There are plenty of places to eat lunch in Bansko – but when we’re busy working, we don’t always want to spend a lot of time going out to eat or researching different places to order food from.

After a few months of working and hanging out at Coworking Bansko, it felt like we placed every lunch order for us and our friends at the coworking space.

Now we’re gone and not everyone knows where to order from, which places are good, and what the easiest way to order from each of those places is.

So we’ve created a list to simplify things for you!

We hope this list of lunch places in Bansko (which is also good for dinner) helps you figure out what to eat and how to order it.

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8 good lunch ideas in Bansko while working

If you’re new to Bansko and need some inspiration (or if you’re a regular in Bansko but you’re tired of thinking about where to eat lunch every day) we hope this post will give you some good ideas!

Most of these lunch spots in Bansko you can order from (we explain how) while a few of them are sit-down only but located right in town in convenient locations close to the coworking spaces!

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#1 The House Bansko

Delivery: Yes, free
Price: 12 to 18 lev 
Payment: Cash only (but will take card payments)
Order time: Usually takes about 30-35 minutes from when you order
How to order: Message The House Bansko on Facebook
Location: The House Bansko

The House Bansko is a classic! One thing we love about The House is that they have a daily menu on top of their regular menu which means that they have different options every day.

You’ll definitely start to notice a pattern and a lot of repeating lunch options over time but every single day The House switches up their menu with a variety of delicious meals! 

If you’re ordering takeaway, you can see The House’s daily lunch menu on Facebook here and order directly from Facebook Messenger. They’re usually super fast to reply and bring the food rather quickly. 

The House is also great to order from if you’re a bigger group since they are used to big orders as it’s one of the bigger restaurants in Bansko! 

I’m also trying to think of recommendations on what to order but since their menu changes daily there’s always tons of good options (veggie as well). 

I do feel like getting tomato soup, salad with goat cheese, cheeseburger, and their chicken and broccoli quite often! Jo loves their veggie ratatouille with mozzarella cheese.

You can also go enjoy a nice meal at their restaurant but it is located up by the gondola. If you’re in town and coworking near the city center it’s easier to just get delivery.

#2 Street Food Bar Groshe Bansko

Delivery: Yes (free over 20 lev)
Price: 6 to 14 lev
Payment: Cash only (preferably give them exact change)
Order time: Usually takes about 45 minutes from when you order
How to order: Message Groshe Bansko on Facebook
Street Food Bar Groshe Bansko

Groshe has been a staple for when we’re a big group at Coworking Bansko that want to eat lunch together but don’t want to go out to eat. 

Groshe has an awesome variety of food for a super good price. From pizzas to sandwiches and even some yummy salads there’s really something for everyone. Oh, and don’t forget their banging burgers!

They have one veggie pizza, one vegan sandwich, and two veggie salad options. There are plenty of different options for a big group order.

We usually get their tuna sandwich and sometimes we also share a Chicken Caesar Salad or a Greek Salad.

All their food is reasonably priced, delicious, and they have some relatively healthy options for Bansko! 

It’s definitely one of our go-to lunches in Bansko if we want to order takeaway from one of the coworking spaces.

#3 The Station Bansko

Delivery: Yes, free
Price: 6 to 15 lev 
Payment: Cash only for delivery (but will take card payments on site)
Order time: Usually takes about 30 minutes from when you order
How to order: Message The Station on WhatsApp (+359 88 780 2444)
Location: The Station Bansko

The Station has been another staple over the past few years we’ve spent time in Bansko. This Greek restaurant in Bansko serves a variety of gyros, falafel wraps, pizzas, and yummy salads. 

If you get the chance you have to check out their restaurant up near the gondola.

They have expanded this year and moved locations to a new place that they completely renovated. It’s now one of the nicest lunch places in Bansko. 

For lunch, if you’re somewhere downtown Bansko then send them a text on WhatsApp and they will take your order there. You can see the menu on The Station Facebook Page here. 

Their gyros and chicken or falafel wraps are delicious and cheap (6-7 lev). They also make one of the best pizzas in town and their greek salad is (obviously) a must.

They have a nice variety of food and it’s hard to go wrong with anything on their menu. 

I’m pretty sure we had 10+ falafel wraps this summer and we’re still not tired of them.

#4 75’s Tasty Bansko

Delivery: Yes
Price: 8 to 15 lev 
Payment: Cash preferably (but will sometimes take card payments if you ask them beforehand)
Order time: Usually takes about 30 minutes from when you order
How to order: Message 75’s Tasty on WhatsApp (+359 87 830 1230)
Location: 75’s Tasty Bansko

75’s Tasty is another gem in Bansko where you can go dine in but they also do delivery. Similar to the other takeaway restaurants in Bansko, Tasty 75 has a great variety of different meals. 

They do a bunch of different burgers, burritos, sandwiches, salads and more. It’s one of the cheapest places in Bansko to order from as well since you can get a cheeseburger for less than 10 lev. 

We’ve never actually gone to 75’s Tasty to sit down and eat but we have heard great things about their location. We usually just order takeaway while we’re coworking at the Coworking Bansko Lounge

You can check out the 75 Tasty Facebook Page to see all the different food they have. You can also WhatsApp them and ask for an English menu and they will send it over. 

