35 fun things to do in Prague on a budget

We’ve just left Prague and we miss it already, so the least we can do is share 35 of the best budget friendly and most fun things to do while you’re visiting Czech Republic’s capital.

Our list consists of some awesome budget travel activities along with places and attractions where you’ll only find locals. The list is in no particular order because everyone has different interests and hobbies. We’re sure we’ve found something for every type of traveler to enjoy!

There are many things to do in the beautiful city of Prague on a budget. Here are 35 of them.

The list is definitely driven more for budget travel, so most activities will be on the cheaper end or free with a few more expensive options thrown in there as well. That way you can pick and choose what you may be interested in and go from there!

We have included the price for each activity so you can see if it fits your budget or not before going there. We have also included a link so you can visit their website and learn even more about the activity. Enjoy!

Here are 35 fun things to do in Prague on a budget

1. Watch a Sparta Prague Soccer Match

Price: A ticket, a beer, and a sausage will cost you about 12$ total.

What better way to get a feeling for Czech locals than by watching a Sparta home game with them? The fans are wild, the beer is cheap, and it’s just good fun!

If you’re spending the afternoon at Letna Park then you won’t have to walk too far over to the Stadium. Enjoy some nice cold beers and sing along with all the Sparta hooligans. We can guarantee you that you’ll have a fun and cultural experience!

2. Enjoy a dark Kozel

Price: Basically free, you can find them from 50 cents a portraviny to a few dollars at a pub!

This is a budget travelers dream. Good, cheap beer. You have to try a dark Kozel! Preferably on tap. Try saying “Tmave Pivo“ or go buy it from a corner store (potraviny).

Every expat who has moved to or visited Prague absolutely loves it. Ok..that may be slightly exaggerated but there’s a good chance you will like it even though you may not like dark beer. You’re abroad in Czech, give it a chance and thank us later.

3. Feel artsy at The Lennon Wall

Price: The time it takes your feet to walk there 😉

This is another freebie for anyone travelling Prague on a budget, who’s looking to see something where their feet can take them at no cost.

The beauty of the Lennon was is that no matter if you’ve seen it before it’s constantly changing and you for sure haven’t seen the most recent edition of the wall.

Since the 80s, the wall has been graffitied on continuously by students, locals, and even tourists. For the older generation, the wall symbolized a harder time of communism and war. Now, the wall symbolizes love, peace, and freedom! You may be lucky enough to even see a street pedlar signing one of the Beatles’ classic hits!

There are many things to do in the beautiful city of Prague on a budget. Here are 35 of them.

4. Indulge in a delicious burger at The Tavern

Price: An average meal with a beer will cost you about 15-20$ with a 10% tip.

The Tavern may have the most delicious place in the whole city to get a burger. They have a delicious vegetarian option as well.

The owners are actually American and they have brought their delicious southern American cuisine to the masses in Prague. They do a southern American style brunch of waffles and chicken which is a must have.

The staff all speak wonderful English and the menus are in English too so you have nothing to worry about.

We’d recommend making a reservation on their website as it’s about 99% mandatory if you want to get a table. You’ll thank us later for this one! The prices may not be local food cheap, but you’re definitely getting what you pay for with it still being on the budget end of things.

5. Chill out on a Paddle Boat in Vltava River

Price: Very budget friendly. About 5$ a person for an hour on a boat.

This is the perfect afternoon activity for the family or a group of friends. You can rent a paddle boat for an hour or two which you can take all around the Vltava River which is lying right below the Prague Castle. Bring your camera, water, and some sunscreen and enjoy the afternoon on the Vltava River!

6. Dance till you drop at Radost

Price: Girls are FREE until midnight. Drinks start from 3$ and they also have a 4$ entrance fee for guys.

Back in the MTV days when Rihanna was on top of the billboards she produced a song I’m sure most of you will know. It’s called “Don’t Stop the Music”. If you watch the music video you will see Rihanna go from a potraviny and into a night club.

The night club is Radost! It’s located right near the central train station in Prague. When you walk downstairs you’ll see the #RIRI mirror in the ladies bathroom where a good portion of the music video took place.

The night club is great for a night out with friends! The music is great and if you like oldie hip hop then this is right up your ally!

7. Hang out in the Letna Beer Garden

Price: Beers start from 2$!

This is easily one of the most beautiful spots in the whole city of Prague!

You will see hundreds of people flocking to the beer gardens on a hot summer day. The garden has around 30-40 picnic tables and a few stands to buy beer and food.

