Who would’ve thought that a small mountain town in southeastern British Columbia would have such a good food scene?

Every time we visit, we get so impressed by the restaurants in Revelstoke and how good the quality of the food is all across town!

From typical Canadian pub food and Texan brisket to amazing sushi and authentic Italian pizza, there is a great variety of national and international cuisines, you can literally find any type of food you want in Revy.

Not only is the variety of the food great but the quality is also really good – all thanks to the community of Revelstoke.

Since Revelstoke is a small mountain town the people here really try and work together. You’ll notice in some of the restaurants and cafes that the food truly is farm-to-table.

Most of the restaurants in Revelstoke support the local farmers and vice versa and that’s just one of the many reasons why the food here is so good!

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13 Restaurants in Revelstoke you need to try

One thing we love about all the small towns in BC we’ve visited is that the majority of the businesses are family and locally owned!

Since Dom grew up with parents who run a small business, it’s so important for us to support small, local businesses as well. You know exactly where your money goes and how appreciated it is.

In Revelstoke, we really noticed how locals, farmers, and restaurant owners work together to make something special.

Most of the restaurants are locally owned here in Revelstoke and we love that.

Since we used to live in Revy, we’ve been fortunate enough to try a lot of the places there.

In this post, we’ve highlighted our favourite cafes and restaurants in Revelstoke.

#1 Padrinos Pizzeria Revelstoke

  • Price: Pizzas start at $14.75 up to $30+ CAD
  • Cuisine: Italian pizzas
  • Address: 200 First St West, Revelstoke, BC

If you’ve been skiing all day in Revelstoke Mountain Resort or chasing waterfalls all afternoon a pizza will ALWAYS hit the spot. 

Right in the heart of Revelstoke you’ll find this delicious restaurant where they have awesome Italian cuisine.

While pizza is their specialty, they also have other food options such as Caesar Salad, wings, and potato wedges.

Their pizzas come in different sizes, and you can easily share them between 2-3 people.

We shared a medium pizza between the two of us and we were stuffed after!

During the summer you can choose to sit outside on their patio as well which is really nice – especially for sunset.

Even in late September, we enjoyed a delicious pizza outside.

Also, if you love Ceasers (the most delicious Canadian drink ever invented) they serve them here too and they are delicious. 

Check out Padrino’s menu here!

#2 Mt Begbie Brewing Revelstoke

  • Price: $10 to $20 for snacks & food
  • Cuisine: North American pub food
  • Address: 2155 Oak Dr, Revelstoke, BC

Mt Begbie is one of the local breweries in Revelstoke and it’s a great spot to go in the summer because of their outdoor patio and awesome view of Mt Begbie. 

The brewery isn’t located right downtown but it’s a short 5-minute drive to the brewery. (Please plan to have a designated driver if you intend to drink beer here).

Mt Begbie is a great spot to try out some of the best beer in Revelstoke (and Canada) while taking in the beautiful views but it’s also a great place to try out some awesome North American-styled pub food.

They have a bunch of different items on their menu that pair well with beer.

From pretzels and nachos to wings and pizza there’s something for everyone.

Even if you don’t drink beer (they have ciders too) it’s still worth going for the food and the view.

It’s such a cool spot near Revelstoke with an awesome view of the area.

The fact you can sit outside on the patio and enjoy some good food and maybe a beer or two while overlooking Revelstoke is just awesome!

Check out their beer variety here.

Fun fact: Mt Begbie Brewing Co. has won many different awards for their beer and was even named Brewery of the Year at the Canadian Brewing Awards in May 2017!

#3 The Village Idiot Revelstoke

  • Price: Ranging between $11.98 to $26.21 CAD
  • Cuisine: North American pub food
  • Address: 306 Mackenzie Avenue, Revelstoke, BC

You come for the food and beer and you stay for the vibe! The Village Idiot just screams Revelstoke.

It’s one of those places that is always packed after a good pow day and everyone looking to mingle, drink some beers, and enjoy a yummy meal. 

Village Idiot is potentially the best ski hangout in town but during the summer you’ll also see it packed with regulars and people looking for a good vibe.

If you’re looking for authentic Revy vibes, then this is the place.

From delicious pizza to greasy burgers, you can find everything you’d expect at a bar and grill here.

