Ericeira is known as a beach and surf-lovers paradise – and it really is. However, there are a whole lot more things to do in Ericeira than just surfing and relaxing by the beach. Although we love to do both of those, one of the main reasons we love Ericeira is because of the number of things there are to do in and around the city. 

Ericeira is conveniently located close to Lisbon and Sintra, so it’s easy just to do a day trip there. However, we highly recommend spending more time in this coastal Paradise because there is an abundance of things to do in Ericeira.

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Best things to do in Ericeira, Portugal

#1 Check out the beaches in Ericeira

Ericeira has some of the prettiest beaches along the Silver Coast of Portugal. Yes, Ericeira is a crazy popular surfing town but it’s also known for its chill and relaxed vibe that brings people down to the beaches. 

During the summer, beaches like Praia da Foz do Lizandro, Praia dos Pescadores, and Praia do Sul are usually quite full of tourists enjoying that Portuguese sun.

The nice thing about the majority of the beaches in Ericeira is that they are sand beaches so you don’t have to worry about stepping all over rocks and stuff. The only thing you have to worry about is the sun. So wear sunscreen!!! If you want good non-ocean damaging sunscreen grab yourself a Sun Bum.

Besides that, there are tons of cafes and restaurants near most of the beaches and if you’re looking to go to a quieter beach out of the city then check out Praia de São Julião. It’s about a 10-minute drive south of Ericeira and it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s also a great beach for sunset.

#2 Enjoy a coastal walk

Amazing coastline in Ericeira.

The coastline of Portugal is breathtaking almost everywhere but Ericeira specifically has an incredible coastline. You can either walk on the sidewalk for the majority of it or actually hop onto the coastal trails and walk by the coast.

If you do walk along the coast you’ll be met by the most incredible sights – but we do want to mention though that there is quite a bit of erosion and also snakes near the actual coastal trails. During the two weeks we’ve spent in Ericeira, we’ve encountered two snakes there (and that’s the only place in Portugal we’ve personally seen them).
If you want to be on the safe side then stick to the sidewalk and actual paths.

We usually start the walk in town and make our way to this specific car park/viewpoint area that overlooks Praia da Foz do Lizandro which is one of the best beaches in Ericeira in our opinion!

#3 Go surfing in Ericeira

Fun fact! We spent a week in May 2021 at the Lapoint surf camp in Ericeira. It probably played a part in why we love Ericeira so much. Spending a week surfing and hanging out with cool people from all around the world in this awesome surf camp… You just can’t beat that! 

Week-long surf camps are just one of the many ways you can surf in Ericeira. There are tons of surf schools like Surf Riders Ericeira where you can join their daily lessons. 

If you’re just looking to rent a board to go surf yourself then you can go to the old town of Ericeira where most of the schools will offer daily surfboard rental. Just make sure to know the surf reports for all the beaches before going as they change daily and some areas may be better on that given day.

The surf in Ericeira is incredible (lots of whitewash to practice on) and the surf schools in town are great. If you love surfing or want to get into it then Ericeira is a great place to start. The atmosphere and community is amazing here when it comes to surfing.

#4 Go on a guided biking tour at sunset

A group of bikers with a sunset behind them.

Sunset and adventure all in one?! Yes, please!

In Ericeira, you can go on a private guided biking tour at sunset. During this tour, you’ll bike along the beautiful coastline and explore off-road tracks on a mountain bike.

If you’re travelling on a budget, you can do a similar tour by yourself and just rent bikes somewhere in town, but personally, we’d prefer a guided tour so we can chat with one of the guides (or the owner, Paulo) and get to know the local area!

This tour is only €33 per person so it’s not something that will break the bank! It’s a 2-hour trip and it comes with bike rental, water, pictures, and your own personal guide.

#5 Eat delicious (sea) food

Seafood restaurants in Ericeira probably deserve their own blog post but here we have a few recommendations that you can try. These recommendations are based on price, location, and all-around just how good their food is!

Mar a Vista

Beautifully located overlooking the Praia dos Pescadores you can find this small little local gem. Rated as one of the top seafood places in the region, Mar a Vista is a delicious seafood restaurant in Ericeira.

