How to enjoy a day in Brno

Hello beautiful people! We’re back from Spain and enjoying our last month in Prague! Bring on spring and warm weather. A little fun fact for you too… We just celebrated our three year anniversary together!

So we decided to do a fun, spontaneous last minute trip somewhere. With only about 30 days remaining in this fascinating country we decided to go somewhere we both hadn’t been to; The city of Brno. And after spending only two days in this cool city we really wanted to share our favorite spots and things to do in Brno.


The city of Brno has over 89,000 students attending higher institutions and we believe that this is why the city of Brno has the vibe that it does. With trendy cafes, cute bakeries, and awesome pop-up food stands, Brno is buzzing and lively! We felt it the whole time we were there and it was an absolute treat to just walk around the city and enjoy all the smiling faces and the people who were out and enjoying each others company. This would definitely be an awesome place to live too if we hadn’t already picked Prague!

The city might not have as many monumental buildings and landmarks as Prague does but it makes up for it with its fun vibe and openness feel.

Now, let’s check out 3 areas you can’t miss in Brno and what do to there!

Here’s how to enjoy a day in Brno

#1 St James Church

If you’re a foodie and like beer, you could easily spend the whole day in a radius of about 200 meters around St James church. For one, you can go inside and explore the church but outside around the church are where the real gems lie!

Vycep Na Stojaka

This place honestly has the greatest beer. The weissbier was exceptional. The greatest part is you can take your beer outside and just sit on the sidewalk and take in that vitamin D. Sometimes you just need to sit down, relax, and have a beer. You may be a little shocked when they pour your beer as it looks like the glass may only be a quarter full with beer. The last 75% is pure foam. BUT, there’s no need to worry. They weigh every single beer to make sure you’re getting the exact amount you pay for.

Cukrarna Aida

Just across the street is the place to go if you have a sweet tooth. Trust me when you get authentic Czech dessert it’s phenomenal and this place will not disappoint. They also have a dozen flavors of ice cream. They even a Vegan flavor they change weekly, so there are options for everyone!


A vegetarian-friendly canteen. You walk into this old building that has been redone and has a feel of a fancy retro nightclub with a gigantic chandelier hanging down in the middle and tables surrounding it. The food is exceptional and the variety is great. You can order veggie burgers, wraps, wok, and pho! It’s a great place to grab a quick bite to eat and recharge all your electronics as most tables have outlets for that.


We could name a few more places but we want you guys to go explore this little area around St James Church yourselves and tell us about the other gems you end up finding.

#2 Brno Market

This place is absolutely fantastic! At the big square where Brno Market is located, there is a lovely vegetable market (Zelňák). The market is filled with fresh produce that is also relatively cheap. All the berries we very juicy and tasty. Plants, spices, vegetables, fruit, you name it, they have it.

We highly recommend going earlier in the day before lunch since they close around 12 pm. So make sure you go early enough to the vegetable market to get all your fresh goods before finding a seat in the square and relaxing with a fresh coffee.

Again, this is an area where you can sit down all day and just enjoy the good food, sights, and do some people watching.


For lunch we highly recommend going to the Bucheck food truck right in between the Vegetable market and Brno market. Make sure to go around 11:30 am (when they open) as they get pretty busy and sell out. Then you’ll be out of lunch and will not be able to try one of their delicious pulled pork burgers, and you’ll be pretty sad. Yeah, you guessed it. We missed out on this amazing opportunity 🙁

Brno Market

After that you should head to the Brno Market (the building) all the way to the top and enjoy the stunning views. With the old city hall behind you and Castle Spilberk on your other side, there are not many views in Brno that can beat this one. Would you look at all of those red rooftops behind Jo!

Grab an ice cream or an IPA from the Street food market below and enjoy the afternoon.

Underground Labyrinth

At the bottom of the square there is a unique system of underground passages that you can also explore. The cellars and passages date back to the Middle Ages. This is definitely a tour you don’t want to miss if you’d like some history on how food and alcohol were kept there during the times of kings and queens.

#3 Kníničky Reservoir

The Kninicky reservoir is an absolutely stunning spot on the outskirts of Brno. It’s the perfect place for an afternoon stroll and getting some fresh air after being out in the city. It’s only a short 20-minute tram ride from the center of the city, and once you’re there you’ll feel like you’re at a little Czech resort village. It may only be a dam but the surroundings are beautiful with a castle also not too far away.


Orea Resort Stanton

This is where we stayed. The Hotel is located right next to the dam and is the perfect place to stay. Rooms are standard but are exceptionally clean. The perks that sold it to us was the wellness facility. It has a pool, a dry sauna, and a regular sauna which are all included in your stay. This comes along with a continental breakfast with a view facing the reservoir. If you book a night here via, make sure you use this link in order to get 10% return after your stay!

Pristav u Vodu

This restaurant was fantastic. It tasted like Dom’s grandmas cooking. They have traditional dishes along with pasta and other mains. We tried a creamy pasta and a traditional duck with sauerkraut and dumplings. Prices were very reasonable, it was right next to the hotel, and it had a view over the water to top it all of! And did we mention that they had really good wine? #dontmissout

Veveri Castle

Now, this is a great trip to do if you’ve got a full day at the reservoir. If you plan on going in the summer then go and take the ferry across the reservoir too Veveri Castle. It was founded in the middle of the 11th century and used as a hunting lodge.

How to get to Brno

The easiest way to get to Brno from Prague would be taking a train from Prague main train station to Brno lower station which is about 1 km from the center. It’s roughly a 2.5-hour journey across the Czech countryside. If you buy a return trip it will cost you roughly 10 USD. Regiojet runs every hour or so which makes the timetable very flexible!


Have you been to Brno yet? What was your highlight of the trip?

Have fun!

Dom & Jo

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