Even if you’re not up for a big party person, you can go earlier in the evening and enjoy the awesome food they have here.

To give you a better idea of what food you can get at The Village Idiot you can look at their menu here.

#4 Dose Coffee Revelstoke

  • Price: Food starts at $13 CAD and coffee starts at $3 CAD
  • Cuisine: Australian lunch
  • Address: 101 2nd St E, Revelstoke, BC

This is more than just a coffee shop in Revelstoke! It’s a place where people meet up daily and come together over some of the best coffee in town and delicious lunch food.

Dose is always packed with locals, work holiday visa people, and tourists. 

This coffee shop is an absolute staple in Revelstoke and you’ll get a feel for it from the moment you walk through the door.

The place is buzzing with people and it truly is one of the most popular places to go in downtown Revelstoke. 

If you’re a coffee lover like us, Dose is your home away from home in Revy.

We’ve come here for years and it’s usually one of the first places we stop by when we visit Revy and the last place we go before we leave as well.

Dose roasts their own beans as well, so if you like making your own coffee at home as well, you can buy some to bring home with you.

In terms of food, you can see the Dose food menu here.

Dose is also great if you want a takeaway coffee (consider bringing your own mug) and explore the town or maybe go for a walk along the Greenbelt Path.

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#5 112 Restaurant and Lounge Revelstoke

  • Price: Soups start at $14 CAD and steaks start at $40 CAD
  • Cuisine: Steak, seafood, and other classy meals
  • Address: 112 1st Street E, Revelstoke, BC

If you’re looking for something a bit more high-end and classy in Revelstoke, this is the place!

112 Restaurant and Lounge is connected to the Regent Hotel in Revelstoke which is actually where we stayed during our most recent visit to Revelstoke.

Both the hotel and restaurant are excellent and perfectly located downtown Revy. 

When it comes to the food at 112 you can expect a great variety of steak and seafood.

It’s a great place if you enjoy the finer things in life and you’re looking for a nice place for a date night, a business meeting, or just want to try some of the best food in Revelstoke. 

You might even get lucky and end up having dinner during one of the nights with live music. For a second, you’re taken out of the small mountain town of Revelstoke and into a finer dining experience.

You can see 112 Restaurant and Lounge’s menu here.

It’s a great place to go for cocktails and drinks as well. Even if you aren’t dining at the restaurant, you can still go for a nice cocktail here.

#6 Craft Bierhaus Revelstoke

We shared the brisket with a side of mac and cheese and salad at Craft Bierhaus
  • Price: Salads from $15 and sandwiches from $17
  • Cuisine: Pub food, Texan cuisine, and delicious beers
  • Address: 107 2nd Street E, Revelstoke, BC

You’re probably thinking that the name of this place sounds German and you might be thinking it’s run by a German or a Canadian – but actually, it’s run by an American from Texas!

If you’re looking for some good smoked meat then this is the go-to place in Revelstoke. 

There’s a huge pub-like feel at the front of the restaurant but if you want (where we like to sit) you can go through the restaurant to the outdoor area in the back.

It feels a little hidden and quite a chill place to enjoy dinner in Revelstoke. 

The menu for Craft Bierhaus is rather simple with only a dozen or so options but everything is absolutely delicious. 

A lot of the items on the menu you can share as well. If you’re going with a friend you can easily share a salad, mac and cheese (delicious), and some smoked meat and you’ll be more than full!

It’s one of Revelstoke’s many gems and if you’re in town for a few nights or looking for a good meal then we can definitely recommend Craft Bierhaus in Revelstoke! 

Obviously, it isn’t called Bierhaus for no reason. While you’re here you can also enjoy a range of different tap beers from different BC breweries including a few local ones such as Mt. Begbie Brewing Company.

#7 Taco Club Revelstoke

  • Price: Quesadillas from $14 and burritos  from $17
  • Cuisine: Mexican
  • Address: 206 Mackenzie Avenue, Revelstoke, BC

Even in Revelstoke, you can find delicious Mexican food! Yes, we’re talking North American Mexican food but it’s absolutely delicious. 

From yummy tacos to burritos and all sorts of delicious starters you can find a variety of delicious items to eat at Taco Club.