The view from Letna overlooks the Vltava River along with the rest of the city. A perfect place for a cheap afternoon beer. If you plan it perfectly you can spend an afternoon at the park and then head over to see Sparta FC play in the evening if there’s a game that night.

8. Fall in love with the sunset at Riegrovy Sady

Price: It depends on how picky you are with your wine! 😉

It’s no hidden gem but that doesn’t take away the beauty of watching the sun go down behind Prague Castle with the whole city in sight. Seriously though… Grab a bottle of wine or a chocolate bar like we do and enjoy the beautiful sunset. This is the definition of Prague on a budget and it’s such an awesome place to be.

9. (Attempt) to walk on Charles Bridge

Price: FREEEE!

The construction of the famous stone bridge began in 1357 and as Prague’s most iconic monument we just couldn’t leave out the Charles Bridge in this blog post.

Instead of going in the middle of the afternoon try going before sunrise or late in the evening to get some stunning photos of the bridge while it’s not crowded with tourists and pedlars.


10. Strike a pose at the Hotel U Prince

Price: It’s a little pricer, coffees are around 5$, and meals start from 10-15$.

Located right in the heart of Prague in Old Town Square, Hotel U Prince has one of the most Instagrammable spots in all of Prague.

Just like the Dancing House you will have to walk through the lobby of the hotel and take the elevator up to the restaurant. Through the restaurant you’ll be able to walk up to the viewpoint which overlooks Prague’s Old Town Square.

If you go early enough you can get the corner spot which has the view of The Church of our Lady Tyn! The cafe does get busy so you want to go early. Also, since it is a very touristy spot, this isn’t the most budget friendly cafe. But if you’re really sneaky you can go up and just take a picture or two and go back down! Just make sure to smile at the restaurant staff! 😉

11. Drink Beer with locals at U Branicka

Price: Beers start from 2$. Yup, that’s Prague on a budget!

Located on Vodickova street is U Branicka – a very local pub right near the centre of Prague.

If you’re looking for some of the cheapest beer in Prague then you’re coming to the right pace. Also, seeing how the locals put down beers from sunrise till sunset then U Branicka is the place to go.

Beers are extremely cheap and they even have the famous dark Kozel that we mentioned you must try. So, make sure to stop by and have a beer or two with some true Czech locals. Who knows, you might make a new friend 😉

12. Hang out at Lucerna Rooftop

Price: There’s a 5$ entry fee. The money goes to maintain and fix the roof.

Who doesn’t like rooftops? Especially the ones with a view. Lucerna Rooftop is open every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from 3pm till dusk.

Rooftop bars have been popular in places like New York and Barcelona for a long time. Now they’ve finally made their way to Prague and hopefully the trend will continue in Prague so we will see more beautiful places like this open up in the foreseeable future.

13. Hop on the Paternoster elevator

Price: FREEEE!

Located in the back of the City Hall, you can find this old school elevator. It’s quite shocking that this elevator is still operational in today’s day and age with safety regulations and all that. But shhh, let’s keep it this way so you can all still get a chance to see it.

You can ride the lift to the very bottom and it will move horizontally before going back up vertically. If that doesn’t make sense there’s a link here for a more visual explanation.

If you ride it all the way you’ll be able to see the mechanisms of how the lift operated with the big wooden log constantly rotating, quite fascinating! Rainy day or not, this is a fun thing to do in Prague for anyone!

14. Enjoy the city view from the Dancing House

Price: Around 5$ . The entrance free is a drink or a cake which will give you admission onto the roof.

You may have heard of the Dancing House but you probably had no idea you could go all the way to the rooftop!

Once you enter the Dancing House you will walk past the security desk and take the elevator up to the restaurant. From there you’ll walk up a flight of stairs to the rooftop bar. That is where you’ll pay the entrance fee of around 5$. This is a cheap way to have a panoramic view of the city and the castle while enjoying a nice drink!


15. Shop at the JZP Market

Price: The price depends on how much delicious food you want to buy. The prices are very reasonable though.

The actual name is Jiriho z Podebrad and it is located in Vinohrady. But us expats call it JZP! The market is located just in front of the unique and famous church and right outside the JZP metro stop which is on the green line. Being right next to the green line makes this market very easy to get to.

The market is always open on Saturdays and, depending on the season, it may also be open on Wednesday and Fridays.

The best part about the market is it’s wide range of products. It’s also a good way to see some of the local Czech produced products. From dairy products to fresh vegetables to grandma’s homemade goodies – they have it all! Once you’ve got everything you need you can sit back and relax on the benches located all around the square and maybe enjoy a coffee from the market!

