One of the hardest parts of living or vacationing in Bansko is always figuring out where to eat. Since we lived in Bansko for a while it really became a question that came up daily. 

There are lots of restaurants in Bansko but there are only a select few that really stand out and that we recommend. For the most part, the food is decent in Bulgaria but, in our opinion, a lot of places seem to lack a bit of spice or flavour to really make it stand out. 

Luckily, this isn’t always the case! There are enough places in Bansko that do have good quality food so there’s always somewhere to go. Plus lots of the restaurants in Bansko have lunch menus that they switch up all the time so there’s always something new to try out!

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9 restaurants in Bansko you have to try

Five M

Five M restaurant in Bansko.

Looking for fine dining in Bansko? Five M is one of the fancier restaurants here in Bansko. Five M has a wide variety of different meals including some absolutely delicious steak if that’s what you’re looking for.

The interior design of Five M really makes it stand out from most restaurants in Bansko. It really feels like a fine dining experience and Five M is definitely one of our favourite restaurants in Bansko. There are a ton of options for everyone and there are even a few good veggie options as well. 

All in all, we always have a great experience at Five M and it’s a great place to go on a date or a nice cozy evening. It has a very relaxed vibe and we recommend going there for a cocktail or two if you’re looking for somewhere to go have a nice evening drink.

Practical information

  • Price: 6 Leva and up
  • Cuisine: Fine dining
  • Facebook: Five M
  • Credit cards: Accepted
  • Discount: n/a

The Hub

The Hub Restaurant in Bansko
Picture of food from The Hub in Bansko.

The Hub is the perfect place for expats. It’s your typical British pub which you can never go wrong with! Inside there’s a pool table and a TV that’s almost always playing some sport. Some evenings you can get a group of friends together and head over for some karaoke or a quiz night.

The food at The Hub is exactly what you’d expect. You can get some chicken fingers and fries or a burger. They also do a good English breakfast and that sorta stuff if you’re looking for a place to go for brunch.

If you’re truly looking for a proper pub in Bansko then this is the place. Enjoy some beers, pool, karaoke, and just the good vibe you always get when hanging out at The Hub.

Pro tip: They often have a 2-beers-for-5-Leva discount!

Practical information

  • Price: 2 – 9 Leva
  • Cuisine: Pub food
  • Facebook: The Hub
  • Credit cards: Accepted
  • Discount: Available for locals

Street Food Bar Groshe

Groshe is potentially one of the most underrated and least talked about food places in Bansko. Groshe street food only has seating for a few people (outside) but they are hoping to expand soon because of how popular it has become! 

It’s a great place if you’re looking for takeaway food or delivery. You can easily get a hold of them on Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp and they will get to your order right away. 

Groshe Street Food Bar has a bunch of delicious burgers, pizzas, salads, and sandwich options for super affordable prices. It’s one of our go-to lunch spots because of the variety and how tasty it is. Plus the guys who run the place are super friendly and we love supporting small businesses like this one.

Practical information

  • Price: 3.9 Leva and up
  • Cuisine: Sandwiches, pizza, burgers
  • Facebook: Street Food Bar Groshe
  • Credit cards: Cash only
  • Discount: n/a

Coconut Coffee & Smoothies

Delicious photo of a smoothie bowl in Bansko.
Amazingly tasty looking picture of a smoothie bowl at Coconut Coffee & Smoothies.

Coconut Coffee & Smoothies isn’t actually a restaurant but it has to be on this list because of how good it is. They make the most delicious smoothie bowls. The smoothie bowls taste like every single ingredient has been freshly picked right here in Bansko.

They have a ton of different types of smoothie bowls, good coffee, and even locally brewed beer that always change depending on the season. 

This little cafe is the perfect place to visit on a sunny day. You can order a smoothie bowl and a coffee and sit on one of the chairs just outside. One of the things we love about Coconut is its location. It’s right on one of the main streets with the little stream that runs through town. 

It’s so nice and peaceful to sit outside there on a sunny day. The stream runs right by and you can see all the mountains in the distance. Usually, we get caught daydreaming about all the different hikes in the Pirin Mountains we want to do.

