Located in the southeastern corner of British Columbia, Golden is an awesome mountain town with an abundance of outdoor activities to do.

Golden is surrounded by no less than 6 national parks, so you can only imagine the abundance of activities right on your doorstep!

From epic hiking in the summer to some of the best heli-skiing in the winter, there’s no time to be bored here!

Mix in the fun downtown with great coffee shops, a local microbrewery, and some delicious restaurants and you’ll realize that you don’t need to be anywhere else in the world!

In this post, we’ll go over the best things to do in Golden BC in summer – and we’re sure you’ll find something fun to do!

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Enjoy these 18 fun summer things to do in Golden BC

Jo standing on the pedestrian Bridge in Golden BC.

Golden may lack in size but it sure doesn’t lack in fun activities and bucket-list worthy adventures:

From visiting a wolf sanctuary and the famous Boo the Bear to testing your limits at the new Via Ferrata and cruising down the trails on a mountain bike, you’re in for a real treat!

Golden, BC is a great destination to visit year-round but this post focuses on all the fun things you can do here during summer. Let’s get to it!

#1 Eat at the highest restaurant in Canada

Jo drinking a delicious drink at Eagle's Eye Restaurant!
Dom enjoying a delicious hot chocolate at Eagles Eye Restaurant in Golden BC.

In case you didn’t know, the highest-elevated restaurant in Canada can be found right here in Golden, BC!

Well, it’s actually located on top of the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort which is right next to town but it is still very much something you need to experience when visiting Golden.

Perched atop the mountain at around 7,700 feet you’ll find Eagle’s Eye Restaurant with the most breathtaking view overlooking 5 Canadian national parks!

You can ride the gondola up, go for a little hike at the top (Terminator Peak is a good option), take in the views, and afterwards go for a meal or drink at this famous restaurant.

We stopped for lunch after hiking said Terminator Peak and it was such a cool experience! 

Dom standing on a ledge near Terminator Peak in Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.
Eagle’s Eye Restaurant in the distance

There’s an awesome view from almost every table and during the warm summer months when it’s not too windy, you can sit outside on the patio as well.

If you already plan to explore Kicking Horse Mountain Resort it’s worth stopping here. Even just to say you’ve been to Canada’s highest-elevated restaurant! 😉

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#2 Visit the Northern Lights Wolf Sanctuary

Stunning picture of a real grey wolf out in nature.
Dom walking behind a real grey wolf on one of Northern Lights walk with wolves tours.

Have you ever gone for a walk with a wolf? At Northern Lights Wolf Centre you can!

The Northern Lights Wolf Centre is one of the most unique experiences near Golden and in all of BC. 

This wolf sanctuary near Golden is one of the only places in North America where you get the chance to see Gray Wolves up close (100% gray wolves)!

At Northern Lights, you can visit the center and learn all about their wolves on one of their interpretive tours.

We did both the Walk With Wolves Tour (an incredible photography tour) and the Interpretive Tour (where you learn more about wolves and conservation).

I think one of the things that makes this tour so special is the owner, Shelley, who has devoted her life to this place. She is so passionate about these animals and it truly shows when you are there.

Whether you go on the Walk With Wolves Tour or just the Interpretive Tour it’s a really cool place to check out.

It’s a short drive from Golden and can easily be done as an afternoon activity. Make sure to book in advance!

You can read more about our experience at Northern Lights Wolf Centre here.

#3 Stop by Bacchus Books and Cafe

Dom and Jo enjoying a delicious coffee from Bacchus Books and Cafe.

Wherever we go we always try our best to find the local shops and stores to support them – whether it’s a local brewery, coffee shop, or clothing store.

These small businesses are the life of these small mountain towns and the shops of Golden are no exception!

We found Bacchus Books and Cafe as it’s located right next to Rooms at Riveredge which is where we stayed (a great hotel in Golden) but we didn’t actually go inside until our 3rd or 4th day in Golden.

Inside, we found this cute little bookstore with a great variety of books and fun gifts like mugs with cool puns, games, personal stationery, and much more!

Then, upstairs, is where the café is hidden away. It’s definitely not a bad place to hang out and read a book on a rainy day!

We love finding places like this. They’re such a big part of making a small town special!