They also have a great variety of hot sauce from Stoke the Fire, a local hot sauce brand here from Revy!

It wouldn’t be a taco restaurant if they didn’t have Taco Tuesday deals!

So Tuesday is always a good day to head to the Taco Club but of course, because of the discount, it does get quite busy on Tuesdays! 

The nice thing about most of the restaurants in Revelstoke is that they are only a few streets apart.

If you’re walking around town and Taco Club is full you can always hit up one of these other restaurants or cafes in Revy that are on this list!

It would be a shame to miss out on Taco Club though so make sure to come back a different day if that is the case.

You can check out Taco Club’s menu here to see what delicious food they offer. But to keep it simple it’s great Mexican food that works both for lunch and dinner!

#8 Kawakubo Sushi Revelstoke

Dom’s starting with the California Roll
  • Price: 6-piece rolls from $8 up to $21 for signature roles
  • Cuisine: Japanese sushi
  • Address: 109 1st Street E, Revelstoke, BC

We’re slowly making our way around the world with all the different types of cuisine you can find in Revelstoke. Next up is Japanese sushi! 

If you do end up staying at The Regent like we did then Kawakubo is literally just right across the street.

In the summer, you have the option to eat outside on the patio and enjoy the awesome view – or you can go inside for a more quiet dinner.

A little tip about Kawakubo is to get the dessert after lunch or dinner. They have the most delicious ice cream and it’s worth every penny!

Sushi and ice cream might seem like a weird combo but the flavours they have make it make sense!

Sushi is also a great meal if you’re not too hungry and want to share a bunch of different things with your partner or friends. 

That’s one of the reasons why we love going for sushi or tapas since you get the chance to try a bunch of different things and enjoy it with other people.

Add in an awesome view of the mountains surrounding you and you get the perfect dinner in Revelstoke! You can check out Kawakubo’s food menu here.

#9 Mackenzie Outpost Food

  • Price: Burgers and fries from $20
  • Cuisine: Cafeteria restaurant food
  • Address: Top of the Revelation Gondola (Revelstoke Mountain Resort)

For a little snack with a view, you can make your way up to Mackenzie Outpost!

There’s tons of fun activities to do on Revelstoke Mountain Resort in summer – and one of them is having a burger, fries, and maybe a little beer at the top!

You get an incredible view looking back down at the valley and mountains surrounding Revy! 

We’ve actually hiked up to Mackenzie Outpost from the bottom of Revelstoke Mountain Resort in the past which is a whole lot of fun.

There’s also the option to just ride up the gondola too (runs both in summer and during winter). 

If you do end up hiking like we did, you’ll definitely be craving that burger and fries after!

Even if you aren’t up for a hike, we highly recommend checking out Mackenzie Outpost during the summer months because the view from up there is unreal!

As for the winter season, if you’re planning to ski in Revelstoke then there’s a 100% chance you’re going to pass by Mackenzie Outpost because it is right next to the gondola. It’s a great place to relax after you shred some powder!

#10 La Baguette Revelstoke Cafe 

  • Price: Sandwiches range from $9 to $16
  • Cuisine: French-inspired sandwiches and cafe food
  • Address: 607 Victoria Road, Revelstoke, BC & 2950 Camozzi Rd, Revelstoke, BC (RMR)

This Revelstoke Artisan Bakery has taken the town by storm since 2009!

Once a little bakery where they made delicious homemade bread, they have now transformed into three shops in town!

The owners of La Baguette are loved in Revelstoke and for good reason.

Their main café in town is the go-to place for delicious sandwiches and bagels and just next door, you’ll find a small shop called Le Marché.

Le Marché is our go-to shop in town for cheese and they also have tons of local and exported goods.

Their last shop is La Petite Baguette which is located at the bottom of Revelstoke Mountain Resort. 

The place we’re talking about now is the OG location right downtown Revelstoke.

If you’re looking for a yummy breakfast sandwich and coffee or want a great place for lunch then La Baguette in Revelstoke is a great option.

You can stop by Le Marche after and check out all the delicious products they have! 

La Baguette is a Revelstoke staple and after a visit, you’ll understand why.

