Who knew that small-town Drumheller could pack such a punch with so many delicious restaurants?

We had the chance to explore a ton of the restaurants in Drumheller and the sheer variety and quality of the food was incredible!

You’ll be blown away by all the different places you can eat in town. From traditional breakfast diners to amazing Indian food, Drumheller is packed with awesome places to eat! 

Some of the best meals we’ve had in Alberta were right here in Drumheller.

We’ve compiled this list of all of the cafes and restaurants we like in and around Drumheller. Each of them offers something unique and delicious – and there should be something for every taste.

We hope you find something that satisfies your tastebuds!

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11 Awesome and delicious cafes & restaurants in Drumheller

The majority of the places on this list are typical restaurants but there are also some breakfast diners, food trucks, and a few special places that are true gems to Drumheller. 

For a town of less than 10,000 people, you have an awesome variety of food to try. There are quite a few places but if you get the chance to visit some of these, we’re sure you will be very impressed!

#1 Sam’s Kitchen Drumheller 

Who knew Drumheller would have one of the best Indian Restaurants? If you like good Indian food, you will love Sam’s Kitchen

One of the best things about going to a good Indian restaurant is that sometimes it doesn’t seem that flashy or anything but the food is exceptional. It’s no different at Sam’s Kitchen! 

The restaurant is connected to Hotel Dinosaur & Newcastle Bar. At first glance, you might not see that it’s a restaurant and this is a reason why it’s one of Drumheller’s gems. You don’t really know about it until someone tells you. 

For the price, size of meals, and quality, it’s one of the best places to eat in Drumheller!

PS: Their naan bread is absolutely fantastic! 

#2 Bernie and the Boys 

Bernie and the Boys is a local legend in Drumheller and one of the most popular diner restaurants for locals here in town. 

Their menu features 100% Alberta Beef Burgers and a wide array of over 75 different handcrafted milkshakes!

It’s a classic small-town burger joint that offers tons of different burgers, delicious onion rings, and other house specialties that you have to try. It never disappoints!

The story behind the name “Bernie and the Boys” is quite a good one too so if you bump into the owners once you’re in there, make sure to ask them!

🥤 Must try: Their onion rings are delicious and a milkshake is a must! 

#3 WHIFS Flapjack House 

WHIFS Flapjack House is a must if you want good breakfast in Drumheller! It was so good we went back a second time!

It’s a typical North American breakfast diner, where the second you sit down the staff will pour you a cup of eye-opener coffee that just hits the spot!

From there, you have the option of waffles and ice cream, pancakes, eggs benedict, and a bunch of other meals. 

There’s a toy train that cruises around on a train track that’s suspended from the roof. You’ll find a bunch of cool dinosaur-themed art, and the staff is just really friendly. 

It’s so nice going to a place like this first thing in the morning. It really gets you in a good mood to go explore all the things to do in Drumheller for the day! 

Tip: Try to get a window seat – the views are awesome!

#4 The Last Chance Saloon

The Last Chance Saloon isn’t a restaurant in Drumheller but it’s close enough that it counts. It is a full attraction in itself that should not be missed while you’re in the Badlands of Alberta! 

Firstly, the drive to Wayne (a ghost town a short drive from Drumheller) is absolutely stunning! You cross 11 truss bridges and eventually end up in the town of Wayne where only about 25 people live now. 

It’s such a cool experience eating at the Saloon!

This isn’t just a made-up attraction to bring in guests. This truly used to be the saloon of Wayne where you’d see some rough stuff happen. That’s all changed now (thankfully) but the foundation and stories are still there.

There are even some bullet holes in the wall still you’ll see if you look closely enough. 

As for the food, they have some delicious BBQs, burgers, and other typical pub food! The combination of good food and such a unique place makes it a must-stop while exploring Drumheller. 

Insider tip: If you go on Thursday you’ll get a chance to listen to some local live music!

#5 Bikes and Bites Drumheller 

Bikes and Bites completely surprised us and we had no idea they make such delicious food. 

Basically, they are an e-bike tour company that also makes delicious food. If you go on one of their e-bike tours, you’ll get food included that you can eat beforehand or during your e-bike tour – and it’s delicious!

Bikes and Bites is located right in Drumheller inside the Badlands Community Facility.

Regardless if you go on an e-bike tour or not, you can stop by Bikes and Bites and try out their yummy food. 

You can either grab some food and sit inside at one of the tables or bring it to go and enjoy it at the park while admiring Drumheller’s biggest dinosaur sculpture!

They have everything from fresh salad to delicious sandwiches and amazing cookies! Stop by their cafe and enjoy a delicious lunch or afternoon snack.

Also, their bike tours are awesome and it’s worth doing a bikes and bite tour while you’re in Drumheller!

