Vienna is a wonderful destination for those who want to explore Austria’s varied and picturesque countryside as well as other European cities. 

The region around Vienna has an abundance of lovely scenery to explore, thanks to its placement on the Danube’s banks in the northeastern foothills of the Alps. 

Knowing the best day trips from Vienna will certainly make your journey better and richer in terms of experience. This is why we’ve prepared this full guide for the best tours around the city whether you’re working remotely in Austria or coming for a few days only.

Seeing many people’s interest in venturing outside Vienna, we’ve decided to list several places where you can visit from Vienna in just a few days. 

Check out this 7-day trip from Vienna!

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What are the best months to travel to Vienna?

The most pleasant months to explore Vienna are from April to May and September through October. The mild climate in spring and fall attracts light crowds. Most tourists come to Vienna during the summertime to enjoy its warm, sunny weather. 

June to August will be crowded due to summer vacation, but it is one of the best times to visit Vienna. During these months, the city will fill up, while rates will rise dramatically.

Last but not least, if you’re willing to spend some quality time in Austria for Christmas, Vienna is simply one of the best destinations in Europe when it comes to Christmas markets. 

What to bring on a day trip from Vienna?

So you’re ready to leave for Vienna but you’re not sure to have packed everything you need? Other than the obvious essentials such as your passport and your backpack, here are all the things you should bring to go on day trips from Vienna.

  • A Kindle e-book and your favorite Spotify playlist
  • A power bank to charge your devices on the go
  • An umbrella – especially during the fall and winter
  • Good walking shoes – you’re surely going to walk a lot
  • Some cash is always good to have – Austria uses Euros
  • Don’t forget to bring a camera – there’s just too much happening here
  • Warm clothes – especially when going up the mountains or to Budapest

Naturally, there’s more to add depending on your personal preferences but these are the necessities we’re pretty confident you’re going to need.

Here are 7 day trips from Vienna you need to try

By Stefan from Trips and Tricks

Vienna is a great starting point for day trips by rail to see some of the surrounding towns and villages as well as visiting another country on your trip.

With some of the finest scenery in Austria right on its doorstep, Vienna is a stunning city with plenty to see and do. Discover some of the best day trips from Vienna on the list below.

#1 Salzburg

Beautiful photo of Salzburg castle.
Photo by zhang xiaoyu

If you are a fan of classical music, Salzburg must be included in your itinerary and is definitely one of the best day trips from Vienna. 

Located just about 300 km from Vienna, Salzburg is simply one of these travel destinations that you will never forget. Salzburg Mozart’s birthplace and the Mozartplatz Square are dedicated to him. But you’ll also find lots of interesting attractions such as the old city and Fortress Hohensalzburg.

Of course, Salzburg has more than just a title; it has lots of historical sights that will take your breath away. From the sturdiest fortress to the most soothing church, you can find it in Salzburg.

Best Day Tours from Vienna to Salzburg

If you’re willing to do a Vienna to Salzburg day trip, the distance isn’t that long and you can reach your destination by train or simply renting a car.

Alternatively, joining a day tour is also a valid option and you’ll be able to enjoy the Austrian countryside as well as having the history of the city explained by an expert.

You will get to visit these places and more: Salzburg Fortress, Salzburg Old Town, and Mirabell Palace and Gardens.

The Salzburg Fortress, or the Hohensalzburg Castle, is one of the most famous historical sights in the area. It sits on the top of a hill, making it stand out even from afar. You can check the rooms decked with gorgeous decorations and musical organs inside the fortress area and fill the spaces.

After visiting Salzburg Fortress, you can go to the Salzburg Old Town to see more eternal traces of the past. The Salzburg old town is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and has many historical buildings you can discover. They might be more straightforward than the fortress, but both have historical values that can show us how people in the olden days lived.

After roaming around Salzburg’s historical sights, you can take a rest at Mirabell Palace and Gardens. The garden is known for its striking set of parks and the luxurious building around it. You can take a rest while enjoying the beautiful flowers around you.

If you need even more inspiration for unique and fun things to do in Salzburg, check out this list with 9 awesome things to do in Salzburg.

#2 The Wachau Valley and Melk Abbey

Gorgeous picture of Wacheau Valley in Austria.
Photo by Thomas Peham

Do you want to take a look at beautiful land sights? If that’s the case, then Wachau Valley is the right place to visit. The beautiful land sights will give you some of the best inspiration for your works.

Take a romantic stroll through the Wachau Valley and Melk Abbey to fully enjoy your trip to Austria. For its architectural and agricultural heritage, the Wachau Valley is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as attracting food and wine lovers.

Located just over 90 km from Vienna, you can easily rent a car and get there in little more than an hour or join a day trip. Apart from that, the two sights are also reachable by bus or train but we’d recommend the car or a day trip to have more freedom and organize your journey the way you like it.

Explore the Danube River as it winds through charming villages and steep vineyards. Many ancient fortresses attest to the former significance of the river, including Dürnstein Castle, where Richard the Lionheart is said to have been imprisoned before being set free by his trusted minstrel Blondel.

Best Day Tours from Vienna to the Wachau Valley

The landscapes of Wachau Valley feel as if they come out of a dream. After all, when will you get to see breathtaking valleys that appear as if they come out from the paintings? 

All things considered, these are the most unique and you definitely have the best value for money.

#3 Budapest

Budapest parliament building at night!

