One thing that really surprised us about Ostrava is how good the food scene is! From being a coal mining town to now being an up-and-coming hipster city, Ostrava has really changed over the years. That includes the culinary scene!

Before visiting, we assumed that there would mostly be traditional Czech restaurants and bistros with Czech cuisines such as Goulash and Svíčková. And while they do have that, we were very wrong to assume that this was the majority of what Ostrava has to offer!

What you will also find is Americanised restaurants serving spicy chicken wings and a great burger joint downtown. You will also find a Belgium Restaurant owned by a true Belgian. So actually, the food scene in Ostrava is quite international.

Now, let’s dive a little deeper into the food scene and talk about all the restaurants in Ostrava and the delicious food they serve! 

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9 Restaurants in Ostrava that will make you full and happy

Ostrava is the third largest city in the Czech Republic, and they have an abundance of good food places. In this post, we’ve picked the 9 restaurants, bistros, and pubs that we think are some of the very best.

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#1 HogoFogo Bistro Ostrava

Price: 400 CZK and up (meal and drink)
Cuisine: fancy bistro international
Website: HogoFogo Bistro
Reservation: Make one in advance for dinner

Hogo Fogo Bistro is a fancy take on bistros! It’s fine dining without being fine dining and that’s what we absolutely love about it. As soon as you enter you have this beautiful outdoor seating area that’s wonderful on a warm sunny day. 

Inside you’ll find beautiful decor and a cozy fancy SoHo vibe that’s very welcoming. Hogo Fogo is one of those places it feels like you could hang out at for hours, inside or outside!

Let’s get to the food though… It’s hard to describe exactly what type of food it is but you can see their menu here for examples. It does change every so often as well to keep things fresh and interesting.

There’s a good chance the dishes we’ll recommend won’t be there when you visit Hogo Fogo. But if they have it, you can never go wrong with one of their burgers or fresh pastas! 

For being a bistro in Ostrava, it is quite pricey compared to many other restaurants. One thing to take into account, though, is the ingredients they use and the quality of the food. At Hogo Fogo, you really are paying for good quality. That’s why it’s rated as one of the best restaurants in Ostrava. We think that’s worth paying a little extra for.

Check out HogoFogo’s Tripadvisor reviews here.

#2 La Petite Conversation

Price: 350 CZK and up (meal and drink)
Cuisine: Mostly typical Belgian food
Website: La Petite Conversation
Reservation: Make one in advance for dinner

La Petite Conversation is one of the most unique restaurants in Ostrava. The fact there’s a Belgian restaurant in the city is amazing because it’s probably one of the only Belgian restaurants in the Czech Republic. At least that we’ve encountered.

One of the owners is actually from Belgium so you can expect authentic Belgian food with a slight twist. You can get an idea for La Petite Conversation’s menu here. We highly recommend getting the meatballs because you won’t get anything like that here in the Czech Republic. They are absolutely delicious. 

As you can see on their menu, they only have a few options but they are all terrific. It’s a small cozy restaurant that’s very welcoming. A nice place for lunch or dinner. If you’re craving a Belgian beer or two you can always go just for a drink as well! Oh, and you can’t skip the Belgian waffles for dessert!

Check out La Petite Conversation’s Tripadvisor reviews here.

#3 Mama’s Hot Dogs, Burgers, and Fries Bistro

Price: 350 CZK and up (meal and drink)
Cuisine: The name says it all (hot dogs, burgers, and fries)
Website: Mama’s Hot Dogs, Burgers, and Fries Bistro
Reservation: Not necessary 

No, we’re not in the USA. We’re in Ostrava. And this is an amazing restaurant worth visiting in Ostrava. You can expect a variety of different tasty burgers and, of course, home-made fries!

Good burger restaurants are quite common in the Czech Republic and Prague in specific but there’s no other place in Ostrava that makes burgers like Mama does! 

If you’re craving something a little greasy and very tasty, a burger will never disappoint! There’s not much else to say about Mama’s. It’s your typical burger joint and it’s located conveniently downtown Ostrava. If it’s a burger you’re craving you won’t be disappointed with this place.

Check out Mama’s Tripadvisor reviews here.

#4 Black Kale Food and Restaurant 

Price: 200 CZK and up (meal and drink)
Cuisine: All sorts of yummy vegetarian food
Instagram: Black Kale Food
Reservation: Not necessary 

This is probably the best vegetarian restaurant in Ostrava with tons of different food options! They have different meals every day of the week.

You can check out Black Kale’s Instagram to sneak peek what they are cooking today. 

One of the best parts of Black Kale is that the food is super yummy and affordable and they always have some great deals in store. Plus the fact they have something different every day of the week makes it interesting whenever you go. 

You can tell the owners are passionate about the food they deliver to the guests. The taste and the quality of the food is unreal!

The fact you can get a meal and a soup for under 200 CZK is fantastic. A little secret that’s not a secret is that their daily smoothies are amazing!

Check out Black Kale’s Tripadvisor reviews here.

