Cascais has amazing beaches, delicious food, and an incredible vibe. We didn’t know about it until the lady who sat next to us on our plane to Lisbon told us about this little coastal city. So during our week in Lisbon, we made a full day trip out of it and took a train from Lisbon to Cascais and explored this romantic coastal city for a day.

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Everyone talks about doing a day trip to Sintra because well it’s amazing. But no one ever mentions Cascais and we want to tell you all about the day trip we took from Lisbon to Cascais.

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Beautiful view of Cascais and the beach.

A fun day trip from Lisbon to Cascais 

Looking to get out of the city and into the ocean? Cascais has some of the best beaches, water sports, and a beautiful Old Town that is worth visiting. It’s a nice change of pace from the busy Lisbon. Cascais is a small coastal city with a beautiful coastline and viewpoints that will absolutely take your breath away.

Cascais is filled with history and is a traditional Portuguese fishing town. Filled with cobblestone streets and, in our opinion, one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the world. Enjoy walking around the historic centre, taking in the views of the fabulous villas, and maybe even ride the Ferris Wheel. All of these fun attractions make Cascais one of the best day trips from Lisbon.

When is the best time to visit Cascais?

Portugal has unbelievable weather most of the year. Cascais in specific has always been known as a coastal resort town because of its amazing weather.

The recommended time to visit Casais would be late spring and early summer. This way you still get amazing weather without all the tourists. Summer months are when you see this resort town really get packed with tourists.

However, spring through fall are all good times to come and enjoy the beaches, weather, and good food. But the best time in our opinion would definitely be late spring.

If you’re like us and you’re coming to Cascais just for a day trip we recommend leaving Lisbon early in the morning around 8am-9am to take advantage of the full day. Even though the train ride is only an hour it’s nice to have the entire day to explore and relax! 

Jo exploring Cascais and a Ferris wheel in the background.

How to get from Lisbon to Cascais

The easiest and most convenient way to get from Lisbon to Cascais is by train. It’s a 45-minute train ride that costs about 3$. The train leaves from Cais de Sobre station in Lisbon and departs every 20 minutes or so. As long as you get to the southern coast of Lisbon where the train goes you will be close to one of the stops on the way to Cascais. So depending on where you’re staying in Lisbon the trip might be a few minutes shorter!

We were actually told this tip after our trip but lots of people get off one stop before Cascais Central. It lets you enjoy the nice coastal walk into the city of Cascais. We didn’t know this until after the fact, which is too bad because the walk to Cascais is stunning and you’re walking right next to the ocean towards town. Instead, we enjoyed the views from the window of the train.

Enjoying Cascais and the beautiful beaches along the coast.

Just to let you know beforehand, coming back from Cascais to Lisbon is the same trip just in the opposite direction. You can buy your ticket right at the main station in Cascais and hop on the next train (or buy a return ticket from Lisbon in the morning). The trains run a few times an hour and you never have to wait too long. Of course another option is walking to the first train stop out of the city to get one last view of the beautiful Portuguese coast near Cascais!

We didn’t find any tricks to buy cheaper tickets in this part of Portugal (it’s already fairly cheap in our opinion so it’s all good) but we do recommend buying a full-day ticket if you plan to take multiple public transport rides. The full-day tickets work all the way to Cascais and then back in Lisbon as well. You can even buy a little card that you can top up each time. Ask in the ticket booth at your train station if you need help.

Dom enjoying the views of the Portuguese coast.

What to bring on your day trip to Cascais

Your day trip may be slightly different from ours but there’s still certain essentials that everyone should bring to Cascais. Not sure if it ever happens to you but there’s always that one thing we somehow forget so let’s make sure you don’t follow in our footsteps.