Be careful though! The portions are a lot bigger than expected. You can always get seconds if you’re still hungry but it’s unlikely here. Whether it’s clams, prawns, or lobster that you’re after they have it all and it’s absolutely tasty!

Ribas Marisqueira

This is a super nice family-run restaurant. The atmosphere and the staff is super friendly and you’ll always be treated with a delicious meal. If you love seafood and fresh seafood you will love Ribas!

Toca do Caboz

If you’re looking for a place where you get your money’s worth it’s Toca! For being delicious seafood the prices are very reasonable and the portions are quite big.

One thing about Toca is that they have quite a wide range of options on their menu. Even though they specialise in seafood there’s a good chance there’s something on the menu for everyone. Don’t say no to the dessert either, very yummy!

#6 Go skate surfing

Skate surfing/ skateboarding, whatever ya wanna call it! There’s an epic skatepark right outside of the famous Quiksilver store in Ericeira. It’s quite hard to miss since it’s next to the HUGE HOLLYSKATE sign that’s up in the hills above the skatepark! Yup, Ericeira has their very own HOLYWOOD!

It’s really cool because inside the Quicksilver store they have their own little cafe/bar where you can enjoy a nice refreshing beer or coffee. There’s usually always a good crowd of people hanging out so it’s a good place to even socialize and meet some people. 

The skatepark itself is pretty big too so if you’re an expert or just want to give it a go there’s plenty of room. It’s also good practice if you want to get better at surfing!

#7 Visit the world’s biggest Quicksilver

It’s true, the world’s biggest Quicksilver shop is right here in Ericeira. It’s quite famous for its size, skatepark, and a “Hollywood” sign outside. 

The Quicksilver store is right along the main stretch in Ericeira so you won’t miss it if you’re driving through. It’s also next to Ericeira Camping which we recommend staying at if you plan to camp a few nights in Ericeira.

The store itself is huge and has a crazy selection of surfboards, skateboards, and anything related to the two. Oh yeah, there’s also a nice selection of beer as well. 😉 

Inside the Quicksilver is a little cafe/bar where you can order drinks and hang outside!

#8 Enjoy a craft beer 

What’s better than enjoying a cold craft beer after a full day of exploring?

Ericeira has a few different places where you can do just that, our favourites being Mean Sardine, 5 e meio – TapRoom, and Cervejaria 7 Janelas.

Mean Sardine Brewery

Mean Sardine is a local brewery located inside Surf 58 just on the outskirts of town next to Ericeira Camping. The brewery is located inside the Surf 58’s cafe called Maika’i which we’ll talk more about later in this post since they have really yummy food and good coffee.

Mean Sardine has some really funky flavours you can try out such as Ginja Ninja (cherry + chocolate), Tordesilhas (cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla, and chilli), and Zagaia (Belgian amber).

Check out their Instagram here and their website here.

5 e meio – TapRoom

It’s a fairly new brewery in Ericeira as they just opened their taproom in 2021, although the brewery has been around since 2013.

5 e meio TapRoom is conveniently located in the Old Town of Ericeira just a few streets from the central square which is one of the reasons why it’s so popular.

What we like about this place is their funky flavours of beer which include bread, tomato, and coffee. This might sound weird but it works!

Fun fact: The first to arrive gets to open the place by trying out one of each beer!

Check out their Instagram here and their website here.

Cervejaria 7 Janelas

Cervejaria 7 Janelas is centrally located just on the opposite of the main square compared to 5 e meio.

It is a favourite amongst the locals and for good reason: Not only do they have great craft beers they also serve great food with big portions (lots of seafood). If you’re looking for something light and traditionally Portuguese, try out their bacalhau (deep-fried cod balls).

They have five different beer variants served on bottles from their own brewery. Their variants include weissbier, pilsner, pale ale, IPA, and porter. Their IPA seems to be the most popular one!

Check out their Instagram here and their Facebook page here.

#9 Watch the sunset

Stunning sunset from a beach in Ericeira.

You can watch the sunset from almost anywhere in Ericeira and it will be magical. A few nights we’d watch it from our campsite but we would also go down to Praia do Norte and watch the sunset from down by the water. 