#4 Visit Boo the Bear 

Boo the grizzly bear outside enjoying the grass.
Boo the grizzly bear walking outside in his enclosed area.

The Grizzly Bear Refuge for Boo is another very special place for experiencing wildlife up close in Golden.

Located on the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, you’ll find the enclosure where Boo the Bear lives on a beautiful 20-acre area after he was rescued from poachers when he was just a cub.

For almost his entire life, he’s been living here at the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort where a team of experts take care of him and learn from his behaviour to help other rescued bears.

Boo is very important to Kicking Horse and Golden, and when you visit the mountain resort there are a few ways you can see Boo and his 20-acre home. 

If you take the gondola up, you’ll go right above his home and you might get lucky and see him walking around between lift towers 7 and 9!

But to see him up close, you can go on the Ranger Assist Program (RAP tour) where you’ll get to see Boo up close doing his thing. This is what we did and it was awesome!

Another option is to go on an interpretive tour to learn more about Boo with a bigger group, and, hopefully, you’ll be able to see him on this tour as well.

Like the wolf tour at Northern Lights, this is quite a unique and special activity that you can only do here in Golden!

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#5 Hike Terminator Peak 

Dom and Jo enjoying the view from the top of Terminator Peak.

Also located on the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is the epic hike, Terminator Peak!

This hike is one of the coolest hikes we’ve done in the Canadian Rockies as it offers 360 views of the surrounding area, nearby national parks, and, of course, Golden!

This hike goes well with stopping by Eagles Eye Restaurant at the top of the mountain resort too.

The trailhead for Terminator Peak basically starts at the restaurant and you’ll follow the ridge from there before you start the steep climb up to the peak.

You can read all about the Terminator Peak hike here. In that post we go over the trail details, what to bring, what you can expect from the hike, and more.

It is a rather short but fairly challenging hike – especially if you’re a little afraid of heights but the views are amazing and this hike is worth doing if you’re up for it!

This hike was one of the highlights of our time in Golden and definitely a cool summer activity to do here while exploring the mountain resort!

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#6 Stop by the Golden Farmers Market

As we mentioned before, we always try to shop locally and mingle with the locals to get a vibe of a place.

We feel like a local market/farmers market is one of the best ways to see what a town is like since that’s where lots of the local vendors and shop owners come out to sell and share what they make and produce.

The market runs year-round and you can check out the local Golden BC farmers market site to know exactly when the farmers market is running.

In the summer months, it’s usually on Wednesdays from 10 am to 3 pm right in the heart of town at Spirit Square.

The farmer’s market is a great place to do some grocery shopping and gift shopping. We also had a delicious lunch from one of the food trucks while enjoying it in the sun when we went!

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#7 Breakfast and coffee at Ethos Cafe

As these mountain towns in the Canadian Rockies become more and more popular, more and more yummy food places like Ethos start to pop up.

This super vibrant and delicious cafe is placed right on the edge of town on your way to Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.

At Ethos you can get delicious coffee and breakfast sandwiches and it is a great place to fuel up before going out on a full day of exploration.

They also have outdoor seating available so on a warm summer day you can sit outside with a view of the mountains!

It’s quite fun because as we were inside we noticed one of the coffee bags they were selling and it was from a small cafe & roastery in Revelstoke that we’ve been to (Holm Coffee Company).

We love how these small towns support each other!

#8 White water rafting in Golden BC

PC: Glacier Raft Company

One of the most adventurous activities you can do here in Golden is to go rafting down the Kicking Horse River!

White water rafting has to be one of the most adrenaline-packed we’ve tried and there is quite a wide variety of rafting experiences here based on your level and what you’re after.

There are a few great local tour operators in town like Glacier Raft Company (based in Golden) and Wild Water Adventures (based in Alberta) that can take you out on the river.

It can get quite hot in the summer here in Golden but the Kicking Horse River is so refreshing which is perfect on a hot day!

#9 Stop by Whitetooth Brewing for a cold one

After a long day of exploring, hiking, or whatever you’ve been up to, stopping by Whitetooth Brewing for a beer or two during the summer months always hits the spot.

It’s a cool local brewery which is perfectly located in town. You can drop your car off at your hotel after your adventures and walk straight to Whitetooth for a cold one.

