When it comes to Croatia’s most beautiful coastline and sea it’s a close call between Dubrovnik and Split.

Both cities are located along the Adriatic Sea. Dubrovnik might win in terms of Game of Thrones (we said might!) but when it comes to boat tours in Croatia you can’t beat Split.

Some of the best boat tours from Split include a trip to the famous Blue Lagoon, a shipwreck, and island hopping.

On top of the Blue Lagoon and the shipwreck, there are so many small islands near Split to explore so there’s always the option of renting a boat as well if you want to explore some of these by yourself.

Since Split is so centrally located in Croatia, there are endless day trips you can do from this coastal city – on and off land.

For this post in specific, we’re going to keep it to only sea activities and day trips you can do by boat!

The Adriatic Sea in Croatia has the most beautiful crystal clear water you’ll ever see and we can guarantee you that no matter which tour you go on, you will be met with incredible views.

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5 of the Best Boat Tours in Split, Croatia

Quick breakdown of your trip:

Pro tip: most boat tours in Split book out during the summer months so it’s best to book in advance if you know the exact dates.

#1 Split: Trogir and Blue Lagoon Half-Day Tour

⛵️ Book your boat tour from Split to the Blue Lagoon here
⏰ Time: Half-day (roughly 5.5 hours)
💸 Cost: €70 (sometimes on sale for €59.50)

If you want to see everything, this Trogir and Blue Lagoon Half-Day Tour has it all. You won’t spend too much time at each location but you do get to see most of the magical spots near Split.

There are plenty of good boat tours from Split but this half day tour really highlights some of the most magical places nearby. 

You will cruise to the beautiful town of Trogir which has a stunning and well preserved old town. Trogir has been a UNESCO heritage site since 1997.

From there, you’ll make your way to arguably the most beautiful spot on this trip: The Blue Lagoon! 

You’ll have time to enjoy the beautiful Adriatic Sea and go for a nice snorkel or swim. In the summer months, the sea is actually really nice to swim in.

As you’re hanging out on the boat make sure to keep your eyes out for dolphins because they do make their way quite often to this part of Croatia. 

Lastly, you’ll stop by the fisherman village of Maslinica where you can go grab a bite to eat or just enjoy the sunshine on the boat. 

This boat tour from Split truly is packed with a variety of things to do and see and it’s why it’s one of the ones we recommend to people that want to see it all. It’s a jam packed day trip where you get to see the best of the best.

Book your Trogir and Blue Lagoon tour here.

#2 Split: Brac, Hvar, and Pakleni Cruise with lunch and drinks

⛵️ Book your boat tour from Split to the 3 islands here
⏰ Time: Full day (Roughly 10 hours)
💸 Cost: €110

There’s no better feeling than being out on the Adriatic all day enjoying the nice weather, crystal clear water, and good vibes while cruising from island to island. 

On this trip, there’s a lot of exploring, swimming, and even snorkeling while hopping from island to island.

You’ll start in Split and slowly make your way toward Brac, the third largest island of the Adriatic Islands. Here you’ll have the chance to swim and snorkel and enjoy the fresh blue water.

Maybe it’s because I’m Canadian but I’d say especially during the summer the Adriatic feels quite warm and it’s amazing to swim in it.

After stopping at Brač Island, you’ll make your way to Hvar. For any Lavender lovers, you will absolutely love this little island.

You’ll see them in a bunch of the shops in the city center since Hvar is known to have plenty of lavender fields around the island. In Hvar, you’ll get a guided tour and have some free time to explore on your own.

The last stop is on the Pakleni Islands, a small archipelago not too far from Hvar.

There you’ll also have the chance to go for a swim or snorkel and enjoy the clear waters in one of the hidden bays!

During this trip, the team on board prepares a nice lunch consisting of a sandwich and a chicken salad. Vegetarian options are available but you have to tell them in advance.

It’s a full day (10 hours) but worth every second! As we mentioned, you’ll get food on this trip, but you’ll also get unlimited soft drinks and beers as well as fruit, cake, and coffee.

It’s one of the best full-day boat tours in Split you can do where you get good bank for your buck!

Book your Brac, Hvar, and Pakleni cruise here.

#3 Split: Sea Kayaking Tour at Sunset

⛵️ Book your sunset sea kayaking tour from Split here
⏰ Time: 4 hours
💸 Cost: €45

Who doesn’t love a good sunset?! Not many things beat floating along the Adriatic Sea as the sun is slowly setting down on the horizon. This isn’t exactly a boat tour from Split since you’ll be in a kayak but we couldn’t not add this to the list.

We had one of the best experiences kayaking in Dubrovnik which was actually for sunset as well – and the trip was just incredible. 

On this trip, you’ll kayak along the coast of Split to the Marjan Peninsula. You will have time to enjoy a quick swim or snorkel before the sun starts to set.

As the sun slowly starts coming down, the guide will take you to the best spots to photograph the sunset. When you look back, check out the mountains behind Split. They’re so beautiful!

