Ostrava grew up as an industrial center for black coal and has always been known as the steel heart of the Czech Republic.

Over time this blue-collar city has transformed into a more hip and modern city while still keeping its roots.

Even though the factories and mines play a big part in Ostrava’s history, it is now the flower shops, wine bars, and coffee shops in Ostrava that give it its color!

The coffee culture in Ostrava may not be as big as it is in Prague or Brno but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some amazing coffee shops here. Or as Czechs like to call them: Kavarnas! 

One of the most unique coffee shops we’ve ever been to is right here in Ostrava as well. It overlooks one of the most famous steel factories in the country.

As we go further down the list of coffee shops in Ostrava, it’s safe to say the coffee culture is really growing here.

If you’re a coffee lover, you’re in for a nice surprise!

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8 of the best coffee shops in Ostrava

When we went to visit Ostrava, we were pleasantly surprised when it comes to cafes, kavarnas, and coffee shops.

For not being known for its cute cafes and coffee, Ostrava totally surprised us because there are some really cozy, unique, and specialty coffee shops in this city!

All of the coffee shops in this post offer a unique experience with their own delicious coffee.

If you’re just passing through or spending a day or two in Ostrava we hope you’ll take some time to check out a few of these spots!

#1 Black Tree Cafe

When it comes to specialty coffee and coffee shops in Ostrava, Black Tree Cafe is the first one that comes to mind. Black Tree Cafe (“Kavárna U Černého Stromu” in Czech) is famous for its chill vibe and amazing blends of coffee. 

Here you can expect classic or smooth jazz to be played at all times which gives it the “proper” coffee shop vibes.

The baristas really know their coffee and are always eager to talk about the different roasts and types of beans they use if you’re interested in that. 

The location of Black Tree Cafe is great since it’s located right next to the river. If you want, you can take your coffee to go and take a stroll through the park along the Ostravice River. 

Whether you’re a proper coffee connoisseur or you just want to enjoy a nice calm jazzy vibe, Black Tree is the place to go. Hang out for an hour or two while sipping on a delicious batch brew!

Check out Black Tree Cafe’s Tripadvisor reviews here.

#2 CØKAFE Dolni Vitkovice


There are a few CØKAFE’s in Ostrava but it’s worth checking out the one in Dolni Vitkovice simply because of its location.

When we say that the coffee shops in Ostrava are quite unique and special, CØKAFE in Dolni Vitkovice is the perfect example. 

This coffee shop is located in the heart of the industrial area of Dolni Vitkovice and its rough exterior with its modern interior is the perfect mix! And to us, it represents the city and its history really well.

Here you can expect to get delicious specialty coffee! CØKAFE is known around the city as one of the best coffee shops with five locations in Ostrava!

They also have wonderful desserts and pastries here if you’re looking for something to snack on while you sip on your coffee.

Did we mention they do delicious breakfast as well? If you’re a little hungry and want something more than just a coffee, CØKAFE is the place to go.

The location paired with the yummy coffee makes CØKAFE in Dolni Vitkovice a must if you’re in Ostrava for a day or two! 

Check out CØKAFE’s Tripadvisor reviews here.

#3 Otoč Kafe 

Otoč Kafe is a cute coffee shop in the city center specializing in coffee and a few little cakes and pastries. From the outside, Otoč might not look like much but it’s a cozy little coffee shop in the heart of Ostrava. 

Since Otoč Kafe is so small it’s a much more personal experience than some of the bigger coffee shops you’ll visit.

There’s only room for a few customers at a time which makes it super cozy. 

Everything about this place is super nice! Even the cheesecakes are mini and so cute. If you’re looking for a nice chilled-out environment where you can hang out and chat over coffee Otoč is perfect.

The staff is friendly and the place is cute. What more do you need? 

Check out Otoč Kafe’s reviews here.

#4 Shothouse

Shothouse might be our favorite coffee shop in Ostrava. This little joint has a cool and modern look to it and as soon as you step in the door you’re met by the nicest smell of coffee.