Another great spot to watch the sunset is up above Praia dos Pescadores which overlooks the famous Pescadores beach(it’s where we surfed with Lapoint too) and it’s beautiful there. There are also quite a few restaurants up along the road there. So you can sit, enjoy a nice glass of wine and watch the sun go down!

#10 Test your skills at Escape Room

Have you done an escape room before? If you have then you know what it’s all about. If you haven’t, then grab a few friends and give it a try. You basically have 60 minutes to solve clues and try to escape out of a room.

It’s one of those games where you really have to think outside the box and try and be clever to really understand the clues. The escape room in Ericeira, Claustrophilia Ericeira, is located right in the centre of town so you can easily walk there if you’re staying somewhere nearby! 

It’s a great activity if you’re a few people. It really makes the whole group work together since it’s a race against time. After the stress from the hour, you can go grab a beer at one of the bars nearby! 

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#11 Play minigolf

Who doesn’t love a fun round of mini golf. If you’re looking for an outdoor date or just something to do with friends then consider hitting up the mini golf course. 

You can find the 18 hole mini golf course inside the Santa Marta Park in Ericeira. Basically right at the heart of town. It’s a nice little change from always being on the beach and in the water. Enjoy a nice round of mini golf and maybe a drink or dinner somewhere nice nearby after!

#12 Yoga

One of the best things to do after a nice surf or exercise is some yoga. Ericeira is quite known as well for having some incredible yoga classes and teachers. We can definitely recommend Ericeira Yoga Studio if you’re looking for a class or private yoga.

Lots of the surf schools also do yoga classes and stuff but if you’re looking for more to try it out and just do a class or two then it’s best to just head to the Ericeira Yoga Studio and join a class!

#13 Stroll around the old town (historic centre)

That’s one thing about Portugal. You can walk around the streets and just admire all the colourful buildings. Ericeira in particular has tons of white buildings that have blue trimming around them and they are absolutely beautiful. 

The best part of roaming around the old town and walking down the narrow roads is you randomly stumble into a store or shop that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. It’s one of our favourite things to do when we go somewhere new!

#14 Enjoy some good Portuguese coffee 

Portugal has really surprised us with how good their coffee is. A Portuguese friend of ours told us about Galão (they’re basically a Portuguese Caffè Latte) and we’ve been hooked ever since. So whenever we’re somewhere new we love to find new cafes with delicious coffee and Ericeira has a few good options.

Right in the heart of Ericeira, you can find Sunset Bamboo which is a bit more of a hipster cafe with delicious coffee and Insta food. Then there’s Amour Soul Space which is right around the corner and they also serve great coffee, food, and even local beer.

If you end up staying at Ericeira Camping like we did then you’ll have Surf 58 cafe (Maikai) right next to the campground (this is the one with the craft beer as well). It’s one of our favourite spots in town for coffee. It’s also a great place to get some work done for a few hours before heading to the beach or for a surf.

#15 Visit Mafra

Gorgeous building in Mafra.

Mafra is one of the closest towns/villages slightly inland from Ericeira. It’s not a big village but it’s famous for its Palace-Convent which is the largest edifice in Portugal. Once you’re actually in Mafra you will see just how big it is and how much it stands out compared to all the small little buildings in the town. 

So if you’re looking for things to do in Ericeira but want to get out of the city for a day and see a bit more of a historic part of Portugal, Mafra is sure worth the visit. You’ll see life moves a little slower in Mafra compared to say Ericeira or Lisbon.

It’s nice to see and learn about Portugal’s history and roots and that’s exactly what you’ll get while exploring Mafra for an afternoon. A little town tucked away in the Portuguese countryside.

#16 TiroTaco (pool billiard, snooker + arcade games)

Tiro Taco is probably the best bar in town if you’re down to have a good time. It’s one of those bars that you end up spending hours in because of all the things you can do there. So it can get a little dangerous because next thing you know 3 hours have passed by. 

If you’re looking for things to do in Ericeira on the weekend, honestly any evening TiroTaco is going to be vibing. There’s always a good turnout at TiroTaco and the beer is good, the staff is friendly, and there are some great arcade games and pool tables.

#17 Paddleboarding SUP

Paddleboarding has taken the world by storm in the past few years and Ericeira has recognized that. If you want to get out in the water on a board that’s not a surfboard, paddleboarding is for you.

