There’s a good chance you’re coming to Nazarė for the HUGE waves. Well, luckily there are a few camping spots in Nazarė that are literally within walking distance to where you can see surfers ride these famous waves.

Nazarė is definitely known for its famous waves but the city itself is so much more than just that. That’s why we recommended camping and spending a few nights in this city to really take it all in. Walk the streets, eat delicious seafood, ride the funicular, and maybe even camp at the same place we did if you’re lucky and can get a spot. 

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Camping in Nazaré

We can go on and on about this cool coastal town but in this post, we’ll stick to camping in Nazaré! There are a few different campsites that are worth checking out in and around Nazaré. We found 4 different ones that we thought were worth mentioning, so you can find all of those below.

Before you make your way to Nazaré, we recommend downloading Park4Night and Flush. They are both great apps that helped us tremendously while camping around Portugal

It is also worth noting that Nazaré can actually get quite busy during the off-season because of the big wave surf. The big wave season is usually between October and March and every year, they hold multiple big wave surf competitions! If there are big waves, expect big crowds (and fewer camp spots).

Nazaré parking lot campsite

Nazare parking lot camping spot.
Image Credit: Park4Night

This isn’t an official campsite but you are allowed to camp here and the location is absolutely perfect. If you’re looking for a convenient spot to stay the night then this parking lot is quite close to the lighthouse and the famous waves. It is the perfect spot to camp in Nazaré and we recommend this spot over the other ones!

During the day it’s used as a regular car lot and gets extremely busy. So if you’re lucky enough to get a spot, we recommend not moving your campervan until you’re leaving Nazaré – or else there may not be a spot for you when you come back. 

There are two self-declared “parking attendants” who help you find a spot and guide you as you park. These two guys take turns with the shifts and they’re very sweet. In exchange for their help, you can give them a bit of cash.

You don’t have to pay them but we aren’t sure if these guys get money elsewhere and since they genuinely helped us park our car, we thought €1 was a fair price. Plus, we actually felt like they helped keep the car park safe as they were always around. Who would break into a car or van with someone around?

You honestly can’t get a better location than this. Especially if your campervan is completely self-serviced. Then you can enjoy a comfortable night in Nazaré here. You can find the campsite here.

If you need to use a bathroom we recommend the one inside the funicular ticket office. They have toilets and sinks you can use for free and they’re open from 7 am until midnight. Alternatively, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes where you can use their restrooms if you order or ask nicely.

Nazaré camping by the beach

A bunch of cars camping by the beach in Nazarė.
Image Credit: Park4Night

If you’re wanting to wake up to the smell of fresh saltwater in the air you can stay on this side road by the beach. There are no bathrooms or anything nearby so you do need a self-serviced campervan or drive to the city (3-4 minutes) if you need anything.

This camping spot is beautiful because you’re near the lighthouse, the beach, and you can literally see the huge waves from your campervan. It’s the perfect spot to stay for a night. Plus while you sleep you’ll hear the soothing sound of the waves crashing into the shore.

One thing we want to mention about this camping spot in Nazaré is that the road is quite uneven so you may not have the flattest spot. But if you have some good parking blocks, you might be fine.

Nonetheless, it’s another good camping spot in Nazaré! You can find the exact location here. It’s easy to get to and it’s by one of the most beautiful coastlines you’ll ever see!

Camping Orbitur Valado Nazaré

Obitur Valado campsite in Nazarė
Image Credit: Park4Night

Camping Orbitur Valado Nazaré is an actual campsite with running water, warm showers, toilets, washing machines, and much more! We love to have different options and sometimes we like to stay at paid campsites so we can get our batteries charged (the vans + our own 😉 ).

Orbitur Valado Camping is an awesome option if you want to stay somewhere a bit quieter and right outside of the city. It’s only a short 5-minute drive to the city so it’s super convenient and the campsite is located beautifully in nature and also very close to Monte de Sao Bartolomeu which is an awesome short hike with a great view.

You can see more information on Orbitur Valado in Nazaré here. It has everything from powered campervan spots, bungalows, and rooms to rent. If you’re planning on camping in Nazaré for a few days and want an actual campsite with showers and bathrooms then this is the spot.

Other camping spots in Nazaré 

This option we’re about to mention works better in the off-season (October to April) but there’s a good chance you can park at some of the grocery store parking lots or other normal parking lots around the city. Make sure to check if there is a “no campervans” sign before parking though unless you want to risk getting fined.

You can take a look at Park 4 Night to see what you can find. Read the user reviews before parking as they’re so helpful when you’re on the fence about a space.

We’ve been told that the police are quite relaxed with overnight parking in non-designated spaces during the winter months since it’s not too busy during that time. But whether that’s true or not, we can’t tell you.

We would personally feel okay with freedom camping if we had to but honestly, between the two free camping spots we mentioned above and the paid campsite just outside of Nazaré, there should be no need to go looking for any other places to camp.

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Recap of camping in Nazaré

Nazaré is an awesome place to visit, surf, and just enjoy the atmosphere. So wherever you end up camping in Nazaré we hope you have an incredible time!

If you want an awesome spot close to the famous waves in Nazaré then try and go early in the day and get a spot at the parking lot. If you want something a bit more proper with actual facilities then Orbitur Valado Nazaré is a good option.

The parking lot or the other free campsites are full just try going to do some fun things around Nazaré for a while and come back in the evening when most of the day tourists are gone and hopefully you’ll find a spot then.

Nazaré is beautiful and we’re sure you’ll have an amazing time there no matter where you camp. We love all this beautiful coastal city along Portugal’s Silver Coast!

Have fun!

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