There’s no better place to go out and explore the sea by boat than Costa del Sol where the weather is always warm and the sun is always shining. It’s called Costa del Sol for a reason! From Fuengirola, there is a wide variety of different boat trips you can go on. 

There’s a great variety of boat trips from Fuengirola you can do! As you sail, you have a beautiful coastline along Costa del Sol with many different options from sunset cruises to even party boats. On some, you also have the chance to see dolphins. And… you can even hire your own boat if that’s something you’re interested in!

Fuengirola is a beautiful city to visit with lots of history, castles, and yummy food, but one thing worth doing is getting out on a boat and exploring the sea around Fuengirola. Thankfully, because the weather is so nice pretty much every day, boat trips from Fuengirola run almost all year round. 

Below we’ve listed 5 of the best-rated boat tours in Fuengirola including the price, duration, and what makes each tour so special.

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5 of the best boat trips from Fuengirola, Spain

Quick breakdown of your trip:

Pro tip: most boat trips in Fuengirola book out in advance during the summer months so it’s best to book the trips beforehand if you know your dates.

#1 Fuengirola: Dolphin Watching Yacht Tour with drinks and snacks

⛵️ Book your Dolphin Watching Yacht Tour here
⏰ Time: Roughly 2 hours
💸 Cost: €35 per person

There’s something magical about seeing animals in their natural habitat. Watching dolphins swim in groups together in the ocean and just enjoying life is one of the coolest things you can do. 

For two hours the skipper will take you up and down the Costa del Sol coast searching exactly for that: Dolphins playing and swimming together in the deep blue sea.

What makes this tour different is that while you enjoy the views of the coast and search for dolphins you’ll also have time to sip on some drinks and munch on some snacks while taking in the views. A wonderful way to spend two hours out at sea near Fuengirola!

#2 Fuengirola: Sunset Boat Trip With Drinks

⛵️ Book your sunset boat trip from Fuengirola here
⏰ Time: Roughly 2 hours
💸 Cost: €44 per person

There’s nothing more romantic than being out at sea enjoying the sunset over the coast. Fuengirola is known for having some beautiful sunsets and truthfully the best way to watch them is while you’re out at sea and the sun is setting behind the hills and mountains behind Fuengirola. 

Enjoy a nice glass of wine or a beer and hang out on the boat while you cruise around the coast of Fuengirola and take in the incredible views with the other guests.

This is a romantic little boat trip you can do from Fuengirola. It really is a lovely evening activity to do in Fuengirola if you want to get out of the city and do something different!

#3 Fuengirola: Luxury Private Boat Rental with Skipper

PC: Fuengirola Sea Trips

⛵️ Book your luxury private boat trip here
⏰ Time: 2-4 hours
💸 Cost: €380 (per group up to 12 people)

This is the perfect boat trip from Fuengirola if you’re on a bachelor, bachelorette, birthday, or another type of celebration with a big group of people. The price includes drinks and snacks for up to 12 people so if you can fill it up with 12 then it’s perfect!

This boat trip is all about being together in a big group and enjoying your time out on the Mediterranean Sea while enjoying drinks, food, and sunshine.

Nothing screams a good time like relaxing on a luxury yacht with a group of friends taking in the views of Costa del Sol.  

Depending on your group you can decide if you want to go out later in the day and enjoy a nice sunset cruise or go earlier in the day and maybe jump in the sea if it’s not too cold! They usually offer trips departing at 1 pm, 2pm, and 4pm. You can check their availability here.

The skippers are fantastic and it really is the perfect activity to do in Fuengirola if you’re a big group! 

#4 Fuengirola: Best Boat Rental without a license

⛵️ Book your boat rental here
⏰ Time: Roughly 2-4 hours 
💸 Cost: Starting at €220 for a group of up to 6 people

How fun is this!? You can rent and sail a boat yourself around Fuengirola – and you don’t even need a license! The skipper will give you a short briefing with some tips and instructions for how to sail the boat and then, once you’re out on the water, it’s all up to you. 

This boat fits up to 6 people so you can have your own little private adventure out at sea. If you’ve ever been wanting the chance to sail your own boat this is your chance. It’s quite a beginner-friendly boat and it’s really fun to sail around the Costa del Sol coast with. 

The nice thing about this boat tour from Fuengirola is that you have the boat all to yourself. With 6 people being able to fit on the boat it’s perfect for a small group to get out to sea and have some fun. 

We can’t think of a more fun way to spend a few hours out at sea than with a good group of friends sailing along the coast and enjoying the beautiful sunshine down in southern Spain!

#5 Fuengirola: Parasailing adventure on the Costa del Sol

⛵️ Book your parasailing adventure in Costa del Sol here
⏰ Time: Roughly 1 hour
💸 Cost: €60 per person

This doesn’t necessarily fall into the category of “boat trips” but in a way, it’s still very fitting to trips you can do out at sea close to Fuengirola, right? This is definitely a more adventurous and adrenaline-packed activity compared to the rest – and it’s very fun to try if you’ve never done it before!

At your highest point, you’ll be 250 meters above sea level overlooking the Mediterranean, Fuengirola, and the mountains in the distance. It’s basically like you’re flying over Costa del Sol (but at a very low altitude).

This parasailing tour is a full-on fun adventure for an hour while you’re up in the air above the sea. A great couples activity if you’re both up for a good time.

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Recap of the best Fuengirola boat trips

Fuengirola and the Mediterranean Sea as seen from Mijas

As you can see, you have a few different options when it comes to boat trips in Fuengirola. If you’ve never seen dolphins before then we highly recommend the dolphin trip. As we said before, seeing dolphins in their natural habitat is something really special! We love seeing animals out in the wild and here near Fuengirola you can see dolphins enjoying and playing in the Mediterranean. 

Of course, the sunset boat tour or renting your own boat are fun experiences as well! And if you’re up for something a little adventurous and adrenaline-friendly, then parasailing is a must! 

Fuengirola has a nice variety of different water activities you can do and hopefully one or more of these boat tours is what you were looking for! We hope the weather’s on your side, the sea is warm, and you have an awesome trip.

If you have any questions about the boat trips from Fuengirola you can DM us on Instagram. You can also leave a comment down below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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