They have a great variety of different types of beer and all of their local beers are on tap. You can also buy a few beers to go if you want to bring some back to your hotel!

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#10 Check out Wapta Falls 

As we’ve already mentioned, Golden is an outdoor playground for adventure lovers and what better adventure to go on than chasing waterfalls?

Wapta Falls is located about a 30-minute drive away on the Trans-Canada East towards Alberta inside Yoho National Park.

It’s a relatively easy hike down towards the Kicking Horse River where, at the end, you’ll be met by this beautiful view of Wapta Falls!

Since the hike is only 4.8km return (3 miles), you can easily do this as a morning or afternoon activity and then drive back to Golden for another adventure or a visit to one of the awesome restaurants in town!

Sadly we didn’t get to do this hike since we read on AllTrails that multiple hikers had spotted a black bear on the trail the day before we were supposed to go – but we’re really hoping to do this during our next visit!

Hiking Tip: Look up the trail on AllTrails before starting your hike 🗺️. You can find important trail information such as recent wildlife sights and trail closures. Check out the free version here or get a 7-day free trial of AllTrails+ here.

#11 Coffee at the Wandering Fern Cafe

Golden has some really cute coffee shops in town, and Wandering Fern is no exception!

The Wandering Fern originally started out as a pop-up coffee shop in a little cafe on wheels that went to the farmers market but it became increasingly popular so eventually, Jamie the owner, turned it into an actual café!

This café is a great place to visit if you want to enjoy some good coffee or if you want to spend some time indoors reading a book, relaxing, or hanging out on a rainy day.

It’s a great vibe, the owner is super friendly, and the coffee is delicious. So rain or shine, now you know where to fuel up with caffeine in Golden! ☕️

#12 Explore the Columbia Wetlands

Dom canoeing along the Columbia Wetlands near Golden BC.
Jo exploring the Columbia Wetlands by canoe.

A lot of people actually don’t know this, but just 25 kilometres from Golden down Highway 95, you’ll find the Columbia Wetlands.

At the Wetlands, you can go explore the beautiful nature on a self-guided tour on the water – either by kayak, canoe, stand-up paddleboard, or raft!

You can stop by the Columbia Wetlands Outpost where you can rent your choice of paddle, and there you can also explore the corn maze or try out disc golf (they have discs available for rent)!

Iconic red barn near the Columbia Wetlands in Golden BC.

We went on a self-guided tour where we took a canoe out to explore the wetlands on a route that one of the local guides recommended!

Everything around the wetlands is so beautiful and peaceful and it’s a great place to spot wildlife.

We saw a ton of different birds including a few eagles (that we think were Bald Eagles). The guide also told us that he had seen 7 black bears (!) down by the wetlands a few days before we went there!

If you get the chance and want to do something unique then check out the wetlands. It’s a beautiful area right next to Golden that’s worth seeing!

#13 Adrenaline rush at the Golden Skybridge

Stunning picture of the Golden Skybridge.

We’d heard about Golden Skybridge many times when we started planning our trip to Golden but we thought the suspension bridge (which is Canada’s tallest suspension bridge) was the only attraction there – but to our surprise, there’s a whole adventure park!

During the summer months, you’ll find so many fun attractions and things to do at Golden Skybridge!

From axe throwing to the treetop play park to trying out the giant swing (which is the ultimate activity for adrenaline seekers), you can easily spend the entire day there.

The Skybridge is located just above Golden so you really don’t need to drive far which is very convenient.

Since it is such a cool thing to do, it is one of the main attractions in Golden during the summer months so it can get quite busy (especially on the weekends and during summer holidays).

But because there are so many different activities included in the Adventure Pass, you can always bounce around to some of the less busy attractions if you need to!

#14 Mountain biking in Golden

Awesome mountain bike trail on Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.
PC: Kicking Horse

If you’re into mountain biking, Golden, BC may become one of your new favourite places!

Golden has over 100km of single-track cross-country trails spread out between three different areas – and the grading ranges from easy to extremely difficult (or green to double black diamond) with the majority of the trails being rated as difficult (blue).

If you’re like us and you don’t have a mountain bike that you travel around with, you can always rent one from a local shop in town (this is a good way to support locals too).

