If there’s something that Ericeira is famous for then it has to be all the beaches along the coastline.

The beaches alone are the reason why we fell in love with Ericeira and ended up spending quite some time there during our Silver Coast road trip of Portugal.

Ericeira has it all and the fact that some of our favourite beaches are within walking distance from the old town and most campgrounds in Ericeira made it an awesome place to base ourselves for a while. 

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5 awesome beaches in Ericeira you need to visit

Most beaches in Ericeira have the softest sand and are great spots to go surfing. Did you know that Ericeira also has some of the best surf camps in Portugal?

So not only can you find amazing beaches, but you also have the option to go catch some amazing waves and most of the beaches in Ericeira.

Let’s dive in!

#1 Praia da Foz do Lizandro 

Praia da Foz do Lizandro is the first beach we ever went to in Ericeira. It’s right below Lapoint Surf Camp and within walking distance from the center of town if you’re up for a nice coastal walk. 

The beach itself is HUGE! It’s easily one of the biggest beaches we’ve seen in Portugal. You’ll have plenty of room to play around since you’ll have an endless amount of space. 

If you’re looking to surf then there are surfboard rentals down at the boardwalk. It’s best to look at the surf forecast for Praia da Foz do Lizandro here first. The Winter months are usually the best time to surf at this beach.

There are also a few little cute restaurants and cafes down by the boardwalk. We’ve eaten at Barbatana Surf & Deli a few times. Every time we go we order their smoothies and veggie burgers which are absolutely delicious.

If you’re staying in town or camping at Ericeira Campground like we did then it’s easiest to take your car or camper van down to the parking lot. There’s plenty of room and we got our campervan rental from Portugal By Van down there without any problems. You can find the parking lot for Praia da Foz Do Lizandro here.

#2 Praia de São Julião

We randomly stumbled upon this beach while driving just south of Ericeira looking for a place to take some pictures and are we ever glad we did.

Praia de São Julião is roughly a 15-minute drive from the center of Ericeira and it’s next to this quiet village that is super cute. A bonus for us when we went to visit was that Praia de São Julião was less busy than some of the other beaches in the area. 

Another nice thing about this beach is that there’s tons of parking available, a little restaurant called Gota d’Alcool, and some really beautiful views!

If you’re looking to surf at Praia de Sao Juliao you’ll have to bring your own board as there isn’t anywhere to rent there. No one was surfing when we went, but we’ve heard it can be a good sport for it! You can see the surf forecast here

We went to take photos so we just enjoyed walking around the beach, taking pictures of the caves and the coastline. The cliffs around Praia de São Julião are incredible and so fun to take photos of.

#3 Praia dos Pescadores Ericeira

Praia dos Pescadores is probably one of the busiest beaches in Ericeira – for a good reason though because it’s beautiful! It’s also a popular surf spot for beginners and really close to the center of town so it’s always vibing with tons of tourists and locals!

Fun fact: This is actually where we surfed when we went to a surf camp at Lapoint Ericeira.

If you’re looking for one of the best sunset spots overlooking the ocean then it’s definitely up above Praia dos Pescadores Ericeira from where you can see the whole beach. There are tons of viewpoints above the beach. 

If you’re staying in town or at Ericeira Campground then you can easily walk here. A lot of people will even carry their surfboards down for a surf. You can’t rent boards down there but you can rent one in town that you can bring. 

There’s tons of delicious restaurants and bars that overlook Praia dos Pescadores. We recommend making a reservation or going early in the evening if you want to sit outside and enjoy the sunset overlooking the beach!

Note that if you put this beach into your maps, there is a Praia dos Pescadores Ericeira and one in Albufeira which is down in the Algarve region 😉

#4 Praia do Norte Ericeira

Praia do Norte Ericeira is another one of those beaches you just can’t take your eyes off of. You’ll always find people down on the road enjoying the sunset at Praia do Norte.

In the summer months, you’ll see people hanging out here on their beach towels with umbrellas while sipping on cold beers. In our opinion, it’s one of the best beaches in Ericeira. Part of it is that it’s so close to town and the other part is it’s one of the flattest beaches in the area so it’s nice to relax at.

Of course, it’s Ericeira so that means you can surf at this beach as well! Here’s some surf information on Praia do Norte Ericeira. From what we could see it’s definitely a spot for more experienced surfers!

Enjoy the beautiful Praia do Norte. We’d end up here most nights for sunset. Especially since it’s walking distance from the Ericeira Campground and close to the city center. 

Note: This is not to get mixed up with Praia do Norte in Nazare which is where the biggest waves in the world were surfed on.

#5 Praia do Sul Ericeira

Last but certainly not least is Praia do Sul. Praia do Sul is one of the more sheltered beaches along the coastline near Ericeira. It’s close to town and a relaxed place to hang out and enjoy the good weather and good food. 

If you go swimming it might be good to wear some swim shoes as there can be rocks at the bottom but besides that, it’s a nice place to swim. On good days you will see surfers out in the distance. 

There are two nice cafes next to the beach as well so if you forget to bring some food you can always stop by one of those and sip on some coffee while enjoying the views. Praia do Sul is definitely worth a visit and you’ll for sure come across it if you’re walking along the coastline in town.

What should you bring to the beaches in Ericeira?

  • It’s Portugal so sunscreen is a must! We’ve been using Sun Bum for a while now and absolutely love it. It’s ocean friendly and vegan and the smmellll of coconut is so good!
  • This one is probably obvious, but you probably want to bring a beach towel to sit on.
  • A Kindle has been one of our favourite gifts we’ve ever gotten. It takes up almost no space and it’s easy to bring and read even on sunny days. We love hard copy books but for travelling you can’t beat a Kindle!
  • A surf poncho! The first time we’ve ever seen one was right here in Ericeira and we’ve wanted them ever since. If you’re surfing or just going for a swim it’s so nice to have a surf poncho
  • A deck of cards or some game that you can play at the beach!
  • You can also consider bringing a portable speaker. I think that goes without saying that you should be respectul of your surroundings. But if the beach isn’t busy it’s nice to have some music playing!

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Recap of beaches in Ericeira we love

If you love nice beaches then Ericeira is going to be at the top of your list of favourite places in Portugal. There’s a reason it’s become so popular over the recent years – not only with the amazing surfing you can do in Ericeira but also with how good the beaches are. Plus there are tons of things to do in Ericeira so there’s no reason you should ever get bored. If it’s outdoor adventure or relaxing at a restaurant by the beach there’s something for you!

A huge bonus is that most of these beaches are within walking distance from town and easily accessible. Praia de São Julião is the only one that you really need a vehicle to get to since it’s just south of Ericeira. But it’s totally worth visiting. 

If you have a few days in town, we highly recommend camping in Ericeira. The Ericeira Camping is one of our favourite campsites in Portugal and we spent around a week camping there during our Silver Coast road trip. 

Have the best time exploring Ericeira and its beaches! Let us know which one you find to be your favourite and if you get up to any surfing.

Have fun!

Dom & Jo
Red White Adventures

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