If you’re looking for a fun activity to do in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik, wine tasting has to be at the top of your list. This sunny Balkan city has one of the most charming old towns, a beautiful coastline, and a mesmerizing countryside with lots of vineyards nearby.

While Croatia isn’t necessarily famous for its wine internationally, they actually have some really good wines. At least we were pleasantly surprised with all the wines we tried during the one-month trip we did along the Croatian coastline.

So if you have the time while you’re visiting Dubrovnik, do yourself a favour and try out at least one wine-tasting experience!

In this post, we’ve highlighted 5 wine tasting experiences from Dubrovnik that are all quite different and unique in their own way. A few of them include day trips to wineries and one of the tours is a food walking tour right in Old Town Dubrovnik.

Croatia, and Dubrovnik in general, is an incredible place to visit so we’re sure you will have the best time! 

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5 Fun Dubrovnik wine-tasting experiences you need to try

Know before you go:

⚠️ Note: Most wine-tasting experiences near Dubrovnik book out during the summer months so it’s best to book in advance if you know the exact dates.

#1 Dubrovnik Gastronomy: 3-hour Food and Wine Tour

⛵️ Book your 3-hour Food and Wine Tour in Dubrovnik here
⏰ Time: Half-day (roughly 3 hours)
💸 Cost: €113 per person

This is the only wine-tasting tour in Dubrovnik that takes place fully in the Old Town. On this tour, you get a combination of wine and food tasting. It’s a full gastronomical experience right in the heart of Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik is known for many things such as the city walls that surround the Old Town and all of the Game of Thrones locations but what is sometimes overlooked is its quite unique gastronomy.

Since it’s located so close to Italy, you have a lot of Italian influence over here mixed in with their own Balkan twist. 

During this 3-hour wine and food tour in Dubrovnik, you’ll get to experience all sorts of different foods and wines that are traditional and also brought here made with a Croatian twist.

If you’re looking for a wine-tasting experience right in Dubrovnik, then this is perfect. 

You won’t actually get to visit any wine cellars but you will get to try delicious wine and that’s what a wine-tasting tour is all about. Mix in some delicious food and you have 3 hours you’ll remember for a long time!

Book your Dubrovnik wine and food tour here.

#2 Explore the island of Korcula from Dubrovnik + wine visit

⛵️ Book your Korcula Island + wine visit here
⏰ Time: All day (roughly 10 hours)
💸 Cost: €68 per person

Yup, a wine-tasting tour that takes you along Croatia’s coast to two absolutely stunning cities that not many people know about!

This wine-tasting experience from Dubrovnik is a full-day trip that leaves Dubrovnik early in the morning and stops in Ston. Ston is quite famous because it’s one of the most fortified towns in Europe! You’ll see what we mean once you’re there.

Ston is also famous for its production of mussels and oysters. Unfortunately, we’re not big seafood people but if you are you’ll absolutely love it!

After the visit to Ston, you’ll make your way to the wine-tasting part of the day trip. You’ll make your way to Peljesac Peninsula, specifically to Korčula, where the wine tasting will be waiting for you. 

A fun fact here is that Korčula is actually the home of the famous traveller, Marco Polo!

In Korcula, you’ll have the chance to taste local wines and brandies while also exploring this beautiful little coastal city. 

Even though the whole trip isn’t about wine, you do get an awesome wine-tasting experience before making your way back to Dubrovnik.

Book your Korcula and wine-tasting trip from Dubrovnik here.

#3 Konavle Wine Tasting Tour from Dubrovnik

⛵️ Book your Konavle Wine Tasting tour here
⏰ Time: Half-day (roughly 6 hours)
💸 Cost: €77 per person

Wine tasting, cultural experiences, and roaming through vineyards are what you can expect on this half-day wine-tasting trip from Dubrovnik!

This wine-tasting day trip starts with the journey to the Konavle Valley which is known as Dubrovnik’s Golden Valley Countryside with its stunning landscape. 

In the valley, you’ll have the chance to learn about the wines and how they’re made as you get to try them all to see which ones you like best.

You’ll also hop on a tourist train that takes you through the vineyards. It might sound cheesy, but it’s a whole lot of fun – especially because the area is so stunning. 

After that, you’ll make your way to Ljuta, a small village, where you’ll learn more about the customs and culture of this part of Croatia. Here you’ll also get a taste of Croatia through a traditional lunch and more wine! 

This wine-tasting experience isn’t too far from Dubrovnik and you’ll be gone for only about half the day.

