One of the most beautiful areas of Madeira has to be the Santana coast. The mountains, stunning cliffside, and cozy country vibe make for an amazing setting.

Right smack in the middle of that you can find the incredible Quinta do Furao Madeira Hotel. 

This hotel truly couldn’t be in a more perfect spot. From the windows in the room, you can see the insane coastline.

Look the other way and you have the mountains where the famous peak of Pico Ruivo is located. And right underneath you, you’ll find the most beautiful countryside with grape vines surrounding the property. 

It almost doesn’t sound real – and until you get here you almost don’t believe it is!

You can usually find us in the hustle and bustle of downtown Funchal on the other side of the island, so to get out to a quieter part of the island is absolutely magical and a real treat.

Quinta do Furão is the perfect getaway!

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Hotel Quinta do Furão Madeira review

💰 Price: $$ (starting at €125 a night and up)
📍 Location: Superb! Close to Santana and right by the ocean
⭐️ Rating: 9.3/10
🌿 Sustainability? Has a high focus on sustainability!
👉🏼 Check out Hotel Quinta Do Furão’s prices & availability here

We’ve spent quite a bit of time exploring Santana during the 4 months that we’ve stayed on the island.

From hiking Pico Ruivo for sunset and sunrise to walking the famous PR9 Caldeirao Verde we’ve checked out a good chunk of the hikes. But this was our first time actually spending a few nights in Santana. 

We’ve known about the Quinta do Furão hotel for a while since it’s almost impossible to miss as you drive through Santana.

This beautiful yellow building is right along the coast with a vineyard surrounding it. It has to be one of the nicest properties on the island! 

So we decided it was finally time to experience it for ourselves and see what it’s like to stay at Quinta do Furão here in Madeira!

In this hotel review of Quinta do Furão we’ll get into all the amenities the hotel has to offer, what we loved about it, what you can expect, and the sustainable side of the hotel (and why Quinta do Furão’s sustainable approach is so great for the hotel and Madeira).

The rooms at Hotel Quinta do Furão

Our bedroom at Quinta do Furão

First things first! Let’s start with the views from the hotel rooms. The room we stayed in was facing east and had one of the best views you could possibly ask for. 

Waking up in the morning for sunrise and watching the sun come over the horizon from our balcony was truly magical!

The hotel has 7 different types of rooms so you can find something that fits your needs! The sizes start at 22 m² and go all the way to 150 m².

All the rooms either have a view of the coast, mountains, or the vineyard.

Most rooms have a combination of at least two. No matter which room you get you’ll be blown away by what you see.

The view from our room at Quinta do Furão

There’s a good chance you may not even want to leave the balcony once you get into your room. 

As for the rest of the room, it’s really nice and spacious, super clean, and very cozy! 

In the room is also where you can see some of the ways Quinta do Furão is making an impact on being more sustainable (which is a huge thing in Madeira – sustainable travel in Madeira).

A few examples are that you need to put your keycard into a little electricity card slot to be able to use the electricity in the room.

This means that when you leave the room, there is no power waste!

Other small things that go a long way are that they ask you to reuse your towels, the shampoo doesn’t come in plastic containers but is instead attached to the wall, and the shower water is actually heated by the solar panels outside.

The view, the comfort of the room, and the hotel’s focus on sustainability make it a 10/10 experience! 

We didn’t spend a whole lot of time in the room because we were out exploring the beautiful Nature in Santana or enjoying the rest of the hotel. But the time we did spend in the room we absolutely loved!

Our favourite part was in the mornings when we would enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise over the horizon! (Although we also loved it when room service stopped by and gave us a handmade filled chocolate from UAUCACAU).

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Restaurant and breakfast buffet at Quinta do Furão

Breakfast buffet

Wow! The breakfast buffet at Quinta do Furão is amazing. It has absolutely everything you can possibly imagine and it’s all so fresh and tasty! 

As you get sat down by the staff they will instantly ask you if you want some coffee or tea.

Then they have a few à la carte meals like pancakes, omelets, and eggs benedict that you can order that the chefs will prepare for you.

Once you’ve eaten your first meal, you can make your way to the buffet side of the restaurant.

There you’ll find fresh juice, fresh fruit (such as passion fruit and papaya), pastries, bread, eggs, yogurt, and all sorts of other delicious breakfast items.

