Ah, Prague… What’s there not to love about you?!

This city is full of things to do and we absolutely love this city, but we also love getting out of the city and exploring nature and seeing more quieter and less touristy places. So yeah, we tend to do a lot of day trips and weekend trips from Prague when we’re not out exploring the city. 

Prague is the perfect city if you’re looking for weekend trips because it’s so central in Europe and it’s just as great for day trips because Prague is so central in the Czech Republic. Yup, it’s central, Dom. We get it! 😉

If there’s one more thing that is incredible about travelling around this country is the public transport. To all the day trips from Prague mentioned in this post you can get there by bus or train or a combination of the two!

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Here are 7 adventurous day trips from Prague

We love to go on day trips, explore the Czech Republic, and be adventurous. We always take trains and busses around the country to see some of the most beautiful scenery and cities this country has to offer. In this post, you will find 9 fun trips from Prague that are all easily doable in a day. 

Some of them can also be done over the weekend but for the majority of the places, you can simply just leave Prague in the morning, explore, and then be home for bed!

#1 Day hike to Velka and Mala Amerika 

Jo hiking to Velka Amerika near Prague, Czech Republic.

Time from Prague: Roughly an hour to Karlstejn plus the hike to Velka Amerika by train.
Best way to get there: Train is the quickest and cheapest (Roughly 2.5$/50CZK each way)
More information: Click here to read our blog post about Velka and Mala Amerika.

Velka Amerika and Mala Amerika are two abandoned limestone quarries not too far from Prague. We don’t know why but the names mean Big and small America. These two limestone quarries have become popular camping, day trips, and hiking spots to explore from Prague.

They’re fun to explore and visit because you can hike all around the area and get some amazing views of the quarries. We recommend taking a train to Karlstejn, the town with the famous castle. From there you can hike up, explore the Czech countryside and end up at Velka Amerika. 

Experience what it’s like hiking in the Czech Republic. You’ll walk through a lot of forests, farm fields, and villages. Not your standard hiking but it’s fun to see something different and the Czech countryside is absolutely beautiful. We spent a whole day exploring the countryside around Velka Amerika and Karlstejn and loved it!

You can find everything about this day trip here: An Epic Day Trip Exploring Velka Amerika From Prague.

Things to see near Velka Amerika:

  • A big and small abandoned limestone quarry 
  • Karlstejn Castle
  • Small villages
  • Czech countryside
  • Awesome viewpoints

#2 Day trip exploring Kutna Hora

Picture of a Church in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic.

Time from Prague: It takes just over an hour from Prague to Kutna Hora by train.
Best way to get there: Train is the quickest and cheapest (Roughly 5$/110CZK each way)
More information: Click here to read our blog post about Kutna Hora and what to see.

Kutna Hora is a city you hear a lot about because it’s quite close to Prague and has a famous bone church that people say is worth visiting. Let’s just say the bone church is fine and worth checking out if you’re in Kutna Hora but there is a whole lot more to see than just the church.

Kutna Hora used to be quite a famous silver mining town back in the 1800s. So its history is very interesting and because of the money the silver brought in, they were able to build A LOT of beautiful buildings.

We recommend exploring the old town and all the beautiful streets that surround it. There are some interesting museums and historic buildings to see along with some cute cafes and restaurants – and even a vineyard.

It’s nice and close to Prague so you can really take advantage of a full day in Kutna Hora. Enjoy some classic Czech food at one of the local restaurants. Maybe even try some wine up at the small little winery that overlooks the city.

You can find everything about this day trip here: The Best Way to Get From Prague to Kutna Hora.

Things to see in Kutna Hora:

  • Church of Assumption
  • Sedlec Ossuary
  • Old Town 
  • Ruthardce Restaurant
  • St Barbara’s Cathedral

#3 Day trip exploring the beer city of Pilsen

Pilnser Urquell Brewery in Pilsen, Czech Republic.

Time from Prague: It takes just over an hour from Prague to Pilsen by train.
Best way to get there: Train is the quickest and cheapest (Roughly 6$/120CZK each way)
More information: Click here to read our blog post about the Pilsner Urquell Brewery tour.

Pilsen, also known as Plzen, is famous for one of the most popular types of beer in the world, Pilsner. Pilsner Urquell the original Pilsner originates from this city in western Bohemia. Going all the way back to 1842 and ever since the city has been famous for its yummy beer. 

And there’s more to Pilsen than just the beer. Downtown you can find Pizzeria Da Pietro which is where we had one of the best pizzas we’ve ever had (no kidding). The ingredients were shipped directly from Italy and the owner worked in Napoli where he learned how to perfect the craft of pizza making. 

The city is filled with history and has a very big Jewish community as well. You will find cathedrals, synagogues, and churches along with underground passages that you can explore. 

The best part is that the trip from Prague to Pilsen only takes just over an hour so it can easily be done as a day trip. See everything you want to see then head back to Prague.

You can find some more information about the brewery tour we did here: Wonderful Beer Tasting at Pilsner Urquell Brewery.

Things to see in Pilsen:

  • Pilsner Urquell Brewery 
  • Pizzeria Da Pietro
  • Historic Underground of Pilsen
  • Great Synagogue
  • Pilsen Old Town

#4 Day trip to a Vyhlidka Maj overlooking the Vltava

Famous view from Vyhlidka Maj hike near Prague, Czech Republic.

Time from Prague: It takes just over an hour from the center of Prague by bus.
Best way to get there: Bus is the quickest and cheapest (Roughly 2$/50CZK each way)
More information: Click here to read our blog post about the Vyhlidka Maj hike.

If there’s one thing we love about some of these day trips from Prague it is how beautiful the countryside is. This hike takes you to a beautiful viewpoint overlooking the Vltava River. It’s the same river that runs through Prague – the biggest and most famous river in the country.

