If there’s one thing that Revelstoke has it’s mountains. The mountain range around Revelstoke is unbelievable and allows adventurers and travellers to enjoy them all year round. So we decided to share our best 6 hikes in Revelstoke for adventures alike.

In this blog, we will be looking at the summer and fall months which, in our opinion, is the best time to explore the outdoors. It is also the best time to experience these 6 hikes in Revelstoke that will leave you happy, exhausted, and left in awe at how beautiful the views are from these hikes around Revelstoke.

There is so much hiking in the area but we wanted to share our 6 favourites that we have personally done. We still have a bunch of hikes we want to check off when we come back but for now, these are our favourites. All of them are a good variety of difficulty, distance, and time so you can pick and choose which hike works best for you. 

Dom hiking at Echo Lake near Revelstoke.

If you’re just passing by then we’d recommend the Big Eddy Bluff Trail since it’s right off the highway and easy to get to. Plus it can easily be done in one to two hours. If you’re staying in  Revelstoke for a few days though and want to do a challenging hike then McKenzie Outpost might be more up your alley.

With an abundance of hiking in the area, there will be tons of hikes in Revelstoke that you can enjoy. It’s an outdoor paradise and basically every adventurer’s dream. We absolutely love this small little town nestled away in the B.C mountains.

6 Hikes you most do in Revelstoke, British Columbia

  • Big Eddy Bluff Trail
  • Greenbelt Path
  • McKenzie Outpost Trail
  • Echo Lake Trail
  • Begbie Falls via Bluff Trail
  • Lower Mount Cartier Trail
Jo looking back down at the Columbia River in Revelstoke

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6 hikes in Revelstoke that are totally worth it

Big Eddy Bluff Trail

Jo enjoying the views of Revelstoke.

Practical information about Big Eddy Bluff Trail

Distance: 2.9 km return / 1.8 miles return
Elevation: 161 meters / 528 ft. elevation gain
Type: Out and back
Length: 1 hour return (not including breaks)
Difficulty: Easy – moderate
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Here’s a map of the beginning of the trail

Here’s a picture of the beginning of the trail

Trailhead for the Big Eddy Bluff Trail.

Big Eddy Bluff Trail and it’s amazing views

This was actually the first hike we did in Revelstoke. A few days after moving there our friends asked us if we wanted to do this fun hike that mostly only locals know about. So of course we did. Every time after that when our friends came to visit we brought them up Big Eddy Bluff. It’s the perfect place to show someone an aerial view of Revelstoke and its surroundings. There is literally no better hike in the area for that specific purpose.

It’s a great hike too because the views from the top are absolutely magical and the hike itself isn’t that difficult. We’d recommend it to absolutely anyone thinking of coming to or passing by Revelstoke. The trailhead is only a few minutes from town and super easy to get to. Plus, it’s only 3 km return and 160-meter elevation gain so it’s manageable for most people and the views are so worth it.

The trail is super easy to follow and well maintained. Actually one of the times we were hiking it, a local was putting some little bridges across the muddy areas. The locals really do take care of it. There’s even a very very small section where you get to climb using a rope which was also set up by a local.

It’s super easy and quite fun and you’ll absolutely enjoy this hike in Revelstoke. Make sure to bring some beers to enjoy at the top and spend some time just hanging out and enjoying Canada’s beautiful scenery.

Greenbelt Path

Walking trail in Revelstoke.

Practical information about the Greenbelt Path

Distance: 3.9 km return / 2.42 miles return
Elevation: 20 meters / 65 ft. elevation gain
Type: Out and back
Length: 1 hour return (not including breaks)
Difficulty: Easy – moderate
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Here’s a map of the beginning of the trail

Here’s a picture of the beginning of the trail

Greenbelt Trail in downtown Revelstoke.

Greenbelt Path is a beautiful trail in Revelstoke

The Greenbelt path is one of the local walking trails around the city. It gives you beautiful views of the valley, mountains, wildlife, and the peacefulness the small town of Revelstoke brings.