After retreating to quiet areas in Wachau, it’s time to go abroad by visiting Budapest. The capital of Hungary is just a 3-hour journey away from Vienna, making it an ideal place to stay for the day.

Budapest, which is approximately 240 kilometers from Vienna, is affectionately referred to as the “Paris of the East.” The city is located on the Danube River and is simply one of Europe’s most picturesque cities. 

Although it takes a long day to see all there is to see, it’s well worth the trip for the variety of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, magnificent architecture from Baroque to Neoclassical and Art Nouveau, and the chance to soak in Budapest’s renowned therapeutic springs. 

Some of Budapest’s top attractions are the World Heritage-listed Castle Hill, home to the historic Buda Castle; the Fisherman’s Bastion and Matthias Church, both built in the late 1800s; and the magnificent Parliament buildings.

After seeing the gorgeous government building, you must visit the Heroes’ Square, the monument of Seven Chieftains of the Magyars. There are also other historical figures’ monuments on the square.

Furthermore, should you decide to rent a car and travel to Budapest, you may always extend your stay – it is simply one of the greatest weekend excursions from Vienna.

Best Day Tours from Vienna to Budapest

Needless to say, there are lots of things you can do in Budapest and one day may not be enough. However, if your time in Austria or Europe is limited, there are some great day trips from Vienna to Budapest you can join.

These are the best day trips from Vienna to Budapest you should consider:

To end the day, you can walk around on Danube Promenade. You can also look at the view of the river from there. You will see the city’s famous bridge light up after sunset, along with other landmarks such as Buda Castle, Fisherman’s Bastion, and many more.

#4 Lainzer Wildlife Park and Baden bei Wien

If you visit Vienna with your kids, then Lainzer Wildlife Park is a place you must visit. As it is implied in its name, Lainzer is a park in Vienna.

The Lainzer Wildlife Park (Lainzer Tiergarten) is located in Vienna’s Woodlands and covers 24 square kilometers.

The hunting preserve of Emperor Joseph II was fenced off with a 24-kilometer-long stone wall in 1787 at the behest of Empress Maria Theresa.

Another tourist attraction on the outskirts of Vienna Woods is Baden bei Wien and you just can’t go to Lainzer and miss it.

#5 Prague

Photo of the famous Prague Castle!

Prague is another city that is worth checking out. The heart of the Czech Republic can be reached in less than 4 hours, making it perfect for those who want to spend their day in another European city.

Just like Budapest, Prague has plenty of activities to do. First, you can see the magnificent Prague Castle and see the ceremony when they change their guards. 

After going around Prague Castle, you dive into the city. There are other landmarks such as the Astronomical Clock or the Old Town which are certainly worth spending a few hours. If you want to try something different, you can do a beer tour and taste the local beers in Prague.

There are an infinite amount of things to do in Prague so we’re sure you’ll find something fun to do!

In a nutshell, who is Prague for? Prague is basically for everyone from party lovers to architecture experts or simply for the ones that want to take a grasp of Central Europe without going too far away from Vienna.

The Czech capital, Prague, is one of the most famous places in Europe for architecture. The city has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since it was designated as such in 1994, and its popularity among tourists and expats grows each year.

Best Day Tours from Vienna to Prague

All in all, one day trip from Vienna to Prague can seem somehow too quick and not enough. That said, if this is the only chance for you to discover Czech Republic’s capital, grab it with no hesitation as it’s definitely worth the time.

#6 Bratislava

Drone shot of Bratislava.
Photo by Martin Katler

If Prague and Budapest are too far for you, then you can try to visit Bratislava. The heart of Slovakia is just one hour away from Vienna, so you won’t need to worry about wasting time on the trip to the city. And since the journey is just so quick, you can spend more time in the city when coming from Vienna.

Since Bratislava mainly consists of historical sites, you can spend the day visiting every one of the city’s landmarks. You can go to Bratislava Castle, St. Martin’s Cathedral, Primate’s Palace, Old Town Hall, and many more.

After you’re done with the historical landmarks, you can go to the Eurovea Waterfront and chill at one of the restaurants there. 

Apart from that, taking a Danube river boat tour is a great experience and a stunning way to see some of the beauty around Austria.

Best Day Tours from Vienna to Bratislava

As mentioned previously, Bratislava is only one hour away from Vienna and we’re certain you’ll have a great time there.

Here are some of the best day trips from Vienna to Bratislava you should take into consideration:

Of course, you can also rent a car and cross the border to Slovakia. However, joining a tour will simply make your life easier and the price is really affordable for what you’re getting.

#7 The Village of Grinzing

What’s better than spending the day around the city? This list of day trips from Vienna wouldn’t be complete without the authentic village of Grinzing!

Grinzing is a picturesque, rural Austrian hamlet that dates back to 1114. The village was destroyed numerous times by war, with the present buildings dating mostly from the nineteenth century and featuring woodland settings that make it an enjoyable place to explore.

Grinzing is unusual in that local legislation allows people to buy tiny pieces of property where vines may be cultivated. It’s also well-known for its numerous typical Austrian eateries (Heuriger) where you’ll be able to taste the best delicacies in the region. 

Best Day Tour from Vienna to Grinzing

The absolute best day tour from Vienna to Grinzing features a 3-hour hike on the mountains of Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg. From there. You’ll get to discover the views on the River Danube as well as the cityscape over Vienna.

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So there you have it: 7 fun day trips from Vienna!

Vienna has a lot of awesome hikes and cities to visit so there are tons of options for places to visit. We’re just scratching the surface with this post.

Have fun!

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