So we decided to go check out the awesome view of the Vltava. One of the reasons Vyhlidka Maj is so popular to visit is because of the bend the river takes. It’s a little similar to Horseshoe Bend in the Grand Canyon. 

Depending on how much you want to hike on this day trip there are a few different options for getting off the bus. We recommend just taking the bus to Stechovice and hiking from there.

You can find all the information about this hike here: How to Find and Hike to Vyhlidka Maj.

Things to see and do near Vyhlidka Maj:

  • Little fruit and veggie market in Stechovice  
  • Dam on the Vltava River
  • Beautiful Czech countryside
  • The horseshoe viewpoint of the Vltava River

#5 Day trip visiting Karlstejn Castle 

Dom hiking around Karlstejn Castle in the Czech Republic.

Time from Prague: It takes just over an hour from the center of Prague by train.
Best way to get there: Bus is the quickest and cheapest (Roughly 2$/50CZK each way)
More information: Click here to read our blog post about visiting Karlstejn Castle.

This was actually our very first day trip from Prague when we first moved there. Since then we’ve been back at least a few more times. It’s close by, beautiful, and all around a fun day exploring one of Czech’s most beautiful castles. 

From the moment you get off the train in Karlstejn, you will be welcomed with amazing views. The medieval-looking town is filled with restaurants and shops all along the main road which leads to the castle of Karlstejn.

The town and the walk is beautiful but the highlight is definitely the castle. You’ll have a few options once at the top. You can either do a guided tour and explore all the rooms and passages in the castle or just roam around on the outdoor walls and lookout points where you can see the city. 

After that, we recommend grabbing a fried cheese or some other traditional Czech food down in the town. From there you can head back to the train station and make your way back to Prague. Even the scenery on the train ride is amazing! 

You can find more on this Karlstejn day trip here: Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Karlstejn Castle.

Things to see and do at Karlstejn Castle:

  • Beautiful town of Karlstejn   
  • Delicious Czech beer and restaurants in town
  • Hike up to one of the most beautiful castles in the Czech Republic
  • Take a tour of Karlstejn Castle
  • Hike to Velka and Mala Amerika

#6 Day trip to the fairytale town of Cesky Krumlov

Dom and Jo taking in the views of Cesky Krumlov in souther Bohemia.

Time from Prague: It’s just under 3 hours to get to Cesky Krumlov from Prague by bus or train.
Best way to get there: Bus or train (Roughly 12$/240CZK each way)
More information: Click here to read our blog post about Cesky Krumlov.

Cesky Krumlov is this fairytale town in Southern Bohemia. Next to Prague, it may be the most picturesque city in the Czech Republic. Even though it seems quite far from Prague, a bus or train can get you to Cesky Krumlov in just a couple of hours. 

Cesky Krumlov can also be done as a weekend trip because there’s lots to see but if you leave early enough from Prague and don’t mind coming home late, you can easily make the best of just a day. 

Cesky Krumlov isn’t a big city but there’s so much to see and do. It’s very touristy and gets very crowded. We recommend doing a few of the touristy things and hitting the main areas but also maybe doing some of the less known things. 

You can find all the fun things to do on a day trip to Cesky Krumlov here: 7 of the Best Things to Do in Cesky Krumlov.

Things to see and do in Cesky Krumlov:

  • Canoe down the Vltava River 
  • Walk to the Castle Tower and take in the views
  • See the bears
  • Explore the streets of Krumlov
  • Take a tour of Krumlov Castle
  • Visit the beautiful Castle garden
  • Have some delicious food with a view

#7 Day trip to the city of Pisek

The oldest stone bridge in the Central Europe is right here in Pisek, Czech Republic.

Time from Prague: It’s just over an hour from Prague to Pisek by bus.
Best way to get there: Bus is the quickest and cheapest (Roughly 10$/210CZK each way)

Pisek is actually the hometown of my parents (Dom). It’s a small but beautiful city in southern Bohemia. It’s about halfway between Prague and Cesky Krumlov. So it’s not too far from Prague and makes for a great day trip. Cities here in the Czech all have vibrant colours, beautiful town squares, and delicious beer. 

Pisek is also known for having the oldest stone bridge in central Europe. It may not be as famous as Charles Bridge in Prague but it is older! They actually look quite similar when you’re walking across them although the one in Pisek is much smaller. When you’re on the bridge it feels like you’re almost in a tiny Prague for a minute. 

Pisek has a fun little island on the Vltava River that you can explore along with an old castle and little shops and cafes to see. Enjoy a fun day trip to Pisek! 

Things to see and do in Pisek:

  • Explore the little island
  • Have a beer with the view of Vltava River
  • Have some delicious pizza at Pomodoro
  • Try some delicious coffee at Coffee Dealer
  • Explore the city square and all its shops

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Dom taking in the views from Pisek bridge in the Czech Republic.

Recap of all the best day trips from Prague

So there you have it! 7 easy to get to and fun day trips from Prague. We mixed a bit of hiking with cities to visit since we love doing both. Thankfully, Czech has a lot of awesome hikes and cities to visit so there are tons of options for places to visit. We’re just scratching the surface with this post.

For each trip we mentioned, the best and most affordable way to get there is by using Rome2Rio since they compare and find the cheapest way to get to each destination. Public transport is great in the Czech Republic and you should easily be able to get to all 7 of these stops by using public transport.

We didn’t include accommodation since these are all day trips but a few of the trips could definitely be done over a weekend. We recommend checking Airbnb and Booking.com for other great options. 

Well, enjoy these trips and let us know in the comments which ones you end up doing and which are your favourites!

Have fun!

Dom & Jo
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