#11 Terra Firma’s Kitchen

Jo enjoying a salad at Terra Firma’s Kitchen
  • Price: Soup from $9 and burgers from $18
  • Cuisine: Farm-to-table cafe and restaurant 🌱
  • Address: 415 Victoria Rd, Revelstoke, BC

Terra Firma is a true farm-to-table restaurant in Revelstoke that sources their ingredients straight from their own Terra Firma Farm!

A fun little activity, while you’re in Revelstoke, can be to go to Terra Firma Farms and check out all their local products! 

Back at the restaurant, they have a wide variety of different dishes for breakfast and lunch.

You can see Terra Firma’s daily menu here to get an idea of the meals they offer! 

If you’re looking for a warm, heavy (but healthy) meal before a big day trip or after a morning of skiing, this place is perfect.

From different soups and salads to sandwiches and burgers they have an awesome variety of homey farm meals! 

They also have local bread and other goodies you can purchase and bring home.

It’s a great place to eat and it is very much in alignment with the values of Revelstoke: A small mountain town that continues to be more sustainable and uses the land they live on to produce great products.

Revelstoke is located on the territories of the Sinixt, the Secwepemc, the Syilx and the Ktunaxa Peoples. Learn more about the Indigenous Peoples of Revelstoke here.

#12 River City Pub & Patio

Dom at River City Pub back in June 2020
  • Price: Most meals from $20
  • Cuisine: Casual pub food
  • Address: 112 1st Street E, Revelstoke, BC

Live music, good vibes, outdoor patios, and yummy food is what you can expect from River City Pub & Patio.

This pub is also connected to Regent Hotel where we stayed during our most recent Revelstoke trip. 

This is very much a fun pub atmosphere restaurant. It’s a great place to sit outside on the patio and drink some beers during the warm summer months. 

Every time we’re back in Revy we always make our way back to River City. It’s a great vibe and in a nice central spot in Revy – and it offers a good variety of tasty pub food (and a great Happy Hour😉).

We also came here for coffee (it’s free for hotel guests) and lemonades while coworking during some of the less busy hours.

There are tons of different food options to pick between from yummy burgers to cauliflower bites and more. It’s a spot you can’t miss while you’re in town.

Here’s the menu for River City Pub in Revelstoke.

#13 Paramjit’s Kitchen

Dal Makhani and Naan Bread is always Jo’s go-to
  • Price: From $25 CAD
  • Cuisine: German, Thai, and Indian Cuisine (yes, you read that right)
  • Address: 116 1st Street W, Revelstoke, BC

This is probably the first time you’ve heard of German food being mixed with Indian! Paramjit’s is one of the fusion restaurants in Revelstoke that combines meals and ingredients from different cultures. 

You’ll still be able to get a standard curry or traditional chicken spaetzle – but on top of those traditional meals, you can also find some cool fusion meals.

We both went with traditional Indian meals (Jo’s a sucker for a good Dal Makhani) and the food was really good.

The vibe is very casual and it’s good if you’re looking for something relaxed for lunch or dinner. 

Like most restaurants in Revelstoke, this one is right downtown in a perfect location.

You can check out the menu at Paramjit’s Kitchen here (vegan options available).

Bars to visit in Revelstoke

If you’re looking to go out for a nice cocktail or drink after your meal, there are a few great options in Revelstoke. Some of our personal favourites are:

  • Monashee Spirits Craft Distillery for the best cocktails
  • Rumpus Beer Company for locally brewed beers
  • Chubby Funsters for cocktails and tap beers
  • The Village Idiot for good vibes and fun times

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Recap of the best cafés and restaurants in Revelstoke

It may be a small mountain town in BC but that doesn’t stop Revy from having some incredible restaurants.

They’re all quite unique in their own way which is one of many things we love about this place. It’s not all just classic pubs with burgers and fries (we do love that though), you can also get tacos, pizza, farm-to-table, and a whole lot more…

Revy also has fine dining options like 112 Restaurant and Lounge but they also have places like The Village Idiot that are perfect for an apres ski party.

We feel like there’s a great balance of different restaurants and cafes in town and you can easily find something that fits your taste preferences and cravings!

If you have any questions related to Revelstoke then feel free to reach out by sending us a DM on Instagram or leaving a comment below. 

Revy is our previous home and one of our favourite small mountain towns in BC – and hopefully soon to be one of yours too!

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