Did you know it’s possible to go to Slovakia’s High Tatras for a weekend trip from Prague? Although the Czech Republic has some amazing hikes like Snezka Mountain and Teplice Rocks, it’s just really fun to explore places outside of the Czech Republic too!

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If you’re wanting a full weekend trip to some big mountains then it’s worth considering taking a long weekend trip to the High Tatras in Slovakia.

Looking at a map it seems like Prague is quite far from the High Tatras and there’s no way it’s worth going for a weekend trip. However, it’s totally possible and in this post, you can find exactly how to make the best of a weekend trip from Prague to the High Tatras.

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Beautiful cotta in the High Tatras.

A long weekend trip from Prague

Slovakia’s High Tatras is a magical mountain range full of alpine lakes, cute cottages, and stunning waterfalls. There’s so much hiking and exploring to be done with all the beautiful nature in the Tatras. Even though you could easily spend weeks there, it’s still well worth doing a long weekend trip from Prague.

If you manage to find a long weekend where you can get an extra day or two it will make this trip absolutely worth it. We spent three full days there and got so much hiking in.

It takes some time to get from Prague to Poprad in Slovakia but once you’re there the mountains are only a 15-20 minute train ride from town. If that seems too far to you, you can even stay in one of the small towns literally right next to the mountains. There are even some good campsites too.

Let’s get into all the details and make this long weekend trip to the mountains happen!

Gorgeous waterfall in Slovakia!

How to get from Prague to Poprad in the High Tatras

One of the most convenient things about living in Czech Republic and Prague in general is how good the train system is. Thankfully, Prague is in the centre of Europe and has a great train system that connects through many countries, so getting to Poprad via train from Prague is super easy.

We’ve used the train system from Prague a ton in the past and done trips to places like Brno in the Czech Republic and Vienna in Austria. So we decided to take advantage of it once again and do a weekend trip to the High Tatras.

First, you will need to book a ticket which we recommend doing beforehand. You can see the different options here. If you want you can even take an overnight train to make the most of your weekend. (It can also save you a night’s accommodation so it’s definitely worth considering.)

There are multiple ways to get to Poprad which you can see on the ticket site but we do recommend taking the train. The trip is so much more enjoyable in our opinion, and you can just sit back and relax with a good book or podcast while appreciating the nature around you.

The trains are actually quite spacious and usually have wifi. However, the bus can be quicker and a little cheaper so that’s another option that works well too! =)

Cottage and mountains in Slovakia.

When should you visit the High Tatras in Slovakia

The best time to visit the High Tatras would be during the shoulder season, so late spring or early fall when kids are back in school and most people are back at work.

The High Tatras mountain range is quite spread out horizontally and you will see plenty of mountain towns scattered at the bottom of the mountains. Since it’s a very known spot for great hiking it does get quite busy and that’s why it’s best to go in May, June, September, or October when things quiet down.

Of course, if you only have time off in the summer it’s still 100% worth going. You will catch the long beautiful days of summer and might be able to do some of the longer hikes that require more sunshine. Or maybe you will sleep under the stars!?

There really isn’t a bad time to go. Even in winter, you can go skiing there, although hiking might be challenging 😉

Anytime from May to October is a great time to visit the High Tatras in Slovakia.

Hiking trail in Slovakia.

Hikes to do in the High Tatras

We managed to do some amazing hikes during our long weekend trip from Prague. The hiking trails are so close to town and super easy to get to. You’ll see waterfalls, alpine lakes and everything in between.

We have three hikes we absolutely recommend. You can find them all here. The hikes range between easy, moderate, and hard. We recommend all three but there are tons of awesome trails in the High Tatras so no matter where you hike you will see some beautiful nature and crazy mountain peaks.

Here’s our list of awesome hikes to do in the High Tatras in Slovakia.

Easy hike in the High Tatras: Hrebienok Waterfall Trail

Amazing view of a waterfall in the High Tatras.

Quick breakdown of what you can expect on this hike:

  • Restaurant at the top of the hike
  • Amazing waterfall at the end
  • Short and rewarding hike

Hiking up to Hrebienok and the waterfall is an easier hike in the High Tatras. You’ll be surprised by the beautiful waterfall at the end. It’s a great hike if you have 2-4 hours for a hike!