We seriously could have sat there for hours! Especially since some of the tables are outside where you can see the incredible coastline and mountains while you enjoy your meal.

Give us a coffee and we could sit there all day! 

At breakfast, you will notice that there’s almost no plastic use.

Even the butter is cut into small squares and put into small plates instead of serving the typical small plastic packages. 

It’s not hard to see that they go above and beyond for their customers and the environment.

As we’re writing this we wouldn’t mind being teleported back into the restaurant to enjoy a yummy breakfast overlooking Santana’s landscape.

Lunch and dinner

Lunch and dinner aren’t included in your stay at Quinta do Furão but it’s worth checking out the restaurant because the food is delicious!

The restaurant has actually been around since 1993 which is even longer than the hotel.

The Quinta do Furão Restaurant is a quite famous restaurant on the island because of its views and food.

Many people who go to Santana stop by for lunch or dinner at the Quinta do Furão Restaurant to see if it lives up to its name – and it really does!

The restaurant can get very busy because of that so if you want to eat there, we highly recommend making a reservation (which can be done the morning of).

The hotel staff will be able to help you with this. 

Depending on what time of year you visit and how the weather is, you might be able to sit outside for a delicious lunch in the sun or catch the sunset as you eat.

On a chillier day or when it rains, you can enjoy your meal by the fireplace inside the cozy pub.

They have a great selection of food from a delicious vegetarian portobello burger (which is what Dom had) to more traditional Madeiran and Portuguese food such as grilled chicken with pepper sauce, tuna steak, and beef tenderloin.

You can check out their menu here.

The bar

If you’re looking for a coffee, a poncha, or a little slice of cake the bar is open more or less the entire day.

There’s always staff walking around inside and outside by the pool to take your order when you want something.

The order can be connected to your room number and paid for when leaving the hotel so it’s nice and easy.

It’s nice being able to order a beer or drink while hanging out by the pool.

Or a nice coffee and cake on a moody day to go with the book you’re reading inside while enjoying the coastal views.

The bar is just another reason that you don’t have to go far from your bed to have a good time.

That’s truly the hardest thing about staying at Quinta do Furão… There’s so much to see around Santana but it’s also so nice just relaxing at the hotel. And that brings us to the next point!

Hotel wellness area

There sure is a lot of hiking and adventure activities to do in and around Santana. But make sure you also make time to relax in the wellness area at Quinta do Furão

From massages to a steam room to one of the most beautiful outdoor pools in the world you can easily spend the entire day in the wellness area.

Just bring a book, water, phone, and whatever else you may need and then kick your feet up on a sun chair.

When it’s nice and sunny out, you can spend some time outside by the pool. Take in the views of the coast and the mountains while swimming in between a vineyard.

Then later when it cools down you can go inside for a swim or a hot tub. 

If you really feel like treating yourself you can go for a relaxation massage at the hotel to relax your mind and body!

The Quinta do Furão wellness area offers:

  • Steam room
  • Indoor pool 
  • Outdoor pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Weights for working out
  • Massage center (relaxation and/or deep tissue)

You can see how you can easily spend all day enjoying all the amenities that Quinta fo Furão has to offer. 

It’s just another thing we love about the hotel. You’re so close to nature, beautiful hiking trails, and restaurants, but you’re also at a hotel where you can just relax and hang out all day without having to go anywhere because there’s so much to do just right there. 

Definitely take the time to enjoy everything the hotel has to offer!

The outdoor pool between the grapevines has to be our favourite, though. The views you get from the pool are absolutely insane!

Things to do in Santana

The amenities at the Quinta do Furão hotel isn’t the only reason why it’s such a perfect spot to stay at. The location of the hotel is also great!

The walking and hiking trails that are nearby are absolutely stunning.

Some of the most beautiful waterfalls and viewpoints on the island are right here in Santana (check out the Aguage Waterfall for example).

A short drive from the hotel you can find the trailhead for Pico Ruivo which is the highest peak in Madeira. 

Another beautiful hike in the area is the famous PR9 Levada do Caldeirão Verde which takes you to a beautiful waterfall. 

Plus there are tons of other viewpoints and things to do in Santana. We highlight some of our favourites in this Ultimate Guide to 3-Day in Santana, Madeira.

When you’re not busy enjoying yourself at the hotel you will have quite a few places to see and explore. 