If you’re looking to explore the city and take in some views while sipping on a cup of coffee then this is the trail to do it on. We would usually go to the Saturday Farmer’s Market or grab a nice cappuccino from Dose and then embark on the Greenbelt.

The beauty of the Greenbelt is that there are multiple entry points where you can start the walk. We would usually start on the very east end of the path because we lived on that side of the city. But most people usually drive or walk down to Centennial Park in Revelstoke and start from there. This is where the farmers market is also located.

On Saturdays, we’d usually walk from Centennial Park and explore other sections of the trail. If you have never been there here is the spot where you can start from Centennial Park. From there you can easily access the trail and start exploring the area.

We definitely recommend walking along the outskirts of the trail. That is where you will get views of the stunning Columbia River and if you look far enough you may even see the lookout point for the Big Eddy Bluff Trail.

McKenzie Outpost Trail

Jo taking in the views at McKenzie Outpost

Practical information about the hike up to McKenzie Outpost

Distance: 17.54 km return / 10.9 miles return
Elevation: 1095 meters / 3592 feet elevation gain
Type: Loop or in-and-out (depending how you do it)
Length: 5-7 hour return (including breaks)
Difficulty: Hard
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Here’s a map of the beginning of the trail

Here’s a picture of the beginning of the trail

Where to park for McKenzie Outpost hike

Hard but rewarding hike up to Mckenzie Outpost

If there’s one thing that we LOVED, it would be hiking up to the McKenzie Outpost. It’s one of the best activities you can do in Revelstoke during summer. You will be stunned with the gorgeous views of the mountain ranges that surround Revy (#revelstoked lol.)

It’s a challenging hike but if you have a full day and want a good hike with a lot of elevation then this is the one. Revelstoke Mountain Resort has the longest vertical descent of any ski resort in North America, so you can probably imagine just how steep it is. In the 8.5km going up, we covered over 1000 meters elevation. Definitely a good booty workout?.

All jokes aside though, even though it’s a brutally steep hike, this hike right in the Revelstoke Mountain Resort will leave you speechless. It may not be completely remote like some other hikes because you are in the resort, but we still had the trail mostly to ourselves and the trail was very well maintained. What more can you ask for!?

It’s so hard to pick just one hike in Revelstoke to do but if you have the time then give McKenzie Outpost a shot. If you’re a little tight for time and still want to see a waterfall and some stunning views without having to go too far then Begbie Falls is worth checking out.

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Echo Lake Trail

Echo Lake is an amazing place to explore near Revelstoke.

Practical information about walking around Echo Lake

Distance: 1.61 km return / 1 mile return
Elevation: 85 meters / 279 feet elevation gain
Type: Loop trail
Length: 15 – 45 min 
Difficulty: Very easy
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Here’s a map of the beginning of the trail

Here’s a picture of the beginning of the trail

Echo Lake near Revelstoke.

Echo Lake is a fun place to explore and camp

Echo Lake is this little hidden gem for locals and people who know the area. It’s a small lake set back in the mountains and hidden by trees just south of town. In about 30 minutes from Revelstoke, you will find yourself immersed in nature and surrounded by mountains all around you.

Echo Lake is the perfect place to go if you want a good combination of hiking and camping. There is a little trail around Echo Lake and that’s the one we mentioned in this post. It’s not a long trail but it brings you around the perimeter of the lake which is really cool.

You can also see once you walk around Echo Lake that there are other trails that lead off into the forest and up some other mountains. We ended up just going for a short day trip to explore the lake so we only did the short trail but there is definitely a lot to explore in the area.

There are a few amazing places to camp in and near Revelstoke but Echo Lake definitely takes the cake. You can set up camp just a few feet away from the lake and then enjoy relaxing and kayaking for the rest of the day.

If you are looking to camp then we would definitely recommend it and try and come early and snatch site #42.

Enjoy all the hiking, exploring, and camping that you can do at Echo Lake. It’s perfect for someone wanting to get away for the weekend or some travellers that are passing by and want to see something off the beaten path. Enjoy your time at Echo Lake and take advantage of the peace and quiet.

Begbie Falls via Bluff Trail

Begbie Falls waterfall.