Practical information

Oscar Wine Bar & Gastro

Oscar’s Wine Bar & Gastro is another one of the more fancy places to eat in Bansko. Oscar’s has a wide good selection of food including something for both veggie and non-veggie eaters. 

Oscars is a small but cozy restaurant great for small to midsize groups. During the summer, Oscar’s is booming with its outdoor seating, and in the winter you must make a reservation because of the minimal seating inside. 

They have great local Bulgarian wine and a good selection of cocktails and drinks that go with the menu. From local fish to vegetarian burgers and everything in between there’s something for everyone at Oscar’s. 

Practical information

The House

The House restaurant Bansko.

The House is one of the most popular restaurants in Bansko for nomads and travellers alike. The food is definitely a bit more catered towards expats and foreigners and they have a wide variety of different dishes including a lunch menu that changes daily. 

We love going there for lunch because of the price and the selection of food. They always have some great vegetarian options along with some yummy burgers. There isn’t really one meal that stands out at The House because it’s all so good. You can never go wrong with their soups or their ratatouille though.

Pro tip: You can find their daily lunch menu on The House Facebook page and you can also place orders via Facebook Messenger. Delivery is free.

Practical information

  • Price: 3.30 Leva and up
  • Cuisine: Everything
  • Website: The House
  • Facebook: Accepted
  • Discount: Available for locals + Coworking Bansko members

Chalet Yanitza

Chalet Yanitza is one of the staples for the nomads at coworking Bansko. It’s is a traditional Bulgarian restaurant located right in the heart of Bansko.

They have a great menu that changes every day that you can see on Yanitza’s Instagram here. You can never go wrong with their Chopski Salad and daily soups. Plus you get a free dessert with your meal for an already super affordable price. It really makes Yanitza a favorite! 

The husband and wife who run the place are super friendly and always super hospitable. It’s definitely one of the cheapest restaurants in Bansko and for what you get for the price it is a must visit when you’re in Bansko.

Practical information

  • Price: 3 to 20 Leva
  • Cuisine: Everything
  • Instagram: chalet_yanitza
  • Credit cards: Accepted
  • Discount: n/a BUT there’s free dessert

Damyanitza Bar And Diner

Damyanitza is another restaurant in Bansko that is located centrally with great pricing. It’s another one of the more local restaurants with traditional Bulgarian food and other delicious restaurant food. 

They also offer a lunch menu that they change up every day so there’s always going to be something new. Whenever we’re ever in the center of Bansko around lunchtime we love to go eat at Damyanitza. 

If you consider the price of the food for the quality then you can’t go wrong here. We recommend going for lunch and sitting outside at one of the picnic tables in the sun!

Practical information

Casa di Papi

Casa di Papi! Did we save the best for last? Maybe. Honestly though, if you’re looking for good Italian cuisine in Bansko then this is it. You can order delicious pasta, pizza, and anything else Italian that you’re craving. 

Pair it with one of their tasty local wines and you’re in for a treat. Oh right, we forgot to mention the 5-10 different delicious dessert options they have at any given time. You’ll probably see them rotating in the window outside as you walk in. 

It’s one of the best restaurants in Bansko for a reason so we recommend booking a table if you’re in Bansko during high season (ski season or summer) because it does fill up quite quickly. Enjoy this little piece of Italy in Bansko! =)

Practical information

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There you have it! Some of the best restaurants in Bansko mixed in with some other delicious food places.

Bansko definitely has a wide enough variety of restaurants so there’s something for everyone. Remember, if you’re visiting one of the busier restaurants during peak season, to either call them or message them in advance to reserve a table.

Looking for other fun things to do in Bansko? If you’re looking for hikes near Bansko or even some hot springs near Bansko then we have you covered! As always, feel free to DM us on Instagram or leave a comment below if you have any questions about Bansko and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Have fun!

Dom & Jo
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9 places to eat in Bansko Pin for Pinterest.
9 Restaurants in Bansko Pin for Pinterest.
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