Brno is famous for a lot of things and has a deep history that goes back to the 1200s! Over the years it has transformed into a vibrant student city and home to some of the best cafes and restaurants in the Czech Republic.

That’s why this post is dedicated to the cafes in Brno and how Brno is quickly becoming the coffee mecca of the Czech Republic (don’t tell our Prague friends we said that).

In the old town of Brno, you can find cafes at almost every corner and they are all quite unique in their own way.

As long as you’re not holding your standard to Italian coffee or Australian specialty roasted coffee, the coffee here in Brno is really good!

The best part is that the Brno center is very walkable and it’s not going to take you long to get to each cafe!

The downside of that is probably going to be the caffeine rush you get from all the coffee (or picking which ones to go to)! 

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12 of the best cafes in Brno

It’s crazy to think that in a city of less than 400.000 people, there are so many good cafes but Brno thrives on its young, fun, and hip vibe.

And coffee culture is a strong part of that.

Everything from underground bars to two-floor cafes is a sample of Brno’s culture.

This shows you one of the many reasons why the city is becoming such a popular place for university students and tech workers. 

If you’re spending a weekend in Brno or just passing by Brno for the day as you travel to Prague or Vienna hopefully you can get a taste of the coffee culture and get to try out at least a few of the best cafes in Brno while you’re here! 

#1 Monogram Espresso Bar

Laptop friendly: Not really
Fun fact: They offer barista training

Usually, we save the best for last but in this case, Monogram is the first cafe in Brno that comes to mind – and they truly specialize in coffee.

They do have a few cakes and desserts but Monogram is the place to go if you just need that quick wake-me-up or the perfect morning batch brew to get the day started. 

Since Monogram is an espresso bar there really isn’t that much room to sit so it’s not a cafe you want to bring your laptop or favourite book to.

Instead, it’s a place where you can go and chat with the barista, learn about Brno, and also learn more about the coffee culture in this city. 

Even though there’s not much room at Monogram, the interior still has a great design and it’s a great example of how fun Brno is!

Monogram is a must-visit. Especially if you’re only in Brno for 1 day!

Check out Monogram’s Tripadvisor reviews here.

#2 SKØG Urban Hub

PC: Skøg

Laptop friendly: Yes!
Fun fact: It’s rated #1 on TripAdvisor for tea & coffee in Brno

SKØG is quite a unique place too! They serve specialty coffee and delicious food in the morning and then in the evening they turn into more of a bar where they serve whiskey and typical delicious Czech beer. 

You’re truly going to enjoy SKØG from morning to evening but in the case of all the coffee lovers out there, it’s worth going earlier in the day.

They make delicious specialty coffee that you can enjoy on one of their comfy sofas or in one of the high chairs with a view of the town square right outside. 

The nice thing about SKØG is that it’s super spacious and has great natural lighting.

If you’re with a few friends or want a nice place to relax and get some work done on your laptop it’s perfect for that. 

SKØG is also a great brunch spot where you can pair one of the yummy coffees with some pancakes or Eggs Benedict!

Check out SKØG’s Tripadvisor reviews here.

#3 Yummy Lammy

Laptop friendly: Not really
Fun fact: Everything is llama-themed!

No, this is not a kids’ toy store! Yummy Lammy may be the only cafe in Brno we recommend that’s outside of the historical city centre.

Not that it’s far from the center because you can easily walk there but it really is a hidden gem for anyone who isn’t from Brno.

The name may give it away but the cafe is llama-themed (!) and one of the cutest cafes you’ll ever visit.

This isn’t your typical boho or modern-styled cafe you’ll find around Brno but instead, Yummy Lammy is full-on llama-themed. How cool is that?

Their coffee cups look like llamas, their donuts have llamas on them, and there’s even llama art inside the cafe.

At first, it may seem like a lot but once you’re in the cafe you see how much effort and love they put into the place it really does feel special.

It’s definitely not something you see everywhere.

Hopefully, you have a sweet tooth because at Yummy Lammy they specialize in their sweets along with their coffees! 

Check out Yummy Lammy’s Tripadvisor reviews here.

#4 Café Mitte

Laptop friendly: Can be!
Fun fact: They roast their own beans

Looking for a cafe with a place to sit outside on a sunny day in Brno? Then this is your spot!

One of the reasons we love Café Mitte is because of its outdoor area where you can sit in peace and quiet and enjoy the sunshine (when it’s shining of course). 

There is an area to sit inside as well which is nice and cozy but Café Mitte is definitely the vibe during the warmer months because of the outdoor seating! 

The coffee here is really really good and it’s partially because they roast their own beans (that’s their secret).

They also do yummy food and sweets and you really can’t go wrong with anything you get at Mitte! 

Like most cafes in Brno, Mitte is very centrally located and a good place to hang out after exploring the Brno Vegetable Market or the Brno City Tower right next door!

Check out Café Mitte’s Tripadvisor reviews here.

#5 Café Placzek

Laptop friendly: Yes
Fun fact: Has a bomb brunch!

Café Placzek is a beautiful modern cafe located in the historical old town of Brno!

It might not be as unique as Yummy Lammy or as specialized in coffee as Monogram Espresso Bar but what it does have is great coffee, food, and desserts! 

For whatever reason, Café Placzek is usually never full so you can almost always find a table. And with all the room you can even bring out your laptop if you need to get some work done. 

We definitely recommend trying one of their cakes if you’re up for something sweet!

All in all, Café Placzek has everything you want out of a cafe and they always live up to their standards.

Like most cafes in Brno, Placzek also has a bomb brunch so if that’s what you’re looking for then this is another good option!