You get to see a less touristy and more local part of Croatia while also tasting some delicious Croatian wines. A true taste of Croatian paradise between the grapevines! 

Book your Konavle wine-tasting tour here.

#4 Traditional Cooking Class + Wine Tasting in Dubrovnik

⛵️ Book your cooking and wine-tasting in Dubrovnik here
⏰ Time: Half-day (roughly 5 hours)
💸 Cost: €155 per person

One of the most unique experiences you can do while you’re in Dubrovnik is doing a traditional cooking class with wine tasting.

Right on the outskirts of Dubrovnik is this lovely country house where you’ll be able to cook with a local!

You’ll get the full experience of Croatian cuisine all while enjoying yummy local wine. And the best part is that you get to cook with locals in their homes. You can’t ask for a more cultural experience than that.

The food you prepare will depend on the season and what is available in the garden and which products they have. What we know though is that there won’t be a shortage of delicious wine to try and yummy food to eat after it’s all prepared.

It’s a great half-day tour just outside of Dubrovnik. You’ll get picked up in the city and dropped off once the tour is done. 

Even though wine tasting isn’t at the forefront of this tour, it’s such a cool opportunity to meet a local family and really get to know the culture. It’s a tour worth checking out!

Book your traditional Dalmatian cooking class with wine tasting here.

#5 Korcula & Peljesac: Wine and Culture Experience from Dubrovnik

⛵️ Book your wine and culture experience from Dubrovnik here
⏰ Time: Full-day (roughly 10.5 hours)
💸 Cost: €75 per person

Just to provide you with a glimpse into Croatian culture, here’s a saying: “A day without wine is like a day without sunshine.” This quote encapsulates the essence of what you can expect on this wine-tasting tour from Dubrovnik.

This wine-tasting tour is a full-day activity since it’s a combination of a cultural tour and wine-tasting.

During this trip, you’ll make your way from Dubrovnik up north to the Pelješac Peninsula and the beautiful island of Korčula.

Throughout the trip, you’ll stop at different unique and local restaurants and wineries where you’ll get the chance to try local cuisine and wine from the region.

It is a full-day tour and you’ll be gone for just around 10 hours. This tour is an awesome way to combine wine tasting with visiting places you’d maybe never get the chance to otherwise!

Book your Korcula & Peljesac wine-tasting and cultural experience here.

Other related questions to wine tasting Dubrovnik? 

Which experiences are best for wine tours & tastings in Dubrovnik?

There are so many amazing wine tours and tastings near Dubrovnik that it can be hard to pick. However, this 3-hour Food and Wine Gastronomy Tour right in Dubrovnik is an amazing experience and one we’d highly recommend if you only pick one.

If you wish to see more of the Croatian countryside and try out a wine-tasting experience outside of Dubrovnik, this full-day tour to Korcula Island is a great option. On this tour, you’ll get to try local wine and also visit the small famous town of Ston.

What are the best places for wine tours & tastings in Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik itself isn’t the best place for wine tasting unless you go on the 3-Hour Food and Wine Gastronomy Tour.

We recommend going on one of the day trips that take you outside of Dubrovnik to places such as the Konavle Valley which is known for its amazing wineries and wine.

The best part is that Konavle Valley is only a short drive from Dubrovnik and there are tours like this Konavle Wine Tasting that will take you out there on a half-day trip.

By going on a guided tour, there’s not much planning to do on your part and you get to experience a true wine-tasting experience near Dubrovnik.

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Recap of the 5 wine tasting experiences from Dubrovnik


There you have it! 5 quite different and unique wine-tasting experiences to do either in Dubrovnik or on a day trip from Dubrovnik.

There’s nothing that pairs better with wine than sunny weather and beautiful scenery. Thankfully, Croatia has all of the above!

All 5 of these tours are quite cool as none of them is like a traditional wine-tasting experience.

On one, you get to visit a local family and cook with them. On another one, you go to an island where you can visit local wineries and a small little town.

The hardest part is going to be to pick which wine-tasting experience is best for you!

Dubrovnik and the Croatian coast is absolutely stunning and their wine is so good. Regardless of which tour you pick, we’re sure you’ll have an amazing time. 

If you have any questions about which tour to pick, things to do in Dubrovnik, or anything else Croatia-related then feel free to DM us on Instagram @redwhiteadventures or leave a comment below

Enjoy your time exploring Croatia and Dubrovnik and remember… A day without wine is like a day without sunshine!

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