You’re not going to get as far on the kayak as some of the boat trips from Split but you’ll have the chance to really enjoy being out on the water and paddling around.

We love any chance we get to do a physical water activity. Kayaking out at sea is so much fun! 

Boat tours and kayak tours are obviously two totally different experiences. So if you get the chance and have the time it’s worth doing one boat tour and one kayak trip off the coast of Split!

Book your sunset sea kayaking tour here.

#4 Split: Blue Lagoon and 3 Island Speed Boat Tour

⛵️ Book your Blue Lagoon Speedboat tour here
⏰ Time: 5 hours
💸 Cost: €60

If you’re looking to lay back, relax, visit beaches, and explore a few beach bars then you will love this trip.

You’ll get to visit some less touristy areas and beautiful beaches in Split while enjoying the sun and swimming in the ocean!

You’ll stop by Laganini Beach Club where you can purchase food and drinks while enjoying the stunning views of the Adriatic Sea.

Like on most boat tours in Split, you’ll make your way to the famous Blue Lagoon. This is a great place to swim and take in the turquoise water in this magical little area.

The Blue Lagoon is hands down one of the most beautiful places in Croatia so that’s why almost every boat trip adds it as a stop. 

Lastly, you’ll cruise in the speedboat to the UNESCO Heritage site of Trogir which is an absolutely beautiful city island.

As you can see, you get to see quite a lot in the 5 hours that this trip lasts. The only thing that would make the trip better would be if it came with food as well but unfortunately, the only thing that is included is water!

Book your half-day speed boat tour here.

#5 Split: Stand-Up Paddleboard Night Glow Tour

PC: Viator

⛵️ Book your Paddleboard tour from Split here
⏰ Time:
2 hours
💸 Cost: €40

This is another unique experience and even though it’s not a boat tour it’s still a water activity in Split.

This tour lets you explore and take in the beautiful views and sea next to Split in a way no other tour can. By glowing up the ocean! 

As the sun comes down and the sky gets dark, the lights from the nearby houses come to life and so does the underside of the paddleboards.

You’re going to be floating on what feels like a pool of blackness with only the light from your and the other paddleboards. How cool is that!?

The tour is very chill and relaxed. Your group will more or less be the only ones out on the water since everyone else is either out for drinks or already in bed.

You’ll slowly be paddling out at sea and along a river on your stand-up paddleboard while taking in the beautiful views. 

The tour is very beginner-level friendly and you’ll have the chance to really take it all in and enjoy yourself without rushing. 

Of course, you don’t get to go too far since you’re on a paddleboard and you can only go so far in 2 hours.

So you won’t see many of the highlights around Split but it’s hands down one of the most unique tours you can do in Split.

Book your glow-in-the-dark SUP tour here.

Other related questions to boat tours in Split

What is the price of a boat tour in Split?

Croatia has become more expensive over the years and Split is a huge travel hub. Boat tours in Split are going to be more expensive than in other small little towns along the coast. You can expect to pay anywhere from €60 – €150.

For a standard half-day cruise, you can expect to pay about €60 which usually includes some drinks and food onboard. The more private the tour, the more expensive it will be. 

How far in advance should I book my boat tour in Split?

How much time in advance you should book your boat trip from Split depends on the time of year you’re going.

During the summer months especially the tours sell out quickly so it’s best to book in advance if you already know your dates.

Between Spring and Fall, a day or two in advance should be enough for most boat trips. We always tell people to book their tours once they know the dates they’ll be in Split – just to be on the safe site.

Another thing to keep in mind is that not all tours operate year round. Some tours only go in the summer while others also run in the shoulder season but take winter off.

So if there’s a tour you really want to go on, it’s a good idea to check in advance if they run while you visit.

Is a boat tour in Split worth it?

If you want to see some of the highlights like the Blue Lagoon, Trogir, or any of the other islands around Split then a boat tour is totally worth it. If there’s one tour we recommend doing from Split it would be a boat tour to the islands and the Blue Lagoon. 

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Recap of the best boat tours in Split

In this post, we mixed in some of our favorite boat tours from Split along with a paddle board experience and a kayak trip to have a bit of variety. The kayak and paddleboard tours stay quite close to Split and they’re two very unique experiences in themselves.

The boat tours that go explore the Blue Lagoon, the shipwrecks, and some of the other islands and cities nearby are definitely worth doing while in Split.

A lot of the boat tours go to the same destinations but the trips are still unique since they’re on different types of boats and have different lengths. 

Whichever tour you end up going on, we hope you’ll have a great time. The Adriatic Sea is stunning and we love this part of Croatia.

We hope you enjoy whichever boat tour you end up going on and we’d love to hear from you about how your experience was.

If you have any questions about Split, boat tours, or any other tours from Split (such as a visit to Krka National Park) then please DM us on Instagram @redwhiteadventures. Alternatively, you can leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

Have an amazing time exploring Croatia, Split, and all the beautiful islands in the area. Croatia is magical and we hope the experience you have is just as awesome!

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