Things to do in the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

For being a small country, Montenegro really manages to impress! The coastline of the Adriatic Sea packs a punch with its beautiful bays and beaches, small islands, and stunning mountains – and of course, the bay of Kotor.

One of Montenegro’s gems is the Bay of Kotor which was formed when rising sea levels drowned an ancient river valley and transformed the area into what looks like a Fjord. This small Montenegrin city consists mainly of the old town surrounded by stunning nature with tall peaks rising straight from the sea. Kotor is an absolute must if you are planning a visit to the Mediterranean!


Things to do in the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

Before you do anything, make sure to go to the tourist booth (in front of the main entrance to the old town) and get yourself a map of Kotor to help you navigate throughout the day. The map is free and full of goodies on the back side. Who doesn’t like fun events and discounts? Once you have your map, head out and explore the old town!

Wander the streets of the old town

No matter if you’re into history and architecture or not, the old town of Kotor will charm you! Kotor has one of the best preserved old towns in the Adriatic Sea region. No surprise that this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Due to its historical and cultural significance, much of the old city has not been renovated or remodeled. Even with all the crowds, it feels so peaceful walking the narrow streets. Try not to look too much on your map while strolling through the old town. Just look up and enjoy the beautiful buildings, take some photos, and get a little lost. It’s fun!

Check out the cats of Kotor

Yup, Kotor is famous for its cats roaming the city streets along with waves of tourists coming in from the cruise ships. Everywhere you go you will see cute cats walking around or chilling in the sun. Kotor is so famous for its cats that half of the souvenir shops are literally filled with cat-gadgets. There’s also a cat museum (you heard it) which is creatively named ‘Cats Museum’. If you love cats or if it’s raining this place might be worth checking out!


Go sailing

There’s no doubt that the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro is the ideal place to go on a sailing tour! With things to see such as Lady of the Rocks and the Blue Caves, a boat tour is a must do when you’re here! Unfortunately, we didn’t go as we were under time pressure, but if you have the time we heard that it’s worth every penny! The boats leave all day from early morning to late afternoon (in the summer months) and the duration is between 1.5-3 hours depending on what you want to see.


Hike up to St. John’s Fortress

It’s still going to be touristy but if you’re looking for something a little bit away from the crowd, head up the Castle Walls to St. John’s Fortress. Make sure to bring 8€ in cash as they do not take credit card.

It may seem like quite the uphill climb but there is no shame in stopping every few minutes to take in the views. You will pass by St. Joseph’s church up towards the fortress.


Once you’re at the top spend some time enjoying the views. If you’re traveling on a budget like we are and bring your own lunch, this is the spot you want to eat it at. From the top, you will see the triangle-shaped old town full of red rooftops and you may even recognize some of the stone palaces or the clock tower which you passed by earlier. You’ll also see ruins from the wars along with the stunning bay. Behind the fortress, you will see astonishing peaks touching the clouds – so cool! A 360 view of pure beauty!

If you haven’t already been to Kotor, you have to make sure you add it to your bucket list!

For tips and tricks for your trip, don’t forget to check out this blog post: 7 important things to know when driving to Kotor, Montenegro.

What are you most excited to see in Kotor? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Have fun!

Dom & Jo

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12 thoughts on “Things to do in the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

    1. Thanks Pauline! I’m sure you would absolutely love Montenegro! It’s full of beautiful nature, friendly people, and history 🙂

    1. Thank you! We definitely want to see more of Montenegro too – one day was far from enough! I hope you get to visit this beautiful country one day 😍

  1. I loved visiting this town in Montenegro!! Did it on a day trip from Dubrovnik and had the most amazing time! Great post and beautiful pictures!

  2. I’ve never heard much about Montenegro as a tourism destination but you made me want to go there! The old town of Bay of Kotor looks so lovely and also the landscape is beautiful!

    1. Neither had we before we went but it’s so pretty there that I can highly recommend it! The nature in Montenegro is amongst the most beautiful we’ve seen! I’m glad to hear our post inspired you 🙂
      – Jo

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