We tried out their batch brew/filter coffee which was really nice. We also liked the fact that they had two different options to pick from and the baristas were knowledgeable and were able to tell us about the different beans.

If you’re looking for a place with a cool atmosphere and really good coffee, Shothouse is the place to go.

They also have wifi and, as long as they’re not too busy, they’re fine with you working on your laptop there if you need to get some stuff done.

Check out Shothouse’s Tripadvisor reviews here.

#5 Kavarna Daniel

This is another unique coffee shop in Ostrava! Kavarna Daniel is located in what feels like an apartment building on the top floor with a terrace overlooking a section of the city. 

Without knowing about it you would probably never even find Kavarna Daniel; it’s that well hidden. And since it’s hidden it also means it is a very local cafe in Ostrava.

We love this kind of stuff because it really makes us feel like we’re exploring and connecting with locals.

Unfortunately, though, this also means that the menus aren’t in English but the waiters and baristas are always more than happy to help. 

Kavarna Daniel has a very antique vibe to it with old-school sofas and chairs all over the place and then, of course, the mini rooftop patio.

The vibe is great and they do a wide range of coffee during the day and cocktails in the evening!

Check out Kavarna Daniel’s Tripadvisor reviews here.

#6 Bolt Tower Cafe

Hopefully, you’re not afraid of heights or this coffee shop might be a little bit of a challenge to get to! 😉

The Bolt Tower Cafe is a tour and a coffee experience all in one. You actually have to make a reservation to enter the Bolt Tower Cafe. It costs 200 CZK / $7.5 per person to enter. Make sure you walk around and take in the view from the top to get your money’s worth.

Your reservation will allow you to enter this industrial part of Ostrava and get a great view of the area and the city from above.

You can take the elevator or the stairs all the way up to the Bolt Tower Cafe. Standing roughly 80 meters above ground, the view from the cafe overlooking Ostrava and the industrial area down below is incredible. 

We’ve never been to a coffee shop like this one and it’s a really cool experience to be that high up with a panoramic view.

All the windows are glass so you literally have a 360-degree view of Ostrava, mountains, and all the factories.

The cafe itself has a variety of sweets, cakes, and of course coffee and tea!

One thing we’d like to mention here is that it is definitely more expensive than any other coffee shop or cafe you visit in Ostrava. Especially since you have to pay 200 CZK to be able to access the tower. 

At the end of the day, it’s an experience in itself and worth a visit!

You’re going to pay a bit more but you’re paying for the view and the uniqueness of the Bolt Tower Cafe in Ostrava.

Definitely an experience you should do at least once!

Check out the Bolt Tower Cafe’s Tripadvisor reviews here.

#7 CØKAFE Centrum

This is the second out of five CØKAFE’s in Ostrava! This one has a completely different vibe to it than the one in the industrial part of town which we mentioned at the beginning of this post.

The centrally located CØKAFE is (funnily enough) in the heart of Ostrava. It’s a great spot if you’re staying downtown and want to visit a cafe in the heart of the city. 

CØKAFE Centrum is usually always full of people and has a great vibe! You may even run into an expat or two since this is known as one of the best coffee shops in Ostrava.

The vibe is super cozy and clean with really friendly baristas and yummy breakfast and lunch.

It’s a great place to grab a coffee and get a treat before exploring the downtown of Ostrava!

Check out CØKAFE Centrum’s Tripadvisor reviews here.

#8 Caffé Trieste

Caffé Trieste isn’t modern and Instagrammy like the other cafes and coffee shops in Ostrava in this post. Instead, Caffé Trieste brings it back to the Italian way of making and drinking coffee.

Trieste is by far one of the more authentic coffee shops in Ostrava.

This little espresso bar right next to the river is the place to go if you’re looking for an espresso or just a quick place to have a proper Italian coffee.

It’s not a big place but it’s also not a place people sit down and read a book or work on their laptops.

At Caffé Trieste you’re going to get a quick espresso shot or long black, enjoy it, and get on with the rest of your day. The Italian way, right!?

Check out Caffé Trieste’s Tripadvisor reviews here.

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