Practical information about Big Eddy Bluff Trail

Distance: 5 km return / 3.1 miles return
Elevation: 240 meters / 787 ft. elevation gain
Type: Out and back
Length: 1.5 – 2.5 hour return (not including breaks)
Difficulty: Easy – moderate
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Here’s a map of the beginning of the trail

Here’s a picture of the beginning of the trail

Begbie Falls trailhead.

Go chasing waterfalls at Begbie Falls

Of course, we had to include a hike with a waterfall. All of our other hikes in and around Revelstoke are special but none of them have quite the waterfall that Begbie Falls has. This was the last hike we did in Revelstoke and we almost didn’t have enough time to do it on our last day but we’re so glad we did.

We actually tried to do this hike earlier in the season at the beginning of May but there was still a whole lot of snow on the trail. Especially the bits of the trail in the trees where sunlight only hits for a few hours a day.

This time it was absolutely pouring rain but at least we got to enjoy Begbie Falls at full force. With the rain and the spring runoff, the falls were really coming down. We spoke with a local and he said he’s never seen it that powerful before – and he goes there all the time to walk his dogs in the area.

Rain or shine though you will have an awesome time exploring the Begbie Falls Recreational Area. The hike we did was Begbie Falls via Bluff Trail but there are tons of other awesome trails to explore in the area. You can see the exact trail we did here on Trailforks. You’ll see what we mean by there being a bunch of other awesome trails to explore. Also, if you’re into climbing then this is one of the best areas in Revelstoke to go climbing and the majority of those side trails actually end up at climbing walls.

So if you want to go hiking, climbing, camping, or even chasing waterfalls then go find this paradise. It’s just another little area a few minutes from Revelstoke that you could spend days and days exploring.

Lower Mount Cartier Trail

Hiking lower Mount Cartier.

Practical information about The Lower Mount Cartier Trail

Distance: 5.2 km return / 3.1 miles return
Elevation: 220 meters / 721 ft. elevation gain
Type: Out and back
Length: 1.5 – 2 hour return (including small breaks)
Difficulty: moderate
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Here’s a map of the beginning of the trail

Here’s a picture of the beginning of the trail

Mount Cartier trailhead.

If you’re looking to get a taste of Mount Cartier then you can start by training on this shorter Mount Cartier Trail. This trail is on the same road as you would take to Echo Lake. They are both south of town on Airport Road.

The trailhead for the Mount Cartier trail isn’t too hard to find. It will be on the left hand side while you’re going south on Airport Road. There will most likely be other cars parked there as well because it’s a popular area for mountain biking, climbing, and those who dare to actually hike up the 30km return to summit Mount Cartier.

We definitely weren’t ready for that but we heard about this awesome viewpoint on the Mount Cartier Trail so we decided to go check it out for ourselves. It’s a fun little afternoon hike. The trail is beautiful and very well marked because of all the mountain biking and climbing so you should easily be able to make it to the lookout point.

Roughly 100 meters or so before the lookout you will see a little arrow. If you have Trailforks then make sure to follow this trail.

Once you’re at the lookout you will have beautiful views of Mount Begbie and the Columbia River down below. If you’re lucky there may even be a hammock up at the lookout that you can enjoy. It’s just another reason why this little town of Revelstoke is such a beautiful little mountain town. Trails and hikes like this are surrounding this peaceful little town.

Views From Revelstoke Mountain resort.

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Enjoy Revelstokes beauty and nature

There you have it! 6 very different hikes and trails in and near Revelstoke that can be done by anyone. Some that are easy and can be done in an hour or two and then you have McKenzie Outpost will take a full afternoon. Either way, whichever hike (or hikes) you end up doing we’re sure you’ll get joy out of it.

If you love the outdoors and just want to experience a ton of outdoor activities and adventures then you’re definitely in the right place. You’ll notice how much Revy has to offer – and hiking in Revelstoke is just the beginning. Enjoy your time up in the mountains or the trails in the city.

Let us know what you think about the list and if you have a favourite hike in the area. We’ll be sure to add more to the list as we conquer more summits in Revy.

Have fun!

Dom & Jo
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