lake Bled accommodation. There are some awesome accommodations in Lake Bled that are close to the lake and within walking distance to the castle, different hiking trails such as the Velika Osojnica Viewpoint, and everything else you want to see around Lake Bled. 

One of the best parts of Lake Bled is that you don’t even need a car to get around. And as long as your accommodation is close to the lake, you can walk everywhere and get to everything quite easily. Book the right place and then you can enjoy your trip to Bled!

Each of the 7 accommodations near Lake Bled are quite unique and offer something different. We’ve done our best with the research and experience to highlight accommodations that are either eco-friendly & sustainable, family-run, well-priced, or a combination of it all. 

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7 Unique accommodations in Lake Bled

One thing to consider when booking your accommodation in Lake Bled is how much time you’re going to spend outside exploring. There are a ton of things to do in the area like hiking up to Velika Osojnica Viewpoint, visiting Bled Castle, taking a boat to Bled Island, and trying out the Bled Cream Cake.

If you’re looking for just a simple place to sleep then you may want to explore one of the cheaper options such as apartment Muznik. But if you’re coming for a magical experience with a unique stay and an unforgettable experience then you may want to pick one of the more unique stays such as Hotel Park.

A great thing about Lake Bled is that there are plenty of different options for stays from small little locally run pensions to cool apartments run by local families. There really is a great variety of different accommodations to pick from. Whatever you go with, we’re sure you’ll have an awesome time in this Slovenian paradise. 

If you need some assistance on how to get from Ljubljana to Lake Bled you can check out this in-depth guide. There are a few different options and ways to get from Ljubljana to Lake Bled and they all run very frequently. 

#1 Hotel Park – Sava Hotels & Resort

💰 Price: $$$ ($200-250 a night)
📍 Location: Amazing! 50 meters to Lake Bled
⭐️ Rating: 8.8/10
🌿 Sustainability? Green Key awarded
👉🏼 Check out Hotel Park’s prices & availability here

The Hotel Park right at the foot of Bled Lake costs a pretty penny for a night’s stay but it truly is a beautiful hotel to stay at for a magical time in Bled. If you’re more interested in staying around the lake and hanging out at your hotel while taking everything in, this place could be the right fit.

You’ll be able to relax on your balcony while overlooking Bled Lake. You can also hop down into the wellness area to enjoy a nice relaxing afternoon in the pool and saunas. There is a tennis court and a fitness area that you can use as well. Lastly, the breakfast buffet has a wide variety of dishes with some yummy ingredients from local farmers. 

In the evening you don’t have to go far and can enjoy dinner and a nice drink at the restaurant inside the bar. The view overlooks the Julian Alps and Bled Lake so there really is no reason to go anywhere at all.. You truly get what you pay for at this Sava Hotels & Resort location!

Hotel Park is also Green Key Certified which means they do their part to be eco-friendly. Especially when it comes to more expensive and nicer hotels it’s nice to see they do their part to be sustainable.

With Slovenia having such beautiful nature and locals and businesses truly caring about their nature you do see more and more eco-friendly accommodations and hotels near Lake Bled.

What makes Hotel Park unique?
Hotel Park has beautiful balconies overlooking Lake Bled.
It also has an incredible indoor wellness center and a big indoor pool.

Book your stay at Hotel Park here

 #2 Čarman House

💰 Price: $ ($80-100 a night)
📍 Location: Amazing! 100 meters to Lake Bled
⭐️ Rating: 8.6/10
🌿 Sustainability? Sustainability Independent Certified
👉🏼 Check out Čarman House’s prices & availability here

Do you want a waterfront view of Lake Bled? That’s exactly what you can get at Čarman House. These apartments are small and cozy but it’s all you need when you’ll be out exploring all day. 

With a Travel Sustainable Level 1 rating, a view that will blow you away, and a pretty affordable price for what you get, Čarman house truly is a gem when it comes to a place to stay near Bled Lake. 

It’s not the cheapest option but it’s also not the most expensive option. We think it’s fairly priced for its location and what you get. It’s perfect if you want to spend the mornings at home overlooking the lake with breakfast and the rest of the day out exploring. 

Most rooms are perfect for 1-2 people, and even though they’re not that spacious they’re similar in size to a hotel room. They do, however, have their own kitchens. This place is perfect for a few nights in Lake Bled.

