If there’s something you should know about Lisbon it’s that it has some of the coolest viewpoints! From cute little local spots to Insta famous viewpoints, Lisbon has it all. And we tried to find them all! We definitely rode the famous tram 28 around the city looking for the best viewpoints in Lisbon.

Some of the viewpoints are found in neighbourhoods and some are next to the most famous sites in the city. They are all incredible and absolutely worth visiting. If you’re looking to get some awesome pictures, these are all great picture shots as well. And if you’re just looking for some amazing views then be prepared to be blown away!

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Let’s check out 5 of the best viewpoints in Lisbon

We’ll check out 5 of our favourite viewpoints in Lisbon, also known as Miradouros Lisboa in Portuguese. Lisbon has a bunch of great Miradouros but these 5 were ones that really stood out to us, are easy to get to, and that we think you will enjoy checking out.

They can all be reached by public transport or even by walking depending on where in Lisbon you are. So get ready to enjoy some amazing views in this beautiful coastal city. And in case you love all these then you will definitely love exploring Cascais as well.

#1 Miradouro de Santa Luzia

Miradouro de Santa Luzia in Lisbon.

Located in the famous Alfama neighbourhood of Lisbon you’ll find the Santa Luzia viewpoint. The 28 tram that goes around the city actually stops just a short distance from the viewpoint too in case you don’t feel like walking all the way. 

One thing we absolutely love about Santa Luzia is that the area of the viewpoint is absolutely beautiful as well as the view.

Dripping in lilac-coloured flora, with azulejo artwork adding a decorative touch, this viewpoint is a lovely place to just sit and relax. We took a bunch of pictures here because the views of Lisbon and the ocean are just absolutely stunning. 

Since the city itself is so hilly, many of the viewpoints really overlook the city from above and offer some amazing views. 

PS: While you’re in the Alfama neighbourhood you have to stop by this little dessert shop and buy a Pasteis de Nata. The name of the shop is Pastelaria Alfama Doce and it’s absolutely delicious!

#2 Miradouro da Graça 

Miradouro da Graca view of Lisbon.

Some say Miradouro da Graça is the most beautiful viewpoint in all of Lisbon and we can definitely see why! The viewpoint offers amazing views over the neighbourhood down below and even the iconic Ponte 25 de Abril bridge in the distance (which looks very similar to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.)

Right next to the viewpoint there is a beautiful garden called Jardin de Graca where you’ll see locals hanging out, maybe even playing some music and just enjoying the peacefulness of the area. It’s a great spot to enjoy a nice coffee.

Miradouro da Graça is also in the Alfama neighbourhood which has a bunch of cute cafes and restaurants. There is a Copenhagen Coffee Lab & Bakery only a few minutes away which we absolutely love and if you’re wanting a delicious brunch, coffee, or little snack then it’s a great place to stop by.

#3 Miradouro das Portas do Sol

View from Miradouros day Portas do Sol.

Miradouro das Portas do Sol is right near Santa Luzia but offers a completely different view of the city. From this spot, you’ll have some amazing views of the city and you’ll be able to see the tops of some of the most beautiful churches in the city.

Miradouro das Portas do Sol has an amazing bar right next to the viewpoint that offers the same but maybe even better views. So if you want a drink or a bite to eat it’s worth checking it out. 

This is another one of those spots that really just shows the historic beauty of the Alfama district of Lisbon. There’s something magical about all the red terracotta rooftops that cover Alfama with the ocean in the background. 

We recommend walking around Alfama and trying some of the local delicious food and sampling the amazing desserts and espressos you can find all over Alfama. 

#4 Basílica da Estrela – Church Rooftop

Amazing view of the Basilica da Estrela. Viewtop from a church in Lisbon.

Basilica da Estrela is one of Lisbon’s most famous churches. What most people don’t know is that you can access the rooftop of the stunning architectural piece. Most people take the famous tram 28 to this part of Lisbon to come explore the area. 

We recommend checking out Estrela Garden before or after you explore the church. It’s absolutely beautiful and has some great walking paths in and around it. You’ll find it filled with people all day hanging out, playing music, or just chatting over coffee. 

But back to the main event! Most people go inside and admire the architecture and the sheer beauty of the church, but most people miss the best part and that is the amazing church rooftop viewpoint that overlooks Lisbon. 

It costs about €3 to get up to the rooftop and from there you’ll be able to enjoy the panoramic view over the city. It’s absolutely breathtaking and hands down one of our favourite views of Lisbon. 

The area is also fantastic. Along with the garden park, there are tons of awesome places to go and eat in this part of the city. So take the famous 28 over here and enjoy an evening by the Basilica.

#5 Cristo Rei – Big Cross

View of the famous Ponte de 25 Abril bridge in Lisbon, Portugal.

For this viewpoint, you will have to go to the other side of Lisbon across the Ponte de 25 Abril bridge. Or by boat which is what we did. Cristo Rei is the iconic catholic monument that overlooks Lisbon. This monument is very similar to the one in Rio, Brazil and that’s no coincidence. This one in Lisbon was inspired by the original in Brazil.

The outdoor viewpoint from the foot of the monument is free to enter and offers amazing views of the city and the bridge. We actually tried to replicate a photo we took at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (see the photos here).

If you want some even crazier views of the city you can pay about €8 to get up inside the 80-meter high viewing platform. We didn’t go up because we thought the views from the park were already pretty amazing! 

Besides the statue, there’s not a whole lot to do right next to it so it might be better to take a taxi and head down to Cacilhas where you can find the public boat that takes you back to Lisbon.  There are a bunch of great seafood restaurants in that area as well if you want to try some delicious Portuguese seafood.

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View of the beautiful Lisbon rooftops in Alfama.

Those are 5 of our favourite viewpoints or as you’d say in Portuguese: Miradouros de Lisbon! A few of them are in the Alfama district which is fitting because it is super beautiful and just brings out the best of Lisbon. 

A few of them you can get to by the famous 28 tram and a few you will have to take other public transport but all the viewpoints in Lisbon are easy to get to. 

We hope you have the best time in Lisbon and if you’re lucky enough and have some time to venture off we have a list of amazing day trips from Lisbon that are worth checking out.

Enjoy the views and let us know which stop is your favourite.

Have fun!

Dom & Jo
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