Well well well… Slovakia, you blew us away! Hiking in the High Tatras was an absolute treat. Even though there wasn’t much information online about hiking in Slovakia we managed to find some absolutely incredible hikes near Poprad near the High Tatras.

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We decided to hike up to Sliezsky Dom (Dom means house in Slovakian) on our first day because of the alpine lake and waterfall at the top which were absolutely worth it. We surprisingly didn’t even get that lost despite the fact that we do not speak the language 😉

In this post, you can find everything you’ll need to know for hiking in the High Tatras and finding this cool little spot next to Sliezsky Dom.

Sliezsky Dom is a fun and moderate hike in Slovakia’s High Tatras

We definitely recommend this as a first hike if you’re new to the High Tatras and plan on going for a weekend trip. It has everything you’ll want to see and more.

The hike itself is roughly 12km / 7 miles long. We would rate it as a moderate hike because of the length. There is no scrambling involved and only trail walking. So if the distance is ok for you then you should easily be able to reach Sliezsky Dom!

We started in the late afternoon and made it back right before dark which we would not recommend because you don’t want to be walking in the forest once the sun sets. So definitely try and go earlier in the morning or after lunch so you can enjoy some time at the alpine lake and waterfall.

Slovakia’s High Tatras are amazing and it’s so cool how accessible they are. This hike starts right from the town of Stary Smokovec and trains are going there quite frequently. This makes it super easy to get around without a car which was fantastic since we could just train and walk everywhere!

Hike up to Sliezsky Dom in Slovakia.
Dom from Red White Adventures hiking in Slovakia.
Dom from Red White Adventures hiking up to Sliezksky Dom.

Practical information about Sliezsky Dom in the High Tatras

Distance: 12.3 km return / 7.64 miles return
Elevation: 646 m / 2120 ft. elevation gain
Type: Out and back
Length: 4-6 hours return
Difficulty: Moderate (Because of the length and elevation)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Click here to see a map of the beginning of Sliezsky Dom Trail
Beautiful hiking trail in the High Tatras.

If you have the chance before the hike definitely download MapyCZ for this hike and other hikes around Slovakia and the Czech Republic. It’s nice having the app because it shows you exactly which trails you need to take. It even has the colour of the trails that match the signage along the hike so you know you’re going the right way.

It’s always tricky when you’re abroad and the hikes and names are in a different language but now with these apps and Google, it’s a lot easier!

To get started on the hike you’ll take a train to Stary Smokovec if you’re not already staying there. You can see the timetables for the train here if you’re staying in Poprad like we did.

Hike up to Sliezsky Dom in the High Tatras.
Jo from Red White Adventures hiking in Slovakia.

The trickiest part is finding the hike but once you get on the trail you’ll just follow the yellow marks for the majority of the hike and it will even have “Sliezsky Dom” on the majority of the signs.

First let’s make sure you actually get on the right trail!

  1. Make sure you get off at the Stary Smokovec train stop.
  2. Head west (left) as soon as you get off the train.
  3. You will follow the main road west for a few minutes.
  4. You will turn right after Penzion Vila Jedla.
  5. You’ll continue on this road for a few minutes until you see a path.
  6. There will be a little pipe that looks like a tiny waterfall.
  7. Once you’ve found that, you’ll be on the right track and then you can follow the signs.
  8. You can follow MapyCZ or Google Maps directions as well! =)
Jo exploring mountains in Slovakia.

The hike up to Sliezsky Dom

This hike will give you a true taste of the High Tatras in Slovakia. We chose to hike to Sliezsky Dom because it brought us far enough into the Tatras where we would get a feel for the crazy peaks and lush valleys.

The bonus of Sliezsky Dom is that there is this stunning alpine lake that you can walk around and even jump in if you’re daring enough. One thing we didn’t know until we got to the top was there was this stunning waterfall too which made for some amazing pictures.

But before you get to the top you will walk through the forest for a good portion of the hike. The trails are all very well maintained and there’s signage every few kilometres/miles to keep you on the right track.

Dom hiking in Slovakia.
Backpacking in Slovakia's High Tatras.

The hiking trails are very popular here in Slovakia and especially here in the High Tatras so the trails are awesome. You’ll see lots of locals and tourists hiking up with you too because it’s such a common area to hike in.