When you’re back from exploring during the day, the hotel has events most evenings for the guests to enjoy.

Some examples are wine tasting, rum tasting, making bread, and even live music at times.

If there is an event you are interested in you can just let the staff know the morning of and they will add you to the event!

Getting to Hotel Quinta do Furão

There are a few options you can pick from on how to get to Quinta do Furão. We recommend renting a car either from Funchal Airport or from downtown Funchal.

(You can rent a car through DiscoverCars to get the best deal and you can also see how to rent a car from Madeira Airport here).

If you have a car you can get around super easily and drive to some of the viewpoints and hikes in and around Santana.

The hotel is on the outskirts of Santana so having a car makes life a lot easier to get around and explore.

Otherwise, you can book an airport shuttle directly through the hotel which is also super convenient.

Then while you’re at the hotel and want to get around you can always hire a taxi for the short trips or see if you can catch a Bolt (a taxi is probably your best bet though). 

Taxis are relatively affordable and the distances are never that far. Especially if you plan to spend most of your time at Quinta do Furão and maybe just do a few trips to the hikes and viewpoints.

You can check out DiscoverCars here if you want the freedom to drive around and go wherever during your trip.

Otherwise, you can stick to the airport shuttle to the hotel and then take taxis when you want to get around Santana. 

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What Quinta do Furão does to be sustainable

One thing we try to look for when staying at accommodations (whether that’s hostels, hotels, or glamping sites) is to see how they stand out from a sustainability approach.

On an island like Madeira where preserving the beauty of nature and everything around it is a top priority, it’s really important to support businesses that value sustainability! 

Since sustainability is a growing topic many companies end up greenwashing and not following through with what they market.

This is very unfortunate and it can make it harder for the consumer to figure out which businesses genuinely care about the environment.

We always like to spend some time talking to the staff and checking out the hotel to see if they actually practice what they preach.

From our experience, Quinta do Furão Madeira practice what they preach!

Here are a few examples of ways the hotel and staff members take a sustainable approach: 

  • Solar panels to heat up the water used in the hotel
  • Save energy with an electricity card slot in each bedroom
  • Ask guests to use reuse their towels
  • Encourage guests to take the stairs when possible
  • Breakfast buffet with limited plastic usage
  • Gets the majority of their produce and products from local farmers and businesses
  • Charging stations for electric cars
  • …and much much more!

Other related questions for Quinta do Furão in Madeira

Is Quinta do Furão Hotel good for couples?

Yes, the Quinta do Furão hotel in Madeira is the perfect place if you’re looking for a couples getaway.

The hotel is located right on the edge of the quiet northeastern side of Madeira with an incredible view over the ocean and the mountains.

There’s plenty of stuff you can do nearby and it’s also a great place for couples to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of Quinta do Furão.

This hotel is a good option for a honeymoon, a weekend getaway, or if you’re just looking for a nice stay somewhere quiet and relaxing.

Is there a restaurant at Quinta do Furão?

There is a restaurant that is connected to Quinta do Furão hotel! The restaurant has actually been around longer than the hotel.

There is a separate parking lot for the restaurant at Quinta do Furão and it’s open to the public along with hotel guests. Making a reservation for dinner is recommended.

Is it easy to get to Quinta do Furão from Funchal airport?

It’s very easy to get around the island of Madeira. From Funchal Airport either by rental car or by hotel shuttle you can get to Quinta do Furão Hotel in just under 30 minutes.

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Recap of our stay at Hotel Quinta do Furão in Madeira

We absolutely loved our stay at the Quinta do Furão Hotel! We tried making the most of our stay by enjoying the hotel while also going out on a bunch of the outdoor activities you can do near Santana. 

Whether you’re looking for a simple relaxing time or a bit of adventure mixed in with time to relax then Quinta do Furão is the perfect place to stay in Santana.

We only had two nights at the hotel but you can easily spend a full week there!

That will give you some time to relax and enjoy the wellness facilities and the daily activities at the hotel while also enjoying nature nearby.

There are so many waterfall hikes, levada walks, and things to see and do in Santana.

We hope you end up staying at Quinta do Furão in Madeira!

If you have any questions about Madeira, the trip, or the hotel then feel free to reach out to us here by leaving a comment below.

You can also DM us on Instagram @redwhiteadventures if you have questions!

And if you’re ready to book your stay, click here!

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