Karlova Studanka is a quiet and peaceful town in the Moravian-Silecian Region of the Czech Republic. You’re only a few kilometers from the Polish border and not too far from the third-largest city in the Czech Republic, Ostrava. 

In this peaceful town, you’ll be able to get lost in nature, relax in the spas, and just take a break from the busy life that most of us are used to. It really does feel like a breath of fresh air to spend a day or two in Karlova Studanka – literally!

With the cleanest air in Central Europe, Karlova Studanka is a little piece of paradise in the Czech Republic that not many know about. So if you’re exploring the hidden gems of the Czech Republic or looking for a weekend getaway from Prague, this spa town is the perfect place.

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Relaxing in the spa town of Karlova Studanka for the day

If you’re planning to visit Karlova Studanka from Prague then this makes for a nice weekend trip since it is quite far away. From Ostrava, this can be done as a day trip but regardless of where you’re travelling from, we recommend spending at least one night here since it’s such a cozy and relaxing little village.

As soon as you set foot in Karlova Studanka you will be met with peacefulness and beautiful nature. You’ll be away from all the noise and cars, people, and business of the big city life and just have time to relax completely.

Start with a morning hike along Bila Opava

A nice way to start the day in Karlova Studanka is to take in the fresh air of this spa town. There are quite a few hiking and walking trails in the region, but one stands out to us: Bila Opava. 

Bila Opava starts right from the parking lot in town and makes its way upstream next to the Bila Opava River. You’ll have a chance to see waterfalls, a running river, beautiful nature, and maybe even some wildlife during the hike.

We recommend going in the morning since the trail should be less busy at that time. You’ll be able to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Bila Opava trail while taking in the nature around you. 

You can read all about the Bila Opava hike here. It will take you around 3 hours to complete with some breaks to take pictures, enjoy the views, and take in the fresh air of Karlova Studanka!

Fun fact: Fill up your water bottle inside the ‘Pitný Pavilon’ with iron water from Peter’s Spring which comes from a depth of 121m. It doesn’t smell great but it’s supposed to have lots of health benefits!*

*According to this site, the water in Karlova Studanka has a high content of carbonic acid which has been proven to improve your cardiovascular system.

Enjoy a nice lunch at Restaurace Letni Lazne

Horske Lazne where you can find Restaurant Letní Lázně

After a few hours of hiking, there’s nothing better than a solid meal to fill you up (such as a traditional Czech meal)! Since Karlova Studanka is quite a small little spa village, there are only a few places to eat. The Letní Lázně Restaurant is actually connected to one of the spas and serves yummy Czech food! 

It’s only a few minutes walk from the start of the Bila Opava trail, so you’re not far from the restaurant when you’re done. And it’s a small town so in general, everything here is really close by.

At Letni Lazne, you can expect meals like goulash, fried cheese, schnitzel, and of course delicious Czech soup. If there’s one thing the Czechs love more than anything it’s eating soup before their meals (you can never go wrong with a goulash soup!). We highly recommend it! 🙂 

Quick hike to a viewpoint overlooking Karlova Studanka

As we mentioned before, there are quite a few hiking trails in the area. This part of the country is sort of an outdoor paradise. This hike to a viewpoint overlooking Karlova Studanka is a lot shorter than the Bila Opava trail but it’s a nice way to burn the heavy Czech food that you’ll probably eat for lunch. 

By the time you’re done with this trail, you’ll also be ready to relax in a spa for the rest of the day. Just like with the Bila Opava trail, this trail also starts from town. The trail goes to Rolanduv Káman (Rolanduv Rock) which is a viewpoint about 20 minutes walking from Karlova Studanka.

You can follow the trail map to Rolandum Kámen here which shows the best trail to take. You can actually do this either as an in-and-out trail or as a loop trail depending on which way you want to do it. Both ways will take you roughly 45-50 minutes to complete.

The viewpoint is quite easy to see as there’s a cross at the top! You’ll have a beautiful panoramic view of all the forests and rolling hills nearby.

Afternoon coffee and cake in Karlova Studanka 

PC: Cafe Karlova Studanka

Nothing says relaxing like an afternoon coffee. You can pick if you want to sit inside or outside at Cafe Karlova Studanka. It’s right on the main road in the village and it’s such a cozy place to sit down for some coffee and cake. 

You have the Bila Opava River on one side of you, an art gallery next door, and beautiful nature around you. It’s crazy thinking that even though this is just a small village, you can spend all day exploring the area and the cute little cafes and restaurants here! 