#5 Loft Restaurant Ostrava 

Price: 350 CZK and up (meal and drink)
Cuisine: Fancy Czech and international cuisine 
Website: Loft Restaurant  
Reservation: Good idea to make one for dinner

Loft in Ostrava is a hotel and restaurant combined but you don’t have to stay at the hotel to eat at The Loft Restaurant. It’s quite an interesting restaurant in the sense of the variety of dishes. You’ll have the option of a fancy Czech-styled meal, burgers, and then also more exotic meals. 

The variety of food is really good at The Loft and the quality is even better. The interior design is rather simple and nothing that stands out too much but the food makes up for it with its good quality and taste. 

Since The Loft Restaurant is connected to the hotel it can get rather busy at times for dinner. That’s why it’s best to make a reservation to make sure you can get a table.

If it’s your first time in the Czech Republic and you’re looking to try a local Czech meal then give the Svickova a try. Svickova is a local Czech specialty and they make a fantastic one here at Loft.

Check out Loft’s Tripadvisor reviews here.

#6 Frankie’s Pub Ostrava

Inside of Frankies Pub in Ostrava.

Price: 350 CZK and up (food and meal)
Cuisine: American cuisine
Website: Frankie’s Pub
Reservation: No need 

Frankie’s Pub has some of the best pub food imaginable. I guess when you think pub you may think of British pub food but this place has a very American-styled menu. Think of chicken wings, melted cheese, burgers, french fries, and onion rings. Then of course you have all the delicious Czech beers that go amazingly with the pub food.

Frankie’s is truly a vibe. If you’re looking for something low-key and a bit more casual in Ostrava then this is a great place to go. They do lunch and dinner and they’re both great. One thing that’s also really nice about Frankie’s Pub is that they have a daily menu that they switch up all the time. 

It’s definitely a great place to go if you want a pub atmosphere and nothing fancy. It’s basically a combination of a nice Czech pub with American influence all in one!

Check out Frankie’s Google reviews here.

#7 Pelmeški

Price: 250 CZK and up (food and meal)
Cuisine: Asian dumplings
Website: Pelmeški
Reservation: No need 

This is hands down one of the best restaurants in Ostrava! Before you keep reading, we should let you know that Pelmeški is only open Monday-Friday from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm. So if you’re planning to go for dinner make sure it’s an early one or else it will be too late for dumplings!

Pelmeški is a local bistro that serves a variety of Asian dumpling meals and it’s become quite popular here in Ostrava. You can never go wrong with the potato and cheddar or spinach and gouda dumplings! 

They also make absolutely delicious lemonade! Make sure to ask for the daily lemonade and pair it with the dumplings of your choice!

Check out Pelmeški’s Tripadvisor reviews here.

#8 Makalu Restaurant

Price: 200 CZK and up (food, soup, and meal)
Cuisine: Indian and Nepalese Cuisine
Website: Makalu Restaurant
Reservation: Usually not needed

Most locals will say Makalu is the best Indian restaurant in Ostrava. The main chef is Nepalese so you will get a mix of Nepalese and Indian food while you visit and it is drool-worthy! 

Every day, they have three main meals made with chicken, lamb, and vegetarian. If you’re not craving any of the daily meals, they also have the rest of their menu that you can choose from as well and it’s all delicious.

Makalu is one of the most affordable restaurants in Ostrava that offers quality food. From 10:30 am – 3 pm every day you can come and try their daily menu for a good price! Then for the rest of the day, you can also order from their regular menu. 

Since it is delicious and affordable it does get quite busy but you should still be able to get a table. Enjoy the great quality and quantity you get at the best Indian & Nepalese restaurants in Ostrava. 

Check out Makalu’s Tripadvisor reviews here.

#9 Moravska Chalupa

Price: 400 CZK and up (food and meal)
Cuisine: Typical Czech cuisine
Website: Moravska Chalupa
Reservation: It doesn’t hurt to make one for dinner

The name speaks for itself. Translated into English the name of this restaurant is “Moravian Cottage” and from the decor to the type of food they serve here, that’s exactly what it feels like: As if you’re at a cute cottage. This cozy little Czech-styled restaurant is perfect if you want a local authentic Czech meal. 

We wouldn’t dare make a list of restaurants in Ostrava to visit without sharing at least one traditional Czech restaurant. However, this isn’t your traditional Czech restaurant pub. The meals are a little more expensive than in traditional Czech pubs but the quality is very very good.

If you’re looking to try something traditional we’d recommend you go with the roasted duck or the pork knuckle as those are both Czech delicacies. Enjoy this amazing Czech restaurant in the heart of Ostrava!

Check out Moravska Chalupa’s Tripadvisor reviews here.

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Recap of restaurants in Ostrava

We hope you enjoy the variety of restaurants in Ostrava from American Pub food to delicious Indian cuisine. Being a very blue-collar Czech city there is a wide variety of restaurants in Ostrava and that’s one thing we absolutely love about this city. 

Who would have thought you could get Belgian meatballs here? Or even yummy, high-quality vegetarian food? But that’s Ostrava for you — full of surprises! 

We hope you get to try some yummy food here and we’d love to hear from you which restaurants you end up trying and going to. Feel free to reach out to us on Instagram or leave a comment below!

Enjoy the food scene in Ostrava!

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