There’s a few really good paddleboarding tours in Ericeira or you can simply rent one in town from one of the surf shops. If you’ve never been paddle boarding let us tell you it’s a lot easier than surfing and a whole lot of fun. Plus there’s some great places around town that the tour guides know or the rental shops will tell you about!

#18 Visit Sintra

Sintra is probably one of the most famous places in all of Portugal. It’s also one of the many different day trips from Ericeira that you can do. Tons of people do day trips to this beautiful national park. One of the main reasons is to see the fabulous and unique Pena Palace that has quite unordinary castle colours (yellow and red). 

Most people visit Sintra from Lisbon but it’s actually not too far from Ericeira. You can easily take a bus or drive to Sintra and explore the historic city and the castles and fortresses that lie in the national park. 

If you end up going just for the day we highly recommend hiking up to the castle of Moors. You get away from all the tourists and get to enjoy time in the forest hiking up towards all the castle walls. 

There’s also an option to do a guided tour where everything is sorted out for you. You’ll be taken to all the famous attractions where you can explore Pena Palace, the Castle of Moors, and the famous old town of Sintra. 

#19 Go wine tasting in Ericeira

Who doesn’t like wine sampling? There’s a few options as well when it comes to wine tasting in and around Ericeira. If you want a bit of adventure then consider one of the tours that Ericeira Bike offers (Tuesday through Sunday). You’ll cruise around the countryside biking between a few of the wineries enjoying delicious Portuguese wine.

Another option is going on a full-day tour with Wonder Van. A full-day tour will take 7-8 hours and includes a tour at a vineyard, a full wine tasting, and five different stops in Mafra, Ericeira, and a few other towns located nearby. A tour costs just under €100 so it’s a little pricier but you do get a lot of value for the money.

The other option is to make your way towards Mafra on your own or through a tour like this one from Golden Wine Tasting. They offer amazing tours in the Mafra region where you can experience a real authentic wine tasting inside an ancient cellar or on a farm. Prices will range between €20 to €50 per person depending on the tasting package.

Whichever option you go with you’ll have an awesome time trying out local wines in the Mafra region. The best part is that it’s quite close to Ericeira and easy to get to and back. Most tours can even pick you right up in Ericeira if you need.

#20 Visit Cabo da Roca

Did you know Cabo da Roca is the most western point in mainland Europe? It’s one of the reasons why it’s become so popular but I think the real beauty of Cabo da Roca is the sunset. There’s nothing like watching a sunset set over the ocean with nothing else in sight. 

It does get windy at Cabo da Roca so bring some warm clothes if you plan to hang around for a while and watch the sun go down. 

If you by chance end up going earlier in the day or even in the morning then you have to hike the Praia da Ursa Trail that begins right by the Cabo da Roca lighthouse. 

The Praia da Ursa Trail is this beautiful coastal walk that has amazing views of the lighthouse, hidden beaches, and the coast. As you continue up the coast a trail will start to lead you down towards this magical beach which will end up being Praia da Ursa. 

It’s hands down one of our favourite hikes we’ve ever done in Portugal. So make sure to go to Cabo da Roca for the sunset and say you visited the most western point of Europe. But don’t forget about this awesome trail down to Praia da Ursa

You can easily make a full day out of it. There’s even a restaurant right at the Cabo da Roca viewpoint. If you need more there’s even a visitor centre that has information on the area and public toilets too! It’s one of our favourite day trips from Ericeira.

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Recap of the best things to do in Ericeira

You truly have an endless amount of options when it comes to things to do in Ericeira. Plus there’s tons of fun and nearby day trips from Ericeira you can do as well if you want to explore a bit of Portugal.

If you’re looking for something more relaxed to do in town then you have all the Ericeira beaches and delicious restaurants in town plus some amazing cafes. 

If you’re after some more adventure then make sure to rent a paddleboard or surfboard and head to the ocean. Or make your way to HOLLYSKATE and rip around on a skateboard for a while before heading inside for a beer and sunset! 

Enjoy Ericeira and everything it has to offer! It really is one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal and one of our favourites along the Silver Coast!

Have fun!

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