They make some pretty yummy cakes and sweets at Cafe Karlova Studanka. And since you’re doing two hikes on this day, some cake is definitely well-deserved. Cake also always goes well with coffee, right? 😉

Time to sit back and relax all afternoon at the spa

One of many spas in Karlova Studanka

Now it’s time to do what you’ve been waiting for all day – and probably the reason why you wanted to go to Karlova Studanka in the first place. There are multiple hotels and spas in Karlova Studanka which are fantastic such as Horske Lazne, but we actually recommend driving out of the village a few minutes to Koprivna Spa Hotel in Mala Moravka.

It’s a great hotel to stay the night but they actually have a fantastic spa (and restaurant) on site. There is a dry and wet sauna, a hot tub, a warm pool, and also a little ice bath for the brave. You can spend as long as you want at the spa and you can even come back again in the evening after dinner!

You’re completely surrounded by nature with a few village homes nearby so it really does feel authentic and peaceful. Mala Moravka is also known for its skiing (by Czech standards) and at Kopřivná Pradědem you’re basically right on the slopes!

Enjoy a yummy dinner and drinks at Kopriva Restaurant 

One of the reasons we recommend the Koprivna Resort Hotel is that you don’t have to go far for dinner. They have a restaurant on their ground floor/basement that has an incredible view of the hills and forests nearby.

The menu is simple with only 5-6 courses + soup but the food is of excellent quality! You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu and the drinks are also fantastic (ask for some local wine). 

Hanging out at the restaurant and enjoying some drinks is a nice way to finish off this busy day of hiking, eating, hiking, and relaxing in the spa. And afterwards, there’s no one stopping you from enjoying another round in the saunas or hot tub!

Where to stay in Karlova Studanka 

As we mentioned just above, Koprivna Resort and Hotel is the perfect place to stay for one night. It’s not in Karlova Studanka but it’s only a short drive from the village. You have everything you need from nice rooms to a spa and even a restaurant that serves delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

There are also plenty of hiking trails, bike trails, and other activities to do near Kopriva Resort and Hotel. You can easily stay for two nights or more if you love the outdoors like we do!

Some other options you can consider are Apartman U Vlka and Hotel Dzban right in Karlova Studanka if you don’t want to drive anywhere. Both of these options are right in the village and within walking distance from all the activities we mentioned above.

That way you don’t have to leave the village at all. You can just park your car at your accommodation and walk everywhere. Nice and easy! =) 

Click here to browse different spa hotels in Karlova Studanka.

How to get to Karlova Studanka 

By car to Karlova Studanka

Going by car is definitely the easiest way to get to Karlova Studanka since it is quite remote and not that close to any big cities or train stations. From Prague, you can rent a car at Prague Airport and drive to Karlova Studanka. It will take roughly 4 hours to get there. 

The nice thing about having a (rental) car is that you don’t have to be dependent on the bus and train schedule and can go whenever you want. Also if you do end up staying at Kopriva Resort Hotel you’ll need a car to get there.

Rent a car from Prague Airport here.

Picture of a car rental from Prague Airport in the Czech Republic.

By public transport to Karlova Studanka

Prague to Karlova Studanka:

Ostrava to Karlova Studanka:

Brno to Karlova Studanka:

When is the best time to visit Karlova Studanka? 

Karlova Studanka

So normally when we mention the best time to visit a place we describe the seasons and what season is best for that specific place. I think for Karlova Studanka it’s a bit different. I personally feel like the best time to visit is when you need a break for the busy life and a weekend to relax and just enjoy being away from everything. 

Because there’s hiking, yummy food, and amazing spas, this is a perfect weekend trip from Prague or any other big city when you want to be somewhere peaceful and quiet. At the end of the day, every season is great here in Karlova Studanka and if you’re coming for a peaceful weekend in a cozy little village you will love it here! 

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Recap of spending a day in the spa town of Karlova Studanka 

A small church in Karlova Studanka next to a spa

We hope you enjoy this cozy and relaxing trip to Karlova Studanka. With spas, good hikes, and the cleanest air in central Europe we can’t imagine you wouldn’t.

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway or even just a day to get out in nature, explore, and enjoy a spa then this is perfect. 

You’ll have everything you need in this small village to enjoy a relaxing day or two. There’s something magical about this place that makes you just feel at ease with everything and all relaxed. 

We had an amazing time here and we hope you get a chance to do some if not all the activities we mentioned above.

If you have any questions related to Karlova Studanka or the Czech Republic in general, you can DM us directly on Instagram or leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Have an awesome time relaxing and enjoying this gem in the Czech Republic!

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