You can find any extra information about the Hrebienok hike right here.

Moderate hike in the High Tatras: Sliezsky Dom Trail

Weekend trip to the High Tatras.

Quick breakdown of what you can expect on this hike:

  • Hotel at the top
  • Gorgeous alpine lake next to the hotel
  • Waterfall in the distance

Hiking up to Sliezsky Dom is a moderate hike in the High Tatras. If you want to challenge yourself a little bit and hike up to this gorgeous alpine lake then this is the one. It’s a moderate hike that takes about 3-5 hours to do.

Here’s a bunch of extra information on Sliezsky Dom trail.

Hard hike in the High Tatras: Zelene Pleso Trail

Amazing view from Zelene Pleso trail in Slovakia's High Tatras.

Quick breakdown of what you can expect on this hike:

  • Restaurant and cottage at the top
  • Stunning alpine lake surrounded by mountains
  • Amazing nature throughout the hike
  • Waterfall in the distance

Hiking up to Zelene Pleso is quite a hard hike but very rewarding. It’s a full day hike that can take anywhere from 6-8 hours to complete. Depending if you stop for lunch at the restaurant and how much time you spend admiring nature.

There’s a gorgeous alpine lake next to the restaurant that is crystal clear and surrounded by mountains.

If you want more information about Zelene Pleso you can find it all here.

Beautiful hike in the High Tatras in Slovakia.

We also have a summary about hiking in the High Tatras right here. You can find everything you need to bring, weather, difficulty, and how to get to each hike in that post.

Slovakia’s High Tatras is an adventure wonderland and there are so many trails that you could spend months there. Immerse yourself in the beautiful nature of the High Tatras and explore all the beautiful trails. Ours are just recommendations and there are plenty of other good trails to hike up.

Beautiful alpine lake next to Sliezsky Dom in Slovakia.

Where to stay in the High Tatras

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which means that if you decide to use them we get a small commission from the platform. Thank you <3

Since we did a long weekend trip from Prague and took the train to Poprad near the High Tatras we decided it was easiest to stay in the city. It’s a nice small city with grocery stores, restaurants, and amazing public transport to the mountains.

We found a great Airbnb in Poprad that was a just short walk from the bus and train station. It was super convenient since we had everything within walking distance.

Public transport is great and the only time you really need to take the train or bus is when you go to the mountains from Poprad. Besides that, you can walk everywhere!

If you’re looking into camping in the High Tatras instead, then we recommend staying at ATC Tatranska Strba based on location, price, and reviews. It’s located close to Poprad and close to all the hiking trails. With good reviews and a relatively cheap price, it’s your best bet for a camping spot close to the mountains.

Exploring the High Tatras on a weekend trip.

What to bring to the High Tatras

Here’s a quick list of everything you will need for the weekend trip:

  • A big travel backpack and a small day backpack for hiking
  • Hiking shoes and regular runners or sandals
  • Socks and underwear
  • Shorts and pants
  • Shirts and sweaters
  • Jacket and rain jacket
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Water bottle
  • Phone charger and portable charger
  • Some snacks (granola bars, nuts, etc.)
  • Anything else hiking-related you may want (poles, headlamp, etc.)
  • Any other tech gadgets you may want to bring (headphones, go pro, etc.)
  • You can find a full hiking checklist here

Even though you may be going for only a few days it’s better to be over-prepared than under. That’s why we recommend you bring both a big backpack and a small one. You can leave the big one at your accommodation with all your belongings, and the small backpack can come with you on the day hikes with all your snacks and water.

Jo exploring the beautiful Sliezsky Dom in the High Tatras.
Gorgeous hike in Slovakia's High Tatras.

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Summary of the trip

Now you’re basically all set to explore Slovakia’s coolest mountain range! We’re sure you’ll experience some great hikes and have an awesome time. We hope you get a chance to do some of the hikes we mentioned and just enjoy the beauty of the Tatras.

There’s so much to explore, so if you do have extra time we’d recommend staying for at least a week. But if you’re like us and only have a long weekend, then it’s still absolutely worth it!

Have an amazing time and we can’t wait to hear about your adventure in the Slovakian mountains!

Have fun!

Dom & Jo
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