We actually only saw a few people while doing this hike because we started quite late in the afternoon. We only saw people coming down and no one was hiking up with us that late. It was nice to have the busy trail to ourselves, but we don’t recommend doing the same unless you’re a super fast hiker.

We got to Sliezsky Dom in around 2.5 hours (we took lots of pictures along the way though). Unfortunately, we didn’t have as much time as we wanted at the lake and the waterfall but at least now we can tell you not to make the same mistake as us 😉

Dom and Jo from Red White Adventures
Dom and Jo exploring around Sliezsky Dom in the High Tatras.
Beautiful waterfall in Slovakia.

The views from Sliezsky Dom

The hike up is beautiful but like most hikes the view at the top was definitely the most rewarding. Velické Pleslo is this stunning crystal clear lake that is awesome for taking pictures. We spent most of our time around the lake because we didn’t have enough time to continue hiking up to the peak.

The views from Sliezsky Dom and the lake were rewarding enough for us so we were super satisfied with the hike. We didn’t even know until we got up to Velické Pleslo that there was a hotel (Sliezsky Dom) but it would have been cool to book a night at the hotel and hike around the area some more. Next time!

Stunning waterfall in the High Tatras.

Where to stay in the High Tatras

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which means that if you decide to use them we get a small commission from the platform. Thank you <3

This might be one of the most challenging decisions to make on your whole trip. Is it best to stay in one of the small towns that are directly connected to the High Tatras? Or is it better to stay in Poprad, about a 20 minute train ride away from the Tatras?

We took a weekend trip from Prague and ended up in Poprad so we thought it would be easier to get a place in town and then just train it to the mountains and it actually worked out really well. There are lots of restaurants and grocery stores in Poprad along with reasonably priced Airbnb’s. And we loved that everything was so accessible by public transport!

Beautiful flora from Slovakia.

If you’re only in the High Tatras for a few days and want to make the most of it, it might be simpler to stay in one of the mountain towns so you can get straight onto the trails in the morning. However, if you have a little more time or are traveling on a budget, we can recommend staying in Poprad!

The Airbnb we stayed at in Poprad was a 10-minute walk from the train station and from there it took us about 25 minutes to get to Stary Smokovec.

The High Tatras in Slovakia and a gorgeous waterfall.

How to get to Sliezsky Dom Trailhead

From anywhere in Poprad

From anywhere in the High Tatras.

Hiking in Slovakia.

Before you go hiking in the High Tatras

One of the most dangerous things about hiking in the High Tatras is that the weather can change quickly. So definitely check out the weather beforehand which you can do here.

Besides that just pack some snacks for the hike and bring some cash just in case you stop by a shop or anything along the way that may not take cards.

We also have this amazing packing list for hikers that you can scroll through to see if there’s something you may be missing for your hike!

Jo from Red White Adventures hiking.
Jo next to a waterfall in Slovakia.

What to bring

Bring plenty of water because you won’t be able to get any on the way. Maybe if you go into Sliezsky Dom at the top you would be able to buy some but we didn’t go inside so we’re not certain about that. Lots of food is recommended since you’ll be gone for +5 hours if you take in all the views and spend some time at the top!

So bring:

  • Sunscreen is a must during the summer hiking anywhere in the High Tatras because of the elevation.
  • A camelbak (backpack for water) or a few water bottles if you’re doing the full hike 
  • Bring some food that you can snack on and will give you some energy. Dates, fruit, PB&J sandwiches, protein bars, vegetables, and smoothies are all great snacks for hiking.
  • This is a great list of hiking gear that you may need on a hike!
Alpine lake in Slovakia.

Other useful info

As long as you have all the apps and links we mentioned above then you should have no problems hiking in the High Tatras in Slovakia. Even though it’s a foreign country and not everyone will speak English in the smaller towns it’s still super easy to get around. 

We hope you have an awesome time hiking up the Sliezsky Dom and exploring the gorgeous High Tatras while finding lakes, waterfalls, and plenty of other beautiful spots in the mountains. 

Stay safe and please feel free to comment below if you have any other questions about hiking in the High Tatras that we’ll do our best to answer! =)

Have fun!

Dom & Jo
Red White Adventures
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