5 reasons why you will love Czech Republic

Are you trying to decide on where to go on your next holiday or vacation? If you’ve been looking at Europe for a while and haven’t been able to decide, you’ve come to the right place. Let us help you on why you should visit the beautiful country of Czech Republic, situated right in the heart of Europe. Formerly known as Czechoslovakia the Czech Republic has been an independent country since 1918 and is known for its Medieval buildings and fascinating castles scattered throughout.  


We’ve made a list of why you should visit, get lost, and explore the Czech Republic. And why you will love this beautiful European country.

5 reasons why you will love Czech Republic

1. Beer

We apologize in advance for anyone who doesn’t like beer. Unfortunately, here in the Czech Republic beer is basically holy. Czech history is rich in beer and to some it’s liquid gold. I’m sure if you ask most Czechs they would nod their heads in absolute agreement. If you’re a beer lover then this country may just be the perfect paradise for you. With awesome local breweries, and even the holy grail of Pilsner is not too far away, the Czech’s have it all when it comes to beer.


By the way, most beers cost around 2-3$ for a pint. If you feel like being lazy then go sit in a beer tub while enjoying a local pint. If you’re up for a bit more of an atmosphere than go drink with the locals at a Sparta soccer game.

2. Nature

If there’s something that comes even remotely close to Czechs’ love of beer it’s the love for nature and the outdoors. Look around Prague and you’ll see that the city is filled with beautiful parks. If you’re visiting for a few nights then make sure you get around to Riegrovy Sady for a sunset. It’s the expats’ favorite 😉


Czechs love to go to their cottages on the weekend and there is a reason for that. The Czech countryside is absolutely stunning. It’s a small country and that means you can get to most places relatively quick and also not very expensive. Places like Bohemian Switzerland or The Krkonose mountains are only 1-2 hours away from Prague. You can spend a bit more time on the road and go visit Teplice Rocks and stop through Maravia see the beautiful vineyards.

There’s something special about the Czech countryside. You’ll find yourself walking through fields and random plots of land which just doesn’t seem normal but here in the Czech Republic it would be rude not to. They love the outdoors and you’ll almost always see Czechs’ biking, running, or doing something else outdoors. They also love searching for  wild mushrooms and blueberries in the forest. So if you want to do it right then go find yourself a basket and forage like a true Czech for an afternoon. The peace and tranquility you’ll feel is astonishing. Sounds like a simple life, but hey, sometimes a simple life is a happy life.

3. Prague

The Capital city of the Czech Republic! I’m sure you’ve heard it before and it will not be the last time but yes, of course, Prague is extremely touristy. It does feel like Mall of America on Black Friday but there’s a reason for it.

It’s a capital city but it’s very easy to navigate through and you’ll be able to walk and see almost everything by just walking around the city. There’s no better way to explore a city than by getting lost in the cobblestone streets while searching for that next view point.


If you do enjoy getting lost and walking around then summer is the perfect time to come visit. There are many things to do if you come during the warmer season like enjoying a calm cruise down The Vltava River while admiring the view of Prague Castle. Or if you prefer to just walk then walk around the Castle grounds and look back down on Old Town Prague. The city is stunning and we can highly recommend you spend time just looking at the buildings to appreciate the work and time that was put into them. Get lost, bring your camera, and enjoy Czech Republic’s capital. Oh and look up! We’re not joking either, when you walk just look up it’s beautiful!


4. Castles

Wherever you go in Czech you’ll find Castles that date back to the 1300’s. We had to Google to make sure there was no Game of Thrones filming locations in the Czech Republic because there sure could be with over 1200 castles in this small country. Just for comparison The Czech Republic could fit in the USA 125 times. It’s not an exaggeration that wherever you go you will find some sort of castle or chateaux.

Of course you have the Prague castle that sits above the Vltava river which is a must visit while staying in Prague but, apart from that, Karlstejn has to be one of the most popular castles to visit in Czech Republic. It’s only a 40-minute train ride from Prague’s main train station which makes it a very easily accessible day trip for most tourists.

Another must-do day trip is to visit the historic city of Cesky Krumlov. The Castle in Krumlov will give you views of this storybook town. Busses depart daily from Prague to Krumlov so it’s very accessible via public transport. Enjoy roaming the streets and finding all the jaw dropping viewpoints around the city. Did we mention that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

5. Food

Czech food is rather simple and not as fancy as French or Italian cuisine, but it’s absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, not many of you will be able to try Dom’s grandma’s apple strudel, but if you find one in a cafe or out in the streets at a food stand then make sure to stop by and grab a slice.

If you find yourself wanting to try a typical Czech dish for dinner there are three dishes that come to mind instantly. Svickova, roast duck, and Gullasch.

Svickova is basically a piece of beef served with bread dumplings smothered in this sauce that we personally can’t even describe, so go try for yourself and let us know what you think!

Roast duck comes with sauerkraut and potato dumplings. Trust us on this and you will be forever grateful during your visit to Czech (unless you’re vegan).


Gullasch you’ve probably heard about before. In the Czech Republic it’s made with beef, served with bread dumplings, and with freshly cut red onions on top. Of course, this is accompanied by a beer or two. If you’re lucky you might get sauerkraut on the side!

Other dishes which originate from central Europe are goulash, wiener schnitzel, wiener sausages, and fried cheese. Those are other great options that will almost always leave you satisfied.

To sum up

Hopefully, for any of you future travelers, you can find this useful and come visit this beautiful country. We’ve been here for just over half a year and it’s been an experience we will never forget. The friends we’ve made and the experiences we’ve shared with everyone have been amazing. Thanks for everything, Czech Republic.

Have you been to Czech Republic before? What did you love the most about it?

Have fun!

Dom & Jo

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  1. Oh I love the Czech Republic so much! My favourite places are Prague and Czechy Krumlov. Luckily I don’t live that far away so Czechy Krumlov is always a nice day trip 🙂

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