The best way for teachers to make extra money this summer

Are you looking to make a bit of extra money this summer? And do you want zero commitments to work a specific amount of hours or days a week? Well, thanks to the internet and the need for English speaking teachers, the demand couldn’t be higher! It’s the perfect time to join the movement of working from home or on the road while still enjoying your summer holidays! Welcome to the world of teaching English online!


Online teaching is the best way for teachers to make extra money this summer

It’s a great opportunity to make a little bit of extra money. Both for teachers and for those of you who are just wanting to try a new job! You may be saving for a house. Maybe you’re looking to have a bit of extra cash to go on that well-deserved holiday. Or maybe you want to kickstart your life as a digital nomad! I feel ya! Welcome to the world of online teaching where you make between 18-26 USD per hour. And the best part? You get to pick what days and hours you work. Work as little as 30 minutes a week or grind out 40 hours, it’s totally up to you to decide.

Too good to be true?

Absolutely not! Start planning the rest of your summer and fill in work when you can. If you want to work three hours next week and twenty-five the following week, heck why not! That is the beauty of online teaching.

It is so stressfree because you’re basically your own boss. You decide when you want to wake up in the morning and how long you want to teach.

A few important things to know

  • Classes are 25 minutes long in 30-minute blocks. The five-minute break is used to fill out a feedback form and bathroom visits.
  • Peak hours are between 5:00pm and 9:0pm BJT time (6:00am – 10:am EST).
  • Most companies only hire native English speakers.
  • A TEFL certificate is required but you can get that in a day or two online.
  • Demand in summer is very high, so get started before peak season right here.
  • Acing the interview is key to get started right away. Make sure your lighting is good and that you have a kid-friendly background and a teddy bear handy 😉
  • I will be there to help and guide you through the interview, so feel free to reach out to me on Facebook.

Teaching online will be the best decision you have ever made. Giving you the free time you truly deserve and at the same time giving you the extra income you’d love to have. If you really enjoy it you can keep teaching on weekends after the summer break as contracts last 6 months. Contracts can be renewed after these 6 months based on performance!

If you end up finding this burning passion to really pursue online teaching and travel the world, then start your journey on becoming a digital nomad and exploring this beautiful planet.

One place we would highly recommend is spending time in the Czech Republic as it’s expat community is huge and the hours for working online are GREAT. Mix in a fairly cheap cost of living and you’ve found yourself a new home while on your digital nomad journey! 🙂

Good luck and don’t be shy to reach out to me if you need help with your application process! If you want some extra tips to pass your mock interview then definitely check out this blog post: 11 Ways to be a Successful Online English Teacher.

Have fun!


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