Check out Café Placzek’s reviews on Tripadvisor here.

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#6 Kafec Brno Orlí 

PC: Kafec

Laptop friendly: Yes
Fun fact: They have multiple locations around the country (2 in Brno)

Kafec is another amazing cafe in the heart of Brno that has everything you need when looking for a cafe/breakfast spot to visit.

There isn’t anything in particular that stands out about Kafec but everything they do, they do well. 

The staff at Kafec is super friendly, they have an English menu, the coffee is very very good, and they make delicious food! 

Since it’s such a good spot, it does get quite busy.

For that reason, it might not be the best place to bring your laptop or book and hang out for hours on end.

But if you do come after the morning rush you can casually grab a table and stay there for a while. 

Check out Kafec Brno Orlí’s reviews on Tripadvisor here.

#7 Poppy Beans Coffee

Laptop friendly: Yes (they encourage this)
Fun fact: They roast + sell their own beans!

Poppy Beans Coffee is a cute little coffee shop & roastery in the residential part of Brno right next to Luzanky Park

Poppy Beans is a super modern, cool, and chill cafe! You can always find locals, students, and expats just hanging out chatting and getting work done.

Since Poppy Beans is outside of the city center of Brno not many tourists make their way out there.

But as you probably know by now, Brno really isn’t that big and you can easily walk to Poppy or take a tram. 

This cafe is the perfect place to go if you just want to go chill and relax for a few hours while sipping on a yummy cappuccino made by Poppy’s own roasted beans! Definitely one of Brno’s gems!

Check out Poppy Beans Coffee’s reviews on Google here.

#8 Buchta B Coffee

Laptop friendly: A little bit
Fun fact: Sometimes you can find a dog here

Right around the corner from Poppy Beans Coffee, you can find another cafe in Brno that we consider a gem.

At Buchta B Coffee, you’ll get a feel for Scottish hospitality mixed with a brunch culture from the UK. 

The owners (a Czech couple who used to live in Scotland) have made Buchta B an awesome spot for Czechs and expats to enjoy some coffee and brunch along with some of the best pastries in Brno!

They have recently been featured in Forbes Česko for their brunch so this place is for real!

Even though Buchta B isn’t the biggest cafe in Brno it’s still spacious enough to find a spot and sip on a nice cup of coffee while enjoying a good book. 

Buchta B does get very busy for brunch with all the locals and expats so it’s good to book ahead if you know you’re going.

If you plan to get some work done on your laptop and cozy up in the cafe it’s best to come after the brunch rush.

That’s when Buchta B quiets down and you’ll be able to find a spot to get your stuff done for a while.

Check out Buchta B Cafe’s reviews on Tripadvisor here.

#9 Cafe Momenta

Laptop friendly: Not really
Fun fact: Has one of the best views in the city

There’s a good chance you’d walk right by Cafe Momenta even if you didn’t read this post.

Momenta has one of the best locations in the city located right in front of the vegetable market square (Zelny Trh Namesti).

Whether you sit inside or outside you’re going to have one of the best views in the city! You’ll actually be able to see the Cathedral of Petr and Pavel right from the cafe. 

Like most cafes in Brno, Cafe Momenta makes excellent coffee and cakes. If you get the chance it’s a nice place to sit outside on a sunny day. 

Also, Café Momenta makes really good smoothie bowls! 🙂

Check out Café Momenta’s reviews on Tripadvisor here.

#10 Kafe Friedrich

Laptop friendly: Not really
Fun fact: All-vegan café

This is for all the minimalists out there (we’re with you) who are looking for a simple and cozy cafe to have a nice coffee at.

Kafe Friedrich is basically the size of your standard living room with a few small tables and a window seat to enjoy the sunshine. 

One thing we love about this place is the fact that everything – from the food to the decor inside the cafe – has been acquired locally.

Basically, the only ingredient that comes from far away is the gourmet coffee beans. 

What we recommend is to bring a good book and find a comfy spot inside Kafe Friedrich.

Then order a batch brew and a yummy vegan meal, and enjoy a nice afternoon reading your book over a cup of coffee. 

Cozy is the theme for this one!

Check out Kafe Friedrich’s reviews on Tripadvisor here.

#11 RebelBean Cafe

Laptop friendly: Yes
Fun fact: They roast their own beans

Right behind the Brno main train station, you will find one of the most well-known cafes in Brno, Rebelbean!

This is just one of Rebelbean’s many locations. They have some of the most stylish cafes in Brno and their coffee is excellent. A part of their success comes from roasting their own beans. 

One cool thing about Rebelbean is that there’s usually some sort of event taking place there.

Whether it’s wine tasting local Czech wines or learning latte art, Rebelbean always has something going on. 

You can tell the cafe is very connected to the city of Brno and most products are local or locally made. Give Rebelbean a try if you want a true taste of Brno!

Check out RebelBean’s reviews on Tripadvisor here.

#12 Milady Kaffee

Laptop friendly: No
Fun fact: You can get Pastel de Natas here!

This is another espresso bar in Brno that you can’t miss! Milady Kaffee is a calm little espresso bar surrounded by three parks right outside the historic center of Brno. 

The cafe is a great little place to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or an espresso! 

Milady has really understood to encapture what Brno is all about.

It has that clean style with a very Brno-esque atmosphere. It’s hard to explain but once you experience it you will know what we mean!

Check out Milady Kaffee’s reviews on Google here.

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We hope this gives you some inspiration for your time in Brno and that you get to enjoy the coffee culture in this beautiful city!

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