#6 Poor Sisters Market

Poor Sisters Market is way more than just a cafe or a restaurant! It’s a place where locals come regularly and where tourists drive by to see what all the noise is about.

This place is located in Rosedale just a short 10-minute drive from downtown Drumheller. (If you’re staying at Bridgeviews Glamping, it’s just a short walk away.)

It’s a fantastic place if you’re looking to grab a delicious lunch or afternoon snack. 

Poor Sisters pride themselves in delivering locally sourced food from the valley and local farmers in the area. 

No matter what time of year you come to visit you can always expect a delicious meal here!

Poor Sisters is one of the best $$ for food value in Drumheller!

#7 Heller Good Sandwiches

Heller Good Sandwiches is an awesome place to go for lunch where you can enjoy one of their many good sandwiches or potato salads! 

The place has a super cool vibe with cool art, red chairs, and a neon pickle art piece!

It’s more of a cafe where you order up at the counter and they serve you your food to where you’re sitting. They offer both indoor seating and outdoor seating on their patio which is great in the summer. 

Heller Good does get busy because it’s a local favorite but if you time it right you should be able to get a spot! 

Even though it’s more of a sandwich shop/cafe they’re open till 7 pm so you can easily go there for dinner if you’re up for a yummy sandwich and salad!

#8 Dinosaur Trail Golf & Country Club

If you plan to check out the Royal Tyrrell Museum or The Little Church you can stop by the Country Club for a delicious lunch or dinner after. 

You don’t need to be golfing to stop by and eat on their patio – anyone can come here and enjoy the food and the amazing views you get of the course. (Just make sure you match the dress code).

We had some of the best food during our Drumheller trip right here at the golf course. It was their daily special which consisted of a roast beef sandwich with a Caesar Salad.

If the weather is on your side you come here on a nice sunny afternoon, that’s the best time to come for food at the golf course!

It’s nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air, stunning views, and cool atmosphere!

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#9 Berta Burritos Food Truck 

If you’re looking for a little taste of Latin American cuisine in the heart of Drumheller you’ll know where to find it.

Berta Burritos isn’t your typical restaurant. This one is on wheels and you can find it all over town (but only in one spot at a time 😉). 

Most days, Berta Burritos will be downtown, usually by Tyra, the World’s Largest 82-foot dinosaur!

You may also see them at the market, near the brewery, or at one of the parks in Drumheller. It just depends on the day!

It’s honestly one of those spontaneous things where, if you see the food truck, you just go for it.

From hearty burritos to crispy tacos you can expect a delicious meal at this awesome food truck in Drumheller!

#10 The Sunny Spot 

This is another one of Drumheller’s hidden gems and is absolutely worth the short drive out of the city to visit.

The Sunny Spot is near the Hoodoo Trail right off the highway in the direction of the Atlas Coal Mine.

Once you get there you’ll see a mini golf course, a corn maze, and the restaurant area! It’s all outdoors so it’s perfect for a sunny day if you want to be outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. 

Plus the food is absolutely delicious. If you’re into a delicious burger or a yummy taco salad then you’ll love the food here.

The place is locally owned as well where the couple manages the restaurant, mini golf, and the corn maze! 

It’s the perfect place to spend a few hours in the afternoon especially if you visit the Atlas Coal Mine and the Hoodoos Trail in the morning beforehand!

#11 Tim Hortons Drumheller

If you’re Canadian then you already know and there’s not much we need to say about Tim Hortons! But, this specific Tim Hortons in Drumheller is quite fun and unique! 

The food is the same as in any other Tim Hortons but the theme, art, and decorations are so fun! You’ll find a ton of hockey and dinosaur things inside. It’s awesome!

If you’ve never been to Tim Hortons and it’s your first time then you’re in for a treat! It is a classic beloved Canadian breakfast and coffee stop.

You’ll always find people lined up in the drive-thru to get their daily coffee to get them through the day. Tim Hortons has always been known for its delicious donuts and bagels too! 

We always try to support small and local businesses but from time to time we do find ourselves at a Tim Hortons – and that happened in Drumheller too!

It’s not one of the top restaurants in Drumheller we recommend since there are so many awesome local places to try out. But for a quick coffee or donut, it’s worth just checking this one out.

Make sure you go inside so you can see what we’re talking about with the hockey and dinosaurs!

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Recap of the best restaurants and cafes in Drumheller

For a city of less than 10,000 people, Drumheller sure has an awesome food scene!

Not all of these restaurants are right downtown Drumheller but most of them are centrally located in the town or just a short drive away.

We hope you get to try out a bunch of delicious restaurants in Drumheller! Even though it may take a few days to stop by all of these places it’s well worth it.

Have the best time in Drumheller and if you have questions about places to eat, things to do in Drumheller, or even places to stay in Drumheller then feel free to reach out. 

You can DM us on Instagram or leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! 

Enjoy the beauty of Drumheller and all the delicious food!

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