Here’s what you should bring to Cascais:

  • Walking shoes and maybe a pair of sandals you can throw in your bag.
  • A dry towel is super easy to bring and doesn’t take up to much space
  • A water bottle! A Lifestraw is great since you can fill it up wherever you go.
  • Phone, wallet, camera, train ticket, and headphones for the train ride from Lisbon to Cascais.
  • Some swimwear for when you explore some of the best beaches around Cascais 
  • Sunscreen is an absolute must in Portugal! In the summer months, you can see 40 degrees Celsius or more. Cascais in particular is a really warm area! We really like this one from Sun Bum.
  • It’s always nice to pack some snacks. There are cafes and restaurants but it’s good to have snacks if you get hungry at the beach or away from the city center.
  • A portable charger for your phone and/or camera. It’s crazy how fast your battery drains on day trips from all the Google Maps usage and photo taking. Especially being somewhere foreign where you don’t know the public transport and all that it’s nice to always have your battery charged on your phone.
Beautiful lagoon near Cascais.

Once you get to Cascais

The train goes basically to the city center if you don’t get off at the earlier stop. Once you’re in the center there are tons of things to do. Cascais’ beaches are amazing. There are a few viewpoints that are worth visiting and of course one of our favourite restaurants in the world is right in the center of Cascais, House of Wonder. It’s no joke and if you’re veggie/vegan you will absolutely love it.

Our little day trip guide to Cascais below has the places we visited and in what order we’d recommend doing them. At the end of the day, they’re just the highlights to help you envision your day trip though and you can do it however you please. It helps to see which ones you want to check out and then go from there. You may even find some other hidden gems or cool places that we haven’t heard about. So please let us know if you do! 😉

City centre of Cascais.

#1 First stop: Explore the city center 

Since the train stops next to the center it makes sense to explore this area first. You can even take a peek at House of Wonder, the vegetarian restaurant we preach about a few times throughout this post. 

The little narrow streets with cute shops and cafes are beautiful to explore. The design of all the buildings and the city centre of Cascais is beautiful. You can tell this city has so much history to it but it also has a lot of money coming in from tourists and locals because of how beautiful it is. 

Enjoying a day trip from Lisbon to Cascais.

#2 Second stop: Citadel of Cascais 

All the viewpoints and places to see are a little spread out so we recommend going to the west side of Cascais first where you find the Citadel of Cascais which is a fortress overlooking the ocean. 

We didn’t walk inside because it was closed but you can walk around the perimeter and see the fortress or try your luck and hopefully it will be open. The fortress looks out on Cascais and the marina just below. The views from here are absolutely incredible. 

Down at the marina under the fortress are a bunch of restaurants and bars to have food and cocktails. A nice quiet spot out of the main city center where you can enjoy food and drinks.

#3 Third stop: Miradouro Casa de Santa Maria

This may be our favourite spot in Cascais. The viewpoint of Santa Maria’s house is stunning because you have the ocean, the villa, and the lighthouse all in view. You also have this hidden beach right next to the path that is just magical. If you walk down a little bit from the viewpoint you will find the little beach area. 

There will most likely be people hanging out and chilling but it’s still hidden away from most of the tourists. It’s a really cool place to hang out and swim for a bit. So this is your time to take a dip and enjoy the views.

Depending on the tide there will either be a lot of water or not much at all. But there will always be a little sandy area to sun tan so you’ll for sure have a place to relax. Lots of people even chill and relax on the rocks overlooking the water and the villa.

View of Miradouro Casa se Santa Maria.
Picture of the lighthouse in Cascais.

#4 Fourth stop: Museu Condes de Castro Guimarães

You might be wondering what the pretty yellow building is and what you can do there. It’s a cool art museum. It was built in the 1900s and is now used as an exhibit for paintings, artifacts, and old books. The museum has two floors and is actually free to visit on the first Sunday of every month.

If you’re walking by and want to get out of the sun for a few minutes, use a bathroom, and want to see some Portuguese art for a little bit then check out the pretty yellow building, Museu Condes. It’s 4€ to enter and gives you access to the whole museum.

#5 Fifth stop: Boca do Inferno 

To get to Boca do Inferno you’ll have to walk along the coast for about 15 minutes from Museum Condes. It may seem a little bit out of the way but the coastal walk is beautiful and you can even walk along the sand if you want to. 

The Boca do Inferno viewpoint is too beautiful to miss, so don’t skip out on this one. Keep walking along the coast until you start to see some cliffs where a beautiful archway has been formed by years and years of waves smashing the cliffs. 

Walk down the stairs for an even more magical view of the archway and the waves crashing through the big opening. Boca do Inferno is one of the best places in Cascais to get some magical photos.

