The state of wonder, Arizona, sits in the Southwestern part of the USA. The state of Arizona is known for its scenic beauty, natural wonders, landscapes, and of course the beautiful Arizona waterfalls that are quite hidden.

The most famous Grand Canyon is also located in Arizona, and alone attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year. With every day’s sunrise and sunset, the desert of Arizona has a fan base of its own.

What makes Arizona even more special is its amazing waterfalls and mountain lakes. For more adrenaline and activity, Arizona offers many adventure options like trekking.

You can trek your way up to the waterfalls for an overall extraordinary experience. Arizona has many waterfalls, and one can’t possibly visit all of them, so this Scottsdale visitors guide brings you four of the most beautiful waterfalls to explore in Arizona. 

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4 of the Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Arizona

By Melvin from Stay With Style Scottsdale

#1 Grand Falls by Flagstaff

When you think of waterfalls, you usually picture crystal clear water, but the Grand falls in Arizona are quite different. The Grand Falls appears to be falling in chocolate color from a height of 185 feet.

Which definitely makes it appear grand, and that’s how it gets the name. It collects all the dirt from rocks and becomes this chocolaty color and falls swiftly down.

If you are driving up to the falls, ensure you take extra care while driving. The roads are not well-laid, and the route is slippery. The best time to visit the Grand Falls is when the snow melts in the spring or when it rains during the monsoon, which is around late summer.

During this time, Grand Falls puts on a show you’ve never seen before. This time, it attracts thousands of spectators to see this phenomenon. Make sure you check the weather and status of Grand Falls well ahead of time to ensure that the falls are in the show since it is seasonal. 

If you manage to watch the falls when it’s running, it is definitely worth the effort and the trip. Falling from a height of 185 feet, the Grand Falls exceeds, none other than Niagara Falls, which falls from a height of 167 feet. During the monsoon, the water takes a churning flow, and the chocolate-colored water rushes over rocks, which creates a view like no other.

#2 Water Wheel Falls in Payson

If you want to combine the adventure of hiking in Arizona and the calm of a picturesque swimming hole, Water Wheel Falls is the perfect destination. The Water Wheel Falls is located around the northern Arizona Town named Payson.

Families from all around love to visit this waterfall and especially during the hot summers. You will find this waterfall off the Houston Mesa Road, where it intersects the East Verde River.

There’s always a party environment in this area, and the crowd is always fun. Although, a little quiet and peace are all you need. To avoid the crowds, you should plan your visit during the mid-week in the early hours.

The best seasons to visit are early summer, late spring, and autumn. The trekking trail is fairly easy and only 1.5 miles/ 2.4 km long. 

One important thing to note is that this area is prone to floods during the monsoons and summers. Before you visit, make sure you check the weather reports and warnings.

Here you can find the weather for Payson, Arizona! The weather on the hike will be quite similar to this since they are close to one another.

#3 Seven Falls in Tucson

Seven Falls Tucson is a great hike if you want to see waterfalls in Arizona

Seven Falls is famous for its adventurous hike. Located under the foothills of Catalina, Seven Falls is a must-visit. It lies in the Sabino Canyon, and you will find yourself surrounded by cactus, sycamore trees, and green forests as you hike your way to the Seven Falls.

Sitting amidst rocky terrain, Seven Falls near Tucson is a delight to the eyes and a heart-warming experience. It is not just the waterfall that makes it so picturesque but also the blue pool that it descends to. After the tiring hike, you can swim and relax in the pool.

Seven falls elevates up to 900 feet in the Sabino Canyon, so you will have to hike to reach the waterfall. The hiking trail is 2.5 miles long and goes through the lush green landscape. The waterfall is also surrounded by green terrain.

The best time to see the waterfall in action is during early spring or late winter, which is March or February. This is the time when the snow at higher altitudes melts and contributes to Seven Falls.

Totally avoid going during the summers. The average temperatures go around the 100-degree mark, which makes it a very unfavorable time to hike.

For a guide on how to find the falls and everything you need to know you can find this detailed post about the Seven Falls Hike here.

#4 Fossil Creek by Camp Verde

Located near Camp Verde, hiking at Fossil Creek is the most loved activity in the area. The hike is family-friendly and is about 1.5 miles long. The hike is worth the visit alone. Through the green forests and the colorful, vibrant fossil creek, the hike is amazing. Fossil Creek falls from a height of 25 feet.

Hiking is not the only reason people love Fossil Creek; there is not just one but many swimming areas where you can enjoy and relax with your family and friends. Which is really nice, especially in the Arizona heat. So, right after your hiking, when you’re sweating and tired, the cool water waits for you.

Fossil Creek is not a part of any park, so entry is free which makes it extra nice. You’ll always find a crowd of people jumping off the cliffs and enjoying the waters. Since there are many swimming areas, you can always find yourself a spot, and all of this makes Fossil Creek a very popular location.

The popularity of this place has been increasing and increasing, so the Coconino National Forest asks for permits from April 1 to October 1. The summer and spring are the best times to visit the place. Although it is advised that you check the weather forecast in advance before you visit. You can find the weather for the Coconino National Forest here which is in the area of Fossil Creek.

Quick list of things that are essential for hiking in Arizona

Let’s talk about what items and things are good to bring on a lot of these waterfall hikes. We’re used to hiking in a bit milder temperature and we definitely noticed how our energy was drained way sooner hiking in Arizona because of the heat. 

So we have a little list here of things that we recommend for anyone hiking around this beautiful state.

  1. Ankle supporting hiking boots 
  2. Eco-friendly sunscreen
  3. Eco-friendly water bottle  
  4. Granola bars
  5. Hiking poles
  6. A good hiking hat
  7. Bandaids for blisters
  8. A small day backpack
  9. A dry bag to protect your electronics
  10. A swimsuit if you find a spot to swim in
  11. Eco-friendly bug repellent

These are just the essentials that we recommend for hiking to these waterfalls in Arizona. Remember that it is often scorching hot and you will likely be exposed to direct sunlight for the majority of the hikes out to these waterfalls so cover up and protect your skin – and stay hydrated, friends!

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Dom and Jo in front of a Saguaros Cactus

Wrap Up

Arizona waterfalls are nature’s gift to the land of desert and cacti. There are all kinds of waterfalls, each offering something new and something different. So, nature provides you with different ways to escape the scorching heat.

But before you visit, you should know that the weather conditions vary a lot throughout the regions of Arizona. So, if you visit the lower-elevation desert areas like Phoenix or Tucson, the best time to go is during the winter and spring.

And if you are visiting the northern high-country part of Arizona. The best is summer, late spring, and fall. 

Have fun!

Dom & Jo
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