16. Watch a hockey game at HC Sparta Prague

Price: Tickets start at 9$!

Jaromir Jagr? Dominik Hasek? 1998 Winter Olympics? Let’s just say the Czechs are rich in hockey history and have an incredible love for the game.

Why not get a true hockey experience by watching one of the most successful franchises in Czech hockey? Sparta Prague play at the O2 Arena which is the second largest ice-hockey arena in Europe. So you can imagine the fans are pretty wild.

A fun and budget friendly thing to do on a weekend night or Sunday afternoon. Here is their schedule to make it easier for you to plan a day to go.

17. Prague Golf and Games

Price: 13$ for a round of mini-golf and two drinks!

If you’re in Prague and it’s raining then hurry up and make your way to Prague Golf and Games and enjoy a round of glow-in-the-dark mini golf.

They also have a mini golf/pool table along with an extra large Jenga set and another few games. It’s definitely somewhere you can go with families but they also have a bar, so it’s great for a day with the friends too!

18. Enjoy a river boat cruise

Price: Around 15$ per person but it’s definitely worth every penny!

We recommend to go on one of the smaller river cruises. All the touristy boats are great and you’ll still get beautiful views along the Vltava River and Prague Castle but it’s just a bit cooler seeing it from one of the smaller cruises!

The Devil’s Channel Cruise is a 55-minute long tour that will take you and the rest of the private guests into a lesser known part of Prague.

There’s a reason they call it Mini Venice. You will still see the traditional things you’d get on a bigger boat but you’ll also get to visit the Devil’s Channel along with information from a knowledgeable captain.

It’s definitely not the cheapest river cruise you can do, but sometimes paying a little extra for a more private tour is worth it and this one definitely is.


19. Enjoy a pastry at IF Cafe

Price: Cakes start at 4$, coffees start at 2.5$.

Right near Old Town Square is one of the coolest cafes in town. They may have the most visually appealing cakes in all of Prague. Plus they are absolutely delicious. It’s definitely worth spending a few bucks and treating yourself to a delicious little sweet.

It may not be 100% Prague on a budget but for what you’re getting it still feels like a budget deal! 😉

20. Laugh your butt off at Velvet Comedy

Price: Depending on the night they may have a 4-6$ cover fee and then drinks from 2$ and up. Don’t forget to tip!

If you’re looking for a good laugh almost any night of the week then Velvet is the place to go. With a wide range of locals and travelling talents, there will always be someone new to see at Velvet.

It’s also an expat hotspot. So, if you’re into mingling and meeting new people too then this is definitely the place for you. They tend to have some bigger names from overseas pop in and do a show while they’re travelling in Prague too. You can also find them on Facebook if you’re interested to see who is performing the week you’re in town.

It’s definitely worth every penny, and majority of the money goes back to the comedians who may be budget travellers like you and us. So the money truly does go to a good cause!

21. Go on a day trip to Karlstejn Castle

Price: The trains is 3$ each way. The tour itself is 13$.

One of the most beautiful Castles in the Czech Republic is only a 50-minute train ride away from Prague Central Station. This is another perfect day trip for anyone wanting to get out of the city and see some of Czech’s beautiful countryside.

Once you get off the train you will have roughly a 5 minute walk into the small town and then there’s just one road up. We didn’t do the tour and just walked the grounds of Karlstejn Castle and spent the rest of the day outdoors in the Czech nature. We’d definitely recommend the tour to anyone but if you’re on a tight budget you could skip it and just enjoy the area instead!

There are many things to do in the beautiful city of Prague on a budget. Here are 35 of them.

22. Walk up the Petrin Lookout

Price: 6$ for adults and 3$ for students!

Once you see it you will think it’s a mini Eiffel Tower. It’s because the club of Czech tourists visited Paris in 1889 and loved it so much they built a similar tower overlooking Prague up on Petrin Hill.

Spend an afternoon walking up Petrin Hill and head up the tower for some amazing views. It’s totally worth climbing the 299 stairs to enjoy the panoramic views of the city. Once you’re finished you can also spend time at the pub and cafe below or sit and take in the on the benches surrounding the park.

23. Feel fancy at Hemingway Bar

Price: Can be anywhere from 12-20$ for a drink. Definitely not a budget recommendation, but still worth mentioning.

We’ll keep it short, but if you didn’t know anything about Ernest Hemmingway, now you’ll know that he was a drinker. Such a drinker that a bar in Prague was inspired by how much he drank and made a bar after him specializing in freshly mixed cocktails.