We absolutely loved this spot. It’s out of the city, quiet, and just magical. Plus the walk to Boca do Inferno was just as beautiful. Take your time here before heading back to town. The views are really something else.

Stunning picture of Boca do Inferno in Cascais.

#6 Sixth stop: House of Wonder

Time to head back to town and enjoy the best lunch in Cascais. Well at least in our opinion. By the time you walk back from Boco do Inferno you’re going to be quite hungry and probably don’t want to spend time trying to figure out where to eat. So we’ll help you out here.

Head straight to House of Wonder in the heart of Cascais. We randomly stumbled upon this cute vegetarian cafe and fell in love with it instantly. The staff is super friendly, the location is central and the whole experience is so unique. You can eat on the rooftop, in the garden, or inside. Just find a spot you like.

The best part is the fact that the food is made fresh every single day. They have anywhere from 4-8 different options each day and the prices for each meal are the exact same. Expect to pay about 16€ per person for food and a drink. We hope you enjoy this absolutely delicious meal!

Delicious House of Wonder restaurant in Cascais.

#7 Seventh stop: Praia de Rainha 

Hopefully, you end up in tastebud heaven after House of Wonder. The food there is seriously something else. But now it’s time to soak up the sun by the beach and enjoy the beautiful weather that somehow finds its way to Cascais day after day.

Praia de Rainha beach is only a short walk from the city centre which is one of the reasons why we think it’s the best beach in Cascais. And thankfully it’s not too big or overly crowded (at least not when we visited). In the summer that might be a different story but while we were there it wasn’t too busy.

It’s a small sheltered beach wedged between some cliffs. It offers a peaceful vibe with views all around. The perfect spot to enjoy a little afternoon sun in Cascais.

View of Praia de Rainha Beach in Cascais.

#8 Eight spot: Get lost in the city before heading back to Lisbon

One of the best parts of exploring new places is just roaming the streets and seeing the random cafes, photo spots, and viewpoints you can find. Praia de Rainha beach is right next to the city. You don’t have to go far to be back on the narrow cobblestone streets exploring the little shops and cafes. 

You can look here to see the train times from Cascais to Lisbon. To give yourself an idea of how much time you have before the train leaves. It does leave frequently though so you don’t have to worry about that too much. Enjoy exploring the streets of Cascais and when you feel like heading back to Lisbon a train will be there.

If you have a bit of extra time, we can recommend stopping by O’Neills’ Irish Pub by the Ferris Wheel. While it doesn’t sound very cultural, it is a great place and they do serve local beer as well as green wine (at reasonable prices too). So if you’re looking for a good time and you’re in no rush to head back to Lisbon, then check it out.

Delicious glass of wine at O'Neill's Irish Pub.

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A quick recap on a day trip to Cascais

  1. First, check the time you want to leave Lisbon here. You can buy tickets at the train station. Buy a full-day ticket to save money.
  2. Read through this post on the train! 😉 
  3. Explore the city center and take some beautiful pictures of Cascais.
  4. Check out the beautiful fortress overlooking the ocean.
  5. Find the beautiful viewpoint of Santa Maria’s house and the hidden beach.
  6. Learn a thing or two at the Museum Condes de Castro Guimarães.
  7. Take some nature pictures at Boca do Inferno cliffs.
  8. Enjoy the most delicious lunch at House of Wonder!
  9. Take in that vitamin D at Praia de Rainha Beach in Cascais.
  10.  Explore the city center before heading back to Lisbon.
Stunning view of Boca do Inferno while on a day trip from Lisbon to Cascais.
  • Here’s the map of all the different stops we made throughout the day.
  • Check out the Cascais weather forecast here.

A day trip may not be enough time for this amazing place but it’s so close to Lisbon that it’s so easy to visit whenever you feel like it. We’ll definitely be back to Cascais again.

Need a place to stay in Cascais? Here are a few options:

Stunning view of Santa Maria's House in Cascais.

We hope you have an awesome day trip from Lisbon to Cascais. It’s such a beautiful resort city with so much to do and an amazing atmosphere. Very different from Lisbon. Both cities offer very different vibes and are both incredible. Portugal in itself is just paradise.

Have fun!

Dom & Jo
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