If you’re craving a burger, wrap, or a halloumi sandwich (our favourite) then give 75 Tasty a go. It’s a great place to order from if you’re a few people planning to eat lunch together! 

#5 Eagles Nest Bansko

Delivery: No
Price: 9 to 16 lev 
Payment: Cash only
Order time: Usually takes about 20 minutes from when you order
How to order: At the restaurant
Location: Eagles Nest Bansko

Eagles Nest does not deliver but it’s located right in the heart of town and only a 2-3 minute walk from Coworking Bansko.

The location is perfect if you’re coworking with some friends and actually want to go out for lunch somewhere close by.

On a nice sunny day, Eagles Nest is perfect because you can sit outside and enjoy the views of the Bansko town square. The location is perfect and the food is really good too.

Eagles Nest is more of a traditional Bulgarian restaurant with a bunch of different meat, potato, and salad options but they also do burgers and salads.

Their prices are super reasonable as well! You can easily get a meal and a drink for under 15 lev which is great for a restaurant right next to the city center in Bansko! 

Going out does take longer than ordering in but sometimes it’s nice to go out and enjoy a meal with friends while getting some fresh air away and some time away from the computer screen!

#6 Chalet Yanitza

Delivery: No
Price: 8 to 20 lev 
Payment: Cash or card (preferably cash if you’re a big group)
Order time: Usually takes about 15-20 minutes from when you order
How to order: At the restaurant (view the daily menu beforehand)
Location: Chalet Yanitza Bansko

Chalet Yanitza has been a go-to for most nomads from day 1! It’s even a popular place where digital nomads stay since they also have housing above the restaurant.

The restaurant is a small family-run place so sometimes you have to be a little patient with Ivan if the place is busy. If you’re a big group it can be a little overwhelming. 

Yanitza is located right in the heart of the city and within walking distance from the majority of all coworking spaces in Bansko (especially Coworking Bansko).

If you’re looking to get a nice, tasty, and cheap lunch then it’s a great option. The menu changes daily at Chalet Yanitza and you can see it here

You can never go wrong with their soups, the Yanitza Salad, or the Shopska Salad! 

They do have a decent variety of food at Chalet Yanitza so if you’re a bit of a bigger group there should be options for everyone! 

#7 Bar and Diner Damyanitza

Delivery: No
Price: 8 to 20 lev 
Payment: Cash or card (preferably cash if you’re a big group)
Order time: Usually takes about 30 minutes from when you order
How to order: At the restaurant
Location: Bar and Diner Damyanitza Bansko

Damyanitza is another classic lunch spot if you’re looking to get out of the coworking or your apartment to have lunch with some friends. 

The nice thing about Damyanitza is that they have both indoor and outdoor seating. Depending on the weather and the group size you can decide what’s better.

Like some of the other lunch places we mentioned, Damyanitza has a daily menu with a good variety of food. They will give the menu to you when you get there.

Compared to most other lunch spots that offer burgers, pizzas, salads, and sandwiches, Damyanitza actually offers a wide variety of different meals. 

They offer some typical Bulgarian meals such as musaka, kapama, and kebapcheta but they also offer more international meals such as curry, ribs, etc.

There are plenty of different options when it comes to eating at Damyanitza and the food is really good. So all in all, this is a good lunch spot in Bansko if you’re looking to go out. 

Prices vary a bit but most of the daily meals start at around 8 lev and go all the way up to 20+ lev.

You can definitely get a good meal for a reasonable price here!

#8 Le Petit Nicolas

Delivery: No
Price: 13 lev 
Payment: Cash or card (preferably cash)
Order time: 5-10 minutes if there’s no one else in line
How to order: At the cafe
Location: Le Petit Nicolas Bansko

Le Petit Nicolas is a small little café/coffee shop located in the centre of Bansko. They offer a great range of freshly made and toasted sandwiches all for the same price.

Personally, we really like the tuna sandwich but their veggie option (ratatouille) is also really good!

On top of having great sandwiches, Le Petit Nicolas also makes some incredible desserts.

It can be quite dangerous to go there if you have a sweet tooth as it’s too tempting to get a slice of cake or their almond croissant. Their coffees are really good too.

While Le Petit Nicolas is a small place with only 4 tables, we’ve always been able to find a spot when we get there. Once you sit down, they will usually give you a jug of water as well which we appreciate.

Unfortunately, they don’t offer delivery as it’s a pretty small business with just a few workers but it’s located very central in Bansko so it’s easy to get to from most places in town.

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Recap of lunch ideas in Bansko while coworking

These are some of the classic lunch spots in Bansko we usually go to!

The first 4 are awesome if you’re looking to get food delivered to your home or coworking and want something quick without much effort. 

The last 4 lunch spots are all close to the centre, affordable, and convenient if you’re looking to go sit somewhere with a few friends! 

Hopefully, this is enough inspiration for some lunch ideas here in Bansko.

If you have some other good restaurants in the centre that you end up going to often, please let us know so we can add the place to the list! 

Feel free to reach out to us via DM on Instagram or leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you right away!

Otherwise, enjoy this awesome little mountain town at the base of the Pirin Mountains!

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