It is on the higher price end but maybe you can mix in this more expensive one with some of the free things to do we mentioned. It’s definitely worth visiting the Hemingway Bar even if you are on a budget for ONE drink! 😉

24. Go to Grotta

Price: Budget friendly, FREEE!

Located in Havlicek Gardens, Grotta is such a fun thing to do in Prague. It’s one of the coolest artificial cave promenade buildings you’ll ever see. We don’t even know how to explain it because it’s something out of a fairytale.

We’ve never seen anything like it before but it’s miniature labrinth with paths all over the place. You can spend a few minutes wandering the caves while admiring the beauty and taking some fantastic photos. You’ll also be in the Havlicek Gardens which has fountains, lakes, statues, and stunning views.

There are many things to do in the beautiful city of Prague on a budget. Here are 35 of them.

25. Have a feast at Manifesto Market

Price: Typical Market, beers start at 2.5$ and food around 10$.

If you combine industrial, chic, dining, and drinking you will get the marvelous Manifesto Market. With over twenty stands it’s the perfect place to go on a date or with some friends, there will be something for absolutely everyone there.

It’s not in the heart of Prague but very accessible by foot or by tram. Wander away from the touristy spots and enjoy some food at this cool container market!

26. Be joyful at Joystick

Price: Beers start from 2$! BUDGET FRIENDLY!!

Super Smash Bros, DDR, Pinball and many old school arcade games makes Joystick one of the funnest bars we’ve ever been too. Whenever we had friends visit, we always brought them to Joystick and it was always a great time.

Right next to Wenceslas square hidden away on a side road lies Joystick the hidden gem. Beers are cheap and the pub has plenty of room. It makes it a perfect spot to sit back have some beers and kick someones but at DDR.

The combination of cheap beer, fun games, and a great time makes any budget traveller fall in love with Joystick!

27. Go back in time on Golden Lane

Price: FREE! Just walk through the entrance that is in the Castle grounds.

Is a place you just have to see with your own two eyes. It’s a short little street but the cute houses that used to be occupied by gold smiths in the 17th century.

In the 1950s they repainted these little houses and gave them all different colours. Bring your camera and stroll through The Golden Lane and check out all the souvenir shops that have now taken over the little houses.


28. Beat your friends at Bohemia Boards and Brews

Price: 3$ per person to use their facility and games, 2.5$ and up for beers, food from 7$ and up!

This is one of our personal favourites! If you’re looking for something a bit more relaxed then Bohemia Board and Brews is a fun place to spend an afternoon or evening. They have a great selection of beer and food along with almost every board game imaginable which makes this a great place to go with family and friends.

We highly recommend booking a table in advance on their website as they tend to book up. The few dollar fee to have access to all the games and the beer and food is very reasonably priced. It’s definitely one of Prague’s gems if you’re looking for something to do with a group of friends on a budget.

We tend to always play Catan, Splendor, or Cards Against Humanity. But don’t worry, they have games for almost every type of crowd.

29. Play it cool at the Ice Pub

Price: Entrance is 10$ and that comes with a cocktail.

If it’s too hot outside and you’re wanting to cool down then this is the place to go. You’ll be able to wear a funky snowsuit while enjoying an Ice Cold Beer surrounded by ice.

Sounds like home for Dom since it’s basically winter 10 months a year back in Canada. If you’ve never been to an ice bar then it’s definitely something you have to try out at least once. Especially if you’re from somewhere warm where temperatures below zero degrees Celsius terrify you.

Go freeze your but off and enjoy a cocktail while sitting on a rock solid piece of ice!

30. Make your parents proud at Lucerna

Price: 5$ for the entry fee. Drinks start from 2.5$.

Get your dancing shoes on because Friday nights at Lucerna consist of dancing ALL. NIGHT. LONG! You’re going to make your parents proud because all of the songs are from the 80s-90s. You heard that right, Lucerna has an 80s-90s night every Friday. Then Saturday turns into today’s top music!

Pick your night and go get your groove on at Lucerna! I’m sure you’ll see half the expat community there on Friday’s singing their hearts out!

31. Make a Day trip to Bohemian Switzerland

Price: 7.5$ one way to Decin and 2$ from Decin to the National Park. It’s a few extra dollars to see the arch. We would recommend 30$ for the full day including food and transport.

