There’s something about Ericeira that just keeps you wanting more. After going to one of the best surf camps in Ericeira earlier in the year we decided to come back during our Portugal road trip.

We totally made the right decision because camping in Ericeira was one of the highlights of our trip. We’ll get into that in just a minute (there’s seriously so many things to do in Ericeira)

It may be the beaches or the surfing but there’s something about Ericeira that keeps bringing people back. On our first trip to Ericeira, we were coworking and surfing at Lapoint Surf Camp, so we didn’t really know about all the camping spots in Ericeira.

That changed while planning our Silver Coast road trip where we realized that there are quite a few good free as well as paid spots in town to camp at.

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Camping in Ericeira

We could go on and on about Ericeira but we’ll let you explore it for yourself and enjoy the awesome vibe it gives off.

In this post, we’re just going to stick to camping in Ericeira and the different spots you can check out! We have a complete separate post about things to do in Ericeira that covers everything from surfing to wine tours and also awesome day trips from Ericeira.

Back to camping, we do recommend downloading the two apps Park4Night and Flush. They are both great apps that helped us tremendously while camping around Portugal and finding bathrooms when we freedom camped.

Ericeira Camping Campground

Couple enjoying lunch at a campground in Portugal.

This is hands down one of our favourite campsites in Portugal and one of the reasons our stay in Ericeira was as good as it was. Ericeira Campground is a paid campground walking distance to the centre and to some of the best beaches in Ericeira

If you’re staying in a camper van and looking for somewhere to be able to park it so you can go everywhere on foot then this is the place. Ericeira Campground is fully fenced off and has 24/7 security so you don’t have to worry about your van being in danger of getting broken into, etc. 

It is a paid campsite but the value you get for what you pay is amazing. You can see the camping price guide here. But basically, for €12-15, you will have a campsite for two people, electricity, water, hot showers, and a dump station for your old water. It was totally worth it. 

The campsite is also located within walking distance to 58 Surf which is one of the most famous surf shops in Ericeira. 58 Surf has a nice coffee shop where you can also get food and craft beers. Behind the shop, there’s a gas station with a small Pingo Doce grocery store where you can grab some groceries.

We really only have good things to say about Ericeira Campground. It was conveniently located, fairly priced, and very clean! Can’t ask for much more than that.

Supermarket Continente camping in Ericeira

Yes, you can sleep in the supermarket parking lot in Ericeira! We actually considered doing this especially since it’s free. That was until we found how affordable Ericeira Campground was and we really wanted some electricity. 

Honestly though, if you have a self-serviced camper van then parking and sleeping at Continente is totally worth it. They even have a toilet inside that you can use during their opening hours. 

The best part of camping at Continente is that it’s super close to the center of town. You can walk to the heart of Ericeira in just a few minutes. It’s also very safe camping and sleeping there. Even during the slow season, there were always 2-3 other camper vans parked there.

So if you’re looking for a free place for the night in Ericeira it’s a convenient spot to camp. You can find more information about camping at Continente Ericeira here.

Supermarket Intermarket camping in Ericeira

Another supermarket! Intermarket is a bit further out of town so it’s not as conveniently located as the first two options above, but it’s still free.

The nice thing here is that you can actually purchase clean water for €2 for 100 litres of water which is a pretty good deal. Especially since you are also able to dump your old water and stay there for free for the night.

There’s quite a bit of room at the Intermarket parking lot so there should always be room to camp here no matter the time of day and time of year you come.

The only downside here is that you’d have to take your campervan wherever you go since it’s a little ways from the center of town. Here’s a bit more information about this camping spot at Intermarket.

Other camping spots in Ericeira

So this will most likely only work during the slow season months (October to April). But there are a bunch of good spots along the road in Ericeira where you can just pull over and stay at one of the viewpoint areas and park your camper van there for the evening. From almost all of these spots you’re walking distance to all of the best beaches in Ericeira for hanging out and surfing.

From what we’ve been told, the police are quite relaxed with this during the winter months since it’s not too busy in Ericeira at that time.

There is a downside to these parking spots though because a lot of them have height restrictions. In most places, the max height to get in is 2.30m so our Fiat Ducato from Portugal By Van didn’t actually fit.

But if you have a van smaller than 2.30m then you should be fine. There are around 4-5 of these lookout points/viewpoints along the main road in Ericeira and they’re super easy to spot.

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Recap of camping in Ericeira

Beautiful sunset from a beach in Ericeira.

That’s it for camping in Ericeira! If you’re fine spending a few Euros then the Ericeira Campground is hands down the best option. Even if it’s just for the night. You can take a clean shower, get some fresh water, and dump your dirty wastewater.

Saying all that, camping at one of the supermarkets is also super convenient – and free. So if that’s what you’re looking for then both supermarkets are good options. 

Lastly, camping at the viewpoints if you have a small enough camper van can also be done. Plus you’ll have some amazing, amazing sunsets overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. 

All in all, Ericeira is an amazing little Portuguese coastal city and wherever you end up camping we’re sure you’ll enjoy it. It’s one of our favourite cities in Portugal!

Have fun!

Dom & Jo
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