Derailed Sports is a great bike shop right in town where you can rent mountain bikes (just send them an email)!

You can find tons of info about mountain biking in Golden here

You can also find more information on the Golden Cycling Club website about everything you need ot know about mountain biking in Golden.

#15 Stop by one of the delicious restaurants in Golden

A thing that surprised us (in a positive way) was actually the food scene in Golden. For being a small mountain town they have a lot of good restaurants!

One of our favourite places is Whitetooth Bistro where we had one of the best meals during our BC road trip (the pasta dish in the photos above). It was honestly so good!

We also really like Reposados Tacos which has amazing Mexican food and cocktails. They also have a patio you can sit on during the summer months.

If you visit Reposados, make sure you either book a table the day of or show up with patience. This is a busy place but it’s well worth the wait!

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#16 Via Ferrata in Golden

The famous Via Ferrata on Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.
PC: Kicking Horse

This is another awesome activity you can do at the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort!

In case you haven’t heard about Via Ferrata before, it’s basically a variation of climbing where you’re attached the entire time (a protected climbing route if you will).

It’s perfect for beginners who want to get a feel for climbing while feeling the safety of being attached. It’s quite the adrenaline activity but in a very safe way which is a good entry level into climbing. 

If you do end up hiking Terminator Peak you’ll actually see a section of one of the Via Ferattas along the trail.

You can read more about the Via Ferrata in Golden here.

#17 Stop by Kicking Horse Movies + Ice Cream

You have to stop by Kicking Horse Movies + Ice Cream at least once during your stay here.

As the name indicates, it is both a movie theatre and an ice cream parlour – it’s the perfect combo!

On a warm summer day, we would argue that there’s nothing better than a nice, cold ice cream. But on a cold, rainy day when you don’t want to be outdoors, you can go cuddle up at the movies.

The theatre is quite small and cute and it has a true small-town vibe. It’s nothing like the big chains you get in the cities.

Whether you go for a movie or an ice cream (or both), it’s a fun experience to have while you’re here in Golden!

You can see what’s playing at Kicking Horse Movies here and you can browse the ice cream flavours here.

#18 Watch the sunset at Mount 7

Dom enjoying the sunset from Mount 7 overlooking the valley.

Mount 7 is one of many great places to watch the sunset from in Golden and a great option for a unique date night if you’re travelling with your partner!

You can bring some takeaway from Reposados and enjoy a delicious meal while you catch the sunset from the top.

The drive up takes just over 30 minutes on a gravel road (see the directions here). Make sure you set enough time aside and aim to be at the top at least 15-20 minutes before the sun sets.

When we went to watch the sunset from the top of Mount 7, we had underestimated how long the drive would take us so we decided to stop about 2/3rds up and enjoyed the view.

We still had a pretty cool experience though and we saw a black bear roaming in the forest as we were driving up the mountain and a cute little rabbit where we parked – that was pretty cool!

I can only imagine how beautiful the view from the top is and we’ll definitely try to go there the next time we’re in Golden.

Other questions related to Golden, BC

What is the new attraction in Golden, BC?

The Golden Skybridge is one of the newest attractions in Golden. It’s the highest suspension bridge in Canada and offers a stunning view overlooking the canyon next to Golden.

Is Golden a good place to visit?

Summer or winter, Golden is an awesome place to visit! If you’re looking for a small town vibe with a ton of different things to do, this is the perfect place to spend some time.

Do you need a park pass for Golden?

You don’t need a park pass to enter Golden but to visit the national parks in the area (Yoho, Glacier, Jasper, Banff, Kootenay, and Mount Revelstoke) you will need a pass.

If you’re unsure, you can always stop by the Golden Visitor Center and they will be able to help you out!

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Stunning view of a bridge downtown Golden, BC.

As you can see, Golden truly is an outdoor playground filled with tons of hikes, adrenaline activities, and beautiful nature.

If you want to get out and relax in the mountains and spend some time in one of the most beautiful places in Canada then come check out Golden, BC.

We really hope you have an amazing time in this beautiful mountain town and get to enjoy all the summer activities!

If you’re looking to spend a few nights in Golden you can check out our favourite hotels in town here

And if you have any questions related to Golden, feel free to leave a comment below or DM us on Instagram and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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