This is an awesome and convenient day trip from Prague is Bohemian Switzerland. Only about an hour and a half away by train you can go see some of Czechs finest nature. Go check out the famous Pravčická Archway and spend an afternoon outdoors. Make sure to pack a Camera and some cash and enjoy full day outdoors.

You can take a train from Praha Hl.n. (Prague Main Station) to Decin Hl.n (Decin Main Station). From there you will take a city bus from Decin to the start of the National Park.

You can also pack a lunch bag or have a cheap lunch at one of the local pubs in one of the villages or inside the national park!

32. Visit Plzen Brewery

Price: From 4$ by train each way, 12$ for the Brewery tour.

You’ll probably wonder why every pub and restaurant has the Pilsner Urquell logo all over the place. This is because Pilsner Urquell is one of Czech’s national beers and by far there most recognized Czech beer globally. They paved the way for the pilsner beer and here we have the perfect guide for your trip to Plzen and the Pilsner Urquell Brewery.

With trains and busses leaving a few times an hour Plzen is the perfect day trip from Prague on a budget. The brewery is also in the beautiful City of Plzen which you should definitely explore before or after your tour.

Read more about Pilsner Urquell Brewery here.


33. Be historical at the Old Jewish Cemetery

Price: Free.

If you’re looking to see a bit of history then go check out one of the biggest Jewish cemeteries in all of Europe. There was such a lack of space in the cemetery back in the day, that in some places the graves go 12 levels deep.

It’s a bit of history that’s worth checking out since it dates back to the 15th century and is quite fascinating. Located right in the neighborhood of Zizkov it’s definitely walkable from the center of the city. You can also go by tram or metro if you prefer.

34. Visit the Fransiscan Garden

Price: FREE!!! Prague on a budget!!!

If you get a little tired of walking around Prague’s busy streets you can go grab some local street food and find the Fransiscan Garden. Located next to Wenceslas square is this beautiful park in the middle of the city.

Sit back, relax, and people watch while enjoying the beautiful garden full of rose bushes and trees. There are plenty of benches so you won’t have to worry about finding a place to sit.

35. Go to Kutna Hora

Price: 5$ each way by train, and entrance is 3.5$ for adults.

Another great thing to do just outside of Prague on a budget is to visit Kuta Hora. It’s only an hour away from Praha Hl.n. (Prague Main Station) to Kutna Hora Hl.n (Kutna Hora Main Station), so it can easily be done as a day trip as trains leave every hour or two.

When you get to Kutna Hora you can go to Sedlec Ossuary which is a small Roman Catholic chapel. It’s fame comes from the fact that it has skeletons from 40-70 thousand different people. The bones have been artistically placed and used for decoration inside Sedlec Ossuary.

It’s slightly creepy, interesting, and strange at the same time, but we would definitely recommend it to any budget traveler touring around Prague and the Czech Republic!

There you go, that’s Prague on a budget!

Hopefully we’ve been able to inspire you by sharing some of our best budget things to do in Prague. If you’re coming to Prague soon or even if you’ve been living here for years make sure to check of as many of these as you can of your list!

So go out and explore this beautiful city. Once you do, please let us know what you thought of the list.

We’d also love for you to share any new hidden gems or budget friendly activities you find while exploring Prague and its surroundings. Please leave them in the comments below so we can keep this post up to date and so that we have more stuff to see when we go back to Prague next time!

Have fun!

Dom & Jo

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There are many things to do in the beautiful city of Prague on a budget. Here are 35 of them.

73 thoughts on “35 fun things to do in Prague on a budget

  1. Whoa, that’s an awesome trip outline! I haven’t been to Prague since… probably 1998, when I was a child. :O Which is terrible! Prague is known in Poland for being the coolest capital city for a weekend getaway – it’s so close to us geographically and so beautiful. We often visit Czech Republic when we go to the mountains. Every time I even crossed the border I made it a must to have some knedliki. 😀 Oh, and Czech beer is just amazing.

    PS Josefine… I’m in love with your hair!

    1. Thank you! I can’t believe you haven’t been there for over 20 years when you live so close to it! You should go back soon for a long weekend or something 🙂 Where do you go hiking? Around Teplice? That’s so cool though 🙂 And yes, knedliki is just too good! We’ve been eating it quite a bit during the 6 months we were in Czech Republic, haha. And thanks so much! <3
      - Jo

      1. The reason is mostly that I’ve been living abroad for the last couple of years, so if I go back to Poland, I usually come for just a week or two and spend the time with my family.