What makes Čarman House unique?
Čarman House has an incredible view of Lake Bled and Bled Island.
It also has its own wooden rowing boat you can rent/borrow.

Book your stay at Čarman House here

#3 Penzion Mayer Lake Bled

PC: Penzion Mayer

💰 Price: $$ ($110-130 a night)
📍 Location: Amazing! 50 meters to Lake Bled
⭐️ Rating: 9.6/10
🌿 Sustainability? Sustainability Independent Certified
👉🏼 Check out Penzion Mayer’s prices & availability here

Penzion Mayer is a beautiful accommodation right in the heart of Bled. You’re only a 50-meter walk to the lake and you can take the bikes out and go for a nice ride around the lake or to the castle. 

Penzion Mayer is nothing fancy but it’s exactly what you need to have a homie stay near Lake Bled for an affordable price. This 3-star pension offers continental breakfast and a beautiful garden where you can relax, drink coffee, or even suntan during the summer months if you want a break from the crowds around the lake. 

Even though it’s right next to the lake you still get a very homey and peaceful vibe at Mayer for being right in the centre of everything. The best part is you can walk absolutely everywhere from this place. You can even take a bus or train from Ljubljana to Bled and then just walk everywhere in Bled!

What makes Penzion Mayer unique?
Penzion Mayer has a nice continental breakfast and pedal bikes you can use for free.
It is also perfectly located close to everything around Bled.

Book your stay at Penzion Mayer here

#4 Apartments Roberta Lake Bled

💰 Price: $ ($80-100 a night)
📍 Location: Great. 100 meters to Lake Bled
⭐️ Rating: 9.7/10
🌿 Sustainability? Sustainability Independent Certified
👉🏼 Check out Apartments Roberta’s prices & availability here

Apartments Roberta is perfect if you want a bit more of a homey stay during your visit to Bled. Many of the Lake Bled accommodations are right in the heart of everything and can get a little crowded and busy.

At Roberta’s apartments, you’re roughly 2 kilometers from the lake and have a bit more privacy and room. 

You can take their bikes out for a ride and take them to Bled Lake or even ride them up to Bled Castle. If you’re looking for something a bit more chilled out and relaxing you can hang out in the backyard where you can have a nice barbecue.

Each unit comes with a kitchen and a dining room table so it’s great if you want to make a few meals at home and enjoy the apartment.

If you’re looking for a place near Lake Bled but not in the heart of all the tourism then Apartments Roberta is the perfect place. 

What makes Apartments Roberta unique?
Apartments Roberta is a very spacious accommodation near Bled Lake with a beautiful backyard to relax outside. They have free bikes and a barbeque you can use.

Book your stay at Apartments Roberta here

#5 Hotel Starkl – Heritage & Unique

💰 Price: $ ($80-100 a night)
📍 Location: Excellent! Beachfront
⭐️ Rating: 9.6/10
🌿 Sustainability? Not certified but has taken steps to provide more sustainable travel
👉🏼 Check out Hotel Starkl’s prices & availability here

A cozy thing about Hotel Starkl is the fact that it’s located right on the coast of Bled Lake but on the quiet side of the lake. You won’t have tourists and locals crowding the area next to the lake because it’s connected to the hotel. 

Hotel Starkl is a very modern, family-run hotel with incredible views of the lake. You don’t even need to leave the hotel to enjoy Bled. 

Breakfast is served each morning with delicious pastries and fruits and, if you want, you can even try out the restaurant in the hotel for dinner one night. They serve local specialties along with a range of delicious international cuisine. 

Of course you want to explore Bled and see everything during your stay at Hotel Starkl… but make sure you also save some time for the hotel because it is a truly unique spot on Lake Bled.

What makes Hotel Starkl unique?
Hotel Starkl has amazing beachfront views from the bedrooms.
It’s located away from the busy side of Bled but still right next to the lake.
It is a family-run heritage-style hotel.

Book your stay at Hotel Starkl here

#6 Garni Hotel Berc – Lake Bled

💰 Price: $$ ($130-170 a night)
📍 Location: Great. 200 meters to Lake Bled
⭐️ Rating: 9.4/10
🌿 Sustainability? Sustainability Independent Certified
👉🏼 Check out Garni Hotel Berc’s prices & availability here

Garni Hotel Berc is another locally run hotel only a few hundred meters from Lake Bled. It’s a very traditional design and a great place to stay if you’re looking to be close to the lake. 

