Why you’re going to love the amazing Fuengirola – 3 day itinerary

What does your dream holiday location look like? To us, there’s nothing better than a place with sun, palm trees, and lots to explore. And guess what? Fuengirola has it all! To make it even better, there are also plenty of places with delicious food, fun pubs, and yummy (cheap!) helado. Ay caramba.


We might be biased, but we’ve now been to Spain three times together, in three completely different locations, and honestly, those trips are some of the best we’ve been on. Yes, you heard it. After traveling together for three years, Spain is amongst our favorite countries. There’s just something special about the heat, Spanish culture, the cute little towns, and Sangria that makes us so happy!

So yeah, if you haven’t bought your flight ticket already, you should seriously consider doing it right now. Not convinced yet? Well, read on!


Here’s a three day itinerary for your trip to Fuengirola in Spain!

Day 0 – Arrive at your Airbnb

Or your hotel, hostel, bnb. Whatever you prefer. We personally love staying with Airbnb since it’s a perfect way to get local advice, and it’s often cheaper than staying at a hotel. As digital nomads we travel with all of our valuables, so we like to have a place where we know our things are safe while we’re gone exploring for the day.

In Fuengirola, we recommend you to stay in the center and close to the water. If you do decide to stay with Airbnb, here’s 43 CAD off your first booking.


The one we stayed in was close to the train and bus stations, the grocery store, restaurants, and the ocean. It was perfect for us and it was so easy to get to. 40 minutes and 2.55€ later we got from the airport to our Airbnb.

Once you’ve checked in, take some time to walk the cute streets of the city, sit down and get a Sangria, or go to London Bar and have a few cervezas.

Day 1 – Tour around Fuengirola & visit Sohail Castle


The castle trip is the perfect thing to do on the first day! If you’re like us and you enjoy walking, head straight to the beach and walk along the coastal pathway all the way to the castle. If you’d rather soak up the heat later and just get there ASAP then head downtown and check out the timetable for when the busses leave. It should only be about a 5-6 minute bus ride to the castle. The opening hours for the castle are Tuesday-Thursday 10am – 2pm and Saturday-Sunday 10am – 2pm & 3:30pm – 6pm. With its stunning views over the sea and close proximity to the beach you will be able to imagine all the pirates that used to come and attack the Sohail Castle. You can even day dream about when Red Beard and his crew of pirates would come and attack the castle, haha.

The best part? The castle is actually free for tourists to visit. Fuengirola wants to bring more tourists and push the castle’s potential as a cultural attraction to tourists. Honestly, it’s a fun little excursion that won’t take you long, so why not visit?

Your walk home will most likely be sweating hot. There’s a reason it’s called Costa del Sol (in English: Coast of the Sun). So either go get some refreshments and delicious food at Cafe Nomad or bring your swimming outfit and go get roasted at the beach for a few hours (don’t forget your sunscreen)!

Day 2 – Visit Mijas Pueblo


Mijas Pueblo, also known as the white village, is located 7 km North of Fuengirola. It’s a typical Andalucian white-washed city but with an incredible view over the ocean. Whatever you do, don’t forget your camera when you go to Mijas. The white town is every Instagramer’s dream. Many buildings have blue flower vases attached to the walls, and the contrasts of the blue vases and white walls is perfect for photos. But that’s not the only reason why this

We’d recommend spending a full afternoon in Mijas walking down all the narrow streets, visiting the (tiny) bullring, checking out the square, and walking along the outskirts of the village and enjoying the panoramic views of the ocean while being up in the mountains. If you look far enough you can even see Africa!


Mijas is also famous for its burros-taxis which are small donkey taxis. They look super cute, but please don’t ride on them. There’s no way this can be good for the poor little donkeys.

To get to Mijas from Fuengirola you can take bus no M122 from the central bus station. You buy tickets on the bus and it costs 1.55 € one way.

Day 3 – Check out markets in La Cala de Mijas


This is another little area you can’t miss. It’s only about a 15 minute bus ride from the centre of Fuengirola. You follow the coast down towards Gibraltar and you’ll find this little gem. We actually went because Jo’s mom used to live here as a child (hence the pictures) and she told us about this huge market right next to her old house. La Cala is the biggest market which is open Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9am until 2pm. It has everything from spices to cute summer dresses. The fresh fruit, olives, nuts, candy is all there! So make sure to bring some cash and enjoy an afternoon haggling with the vendors!

Bus number M220 towards Marbella will take you all the way there from the central bus station. For this bus you buy tickets at the ticket office going there. Going back you buy tickets on the bus. The price is 1.55 € one way.

When is the best time to go

Let’s ask you this… When isn’t it a good time to go to Spain? Seriously! But if you are looking to escape the European winter for a week or two then March or April are time months to go. There aren’t many tourists yet, so you’re still able to walk through some empty streets wherever you go and have no ques for anything. We were also lucky enough to have the beach to ourselves later in the afternoon. This, of course, depends on where you go. Also, not many people will be swimming in the ocean since it’s still too cold for them, but Dom was enjoying every minute of it. So Canadian.


Fuengirola truly is a little gem down in Costa del Sol and we highly recommend you to go for a visit if you need to warm up your cold body after the frosty winter months. Go straight from skiing to suntanning. Not bad, hey?

If you’re lucky enough to have more time in beautiful Costa del Sol, then…

Here are some other things you could do:

  • Extend your Mijas trip to a trip to Coín and experience over 2500 years of history.
  • Go visit the beautiful city of Ronda (this place is super hot on Instagram right now).
  • Nerja is worth going to as well. There are salt mines and a castle, and it’s supposed to be beautiful!
  • Check out Málaga, Marabella, and Torremolinos.

And a little fun fact for you:

  • Fuengirola is full of Swedish people! For whatever reason there are a lot of Swedes who have made their way down to this little sunshine town their permanent homes.

What do you think? Are you intrigued to go? Or have you already been? Share your thoughts with us in our comments!

Dom & Jo

Signature | Red White Adventures

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