        I’ve been to Trutnov and Hradec Kralove (ages ago) – but I think the area near Ostrava is popular too!
        All the best,

        1. Gotcha! That makes sense 🙂 Well, hopefully one day you’ll go back to visit Prague. We haven’t really been to those areas so those are definitely some we’ll check out next time we go to Czech Republic. Thanks for sharing!
          – Jo

  2. Love love love this guide. Prague has been one of my favourite cities ever and reading this just makes me want to go back and check all the above off. Also, how amazing is your hair?

    1. Thank you! I’m so happy you like it 🙂 Prague is such an amazing city! When was the last time you went? And thanks, haha.
      – Jo

  3. There are some great ideas here I didn’t even know about when I was in Prague. Wish I had this earlier! Just means I have to return and check these all out! 🙂

    1. Yes, that is pretty good timing then! Remember to check out Old Town Square for Christmas markets – but stay away from the restaurants there as they’re pretty expensive compared to the rest of Prague 🙂
      – Dom & Jo

    1. I’m glad you like it! Hopefully you get to visit this beautiful city again one day! 🙂
      – Jo

  4. You have managed to do so many things in Prague! I was there a few months ago but just for a couple of days. I did enjoy the walk to John Lennon wall and the views from the castle so much.

    1. We sure have! We lived there for six months so it was pretty amazing 🙂 I’m glad to hear you enjoyed this beautiful city! What was your highlight?
      – Jo

  5. Seems you guys had so much fun! You were able to do so many things without breaking your wallet! I would love to visit Prague someday. I truly regret not stopping by when I went to Europe early this year. BRANICKA seem really tempting because you know… Beer! Hahah! Oh and PLZEN BREWERY. And ICE PUB. Why do they have so much beer places? 😀

    1. We really did! Living there for 6 months allowed us to try out A LOT of fun things! You would love it – so make sure you add Prague to your bucket list 😉 Haha yes, all the beer places are great.Czech Republic invented the pilsner (from Plzn) so it’s no surprise they have a lot of good beer places. Happy travels!
      – Dom & Jo

    1. Thank you! Yes, many people don’t really think about going there. I also never thought about it until I met Dom who has family there. It’s worth a visit though!
      – Jo

    1. Thanks Amanda! Let us know when you go and we will hopefully have even more things to share with you about Prague!
      – Dom

    1. Yes Prague is a wonderful city! Most Americans and Canadians who go over sees end up loving it!
      – Dom

    1. That’s awesome! Prague is a lovely place to visit in Central Europe. It wont disappoint that is for sure!:)
      – Dom

    1. Hey Nick,

      If you’re looking for budget travel then Prague is perfect. You get around and see a lot for a good price. =)
      – Jo

    1. It’s a fantastic place. Full of adventure and expats! Even a wonderful place to call home for a year or two! 🙂
      – Jo

    1. Thanks! We tried to come up with a good variation of things to do to suite everyones travel taste!
      – Dom

    1. Thanks! We love sharing places we’ve lived and why the rest of the world will like them too! =)
      – Dom

  6. This is an overwhelming list of amazing things to do. I say overwhelming because when there is so much great things about a place or thing, I get overwhelmed and confused about which to do or skip then I skip them altogether.

    But this is completely doable if well planned.

    1. Haha I tend to agree overwhelming can be a bad thing but we see it as more of an opportunity to see some of the amazing things Prague has to offer. Pick a few off the list and try and do them! 🙂
      – Dom

    1. It sure is! Thanks, do some research and go check it out for yourself and then come back and try and check of as many things off this list as possible! 🙂
      – Dom

    1. Thank you!

      We’ve thought about it! We are only 7 months into our journey so things are slowly just coming along! 🙂 Maybe we will grow it into a travel vlog one day! 🙂
      – Jo

  7. some really cool things you listed, I have been to the capital 4-5 times and still not done everything on your list. Looks fun. Thanks for sharing

    1. of course! When you go back for the 5th or 6th time then make sure to try and explore and see things you haven’t seen yet!
      – Dom

    1. You’re so right! 6 months there wasn’t enough. There’s just so much to do! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!
      – Dom

    1. Yes, Prague is full of opportunities 😀 And you’re right – beer is SUPER cheap and it’s delicious. They really master that golden liquid 😉
      – Jo

  8. This is really a great list! I didn’t know one could do a lot of things in Prague even on a budget. I would love to try some of these when I am in Prague soon.

    1. Hey Elizabeth!
      Thanks so much! If you have anything to add to the list that we missed we’d love to add it! We know there’s so many amazing places in Prague to see! 🙂
      – Dom

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