In the mornings, you can enjoy a nice cozy breakfast inside the restaurant with a buffet of delicious food and coffee to keep you going for the day.

Everything from the Bled Castle to all the local hikes are within walking distance of Garni Hotel Berc. If you’re looking to stay central in Lake Bled then this is a great hotel to stay at.

What makes Garni Hotel Berc unique?
Garni Hotel Berc is a beautiful, Slovenian accommodation surrounded by a beautiful garden.
It has a delicious breakfast with many local ingredients!

Book your stay at Garni Hotel Berc here

#7 Apartment Muznik – Lake Bled

💰 Price: $$ ($130-170 a night)
📍 Location: Great. 300 meters to Lake Bled
⭐️ Rating: 9.0/10
🌿 Sustainability? Sustainability Independent Certified
👉🏼 Check out Apartment Muznik’s prices & availability here

Apartment Muznik is small and compact but it has everything you need if you’re looking for a practical place to stay near Bled at an affordable price. You’ll feel right at home when you get here and the apartment has everything you need to have a comfortable stay. 

Muznik Apartment isn’t anything flashy or fancy but it’s a very homey apartment near one of the most beautiful lakes in Slovenia. It’s perfect for a budget-friendly trip to Lake Bled – especially if you aren’t traveling solo. If you are traveling with your partner or a friend, this apartment is actually cheaper than a hostel sometimes!

What makes Apartment Muznik unique?
Apartment Muznik is a cozy little affordable apartment near Bled Lake.
It has a fully equipped kitchen and pets are allowed 🐶.

Book your stay at Apartment Muznik here

Other related questions to staying in Lake Bled

How many days do you need at Lake Bled?

To fully enjoy your time in Lake Bled, you want at least two full days. You may even want three full days if you plan to do a day trip to Lake Bohinj as well. There are so many hikes, viewpoints, restaurants, and cafes to try in Bled so you don’t want to rush your trip here.

Can you swim on Lake Bled?

During the summer months, you will see tons of water lovers swimming in Lake Bled. There are designated swimming areas near the beaches on Lake Bled so swimmers don’t get in the way of the boats and kayaks going to Bled Island.

Should you stay in Ljubljana or Lake Bled?

If you want to spend time and explore Lake Bled, then it’s way better to stay in Lake Bled over Ljubljana. There are plenty of accommodations, hotels, and even hostels in Bled that you can stay at for a few days while you take in Slovenian’s stunning nature.

Ljubljana is about an hour away so it is possible to do a day trip to Lake Bled from Ljubljana but if you want to make the most out of your trip to Lake Bled, we recommend staying by the lake for at least a few nights.

Is Lake Bled touristy?

Lake Bled is one of the most famous and touristy parts of Slovenia – and for good reason. Its beautiful castle that overlooks the lake along with Bled Island which you can find in the middle of the lake makes it a magical spot to visit in Slovenia.

Is Lake Bled easy to get to?

Lake Bled is very easy to get to from Ljubljana. There are buses and trains that run all day and take roughly 1.5 hours. Or if you have a car you can get between Ljubljana and Lake Bled in less than an hour.

You can even visit Lake Bled if you’re coming from Austria, Italy, or Croatia as all three countries border Slovenia and all are just a few hours away from the lake.

Is there cheap accommodation in Lake Bled?

There are plenty of hostels in and around Lake Bled where you can find affordable night stays in shared or private rooms. You’ll be able to find beds from €20 a night in a 10-bed shared dorm room.

A few good options are:

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We hope you like these Lake Bled accommodations! There truly is a wide variety from hotels to pensions to family-run apartments. Our main goal with this post is to try and provide the best-rated hotels and accommodations that in some way or another stand out and offer a unique experience.

Most of these Lake Bled accommodations have incredible views and are located near the lake but in one way or another, each place is unique. Whichever one you go with we hope you’ll have a great time.

The truth is that Bled is small, touristy, and can get crowded at times. You will feel that when you’re in busy places — but most of these accommodations are located in good spots where you will also be able to have some quiet downtime

We hope you have the best time in Lake Bled, exploring the castle, hiking up to Velika Osojnica Viewpoint, taking a boat to Bled Island, and whatever else you get up to in the area.

If you have any other questions about hotels and accommodations in Lake Bled or things to do around the area then DM us on Instagram or leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you. 

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