Of course, we were going to share a hike with a waterfall. All of our other hikes in and around Revelstoke are special but none of them have quite the waterfall that Begbie Falls has.

We did this hike on our last day in Revelstoke, so we didn’t really get to choose the weather, and unfortunately… It was raining but the waterfall at the end was more powerful than ever and it was still an awesome day exploring Revelstoke’s surroundings. 

If you’ve read some of our other posts you can tell Revelstoke is an outdoor paradise filled with adventurous activities. There are so many things to do in and around Revelstoke including Begbie Falls. (You can read our other Revelstoke posts right here.)

We actually tried to do it earlier in the season at the beginning of May but there was still a whole lot of snow on the trail. Especially the bits of the trail in the trees where sunlight only hits for a few hours a day.

Begbie Falls waterfall near Revelstoke.

Luckily we came back on our last day in Revelstoke and got to enjoy Begbie Falls at full force. With the rain and the spring runoff, the falls were really coming down. We spoke with a local and he said he’s never seen it that powerful before and he goes there all the time to walk his dogs in the area.

Rain or shine though you will have an awesome time exploring the area. The hike we did was Begbie Falls via Bluff Trail but there are tons of other awesome trails to explore in the area. Also, if you’re into climbing then this is one of the best areas in Revelstoke to go climbing. 

But now it’s time to go chasing waterfalls in Revelstoke. We tried our best to document the trip and get some photos. Unfortunately, with the rain it was a little difficult. Otherwise, the trail is an awesome little trek if you want to just get out in nature. You will enjoy some peace and quiet for a few hours exploring Begbie Recreational Area.

Practical information about Big Eddy Bluff Trail

Distance: 5 km return / 3.1 miles return
Elevation: 240 meters / 787 ft. elevation gain
Type: Out and back
Length: 1.5 – 2.5 hour return (not including breaks)
Difficulty: Easy – moderate
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Actual Begbie Falls Waterfall.

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Why you should hike down to Begbie Falls near Revelstoke

If there’s one hike you should do on a rainy day in Revelstoke then it’s Begbie Falls. Of course, you don’t want to get stranded up on top of a mountain while it’s raining but there’s nothing wrong with exploring a nice dense forest with an epic waterfall at the end while it’s raining.

We were a little bummed out when we started the hike but by the time we got to the falls, we were blown away with how much force all the water was coming down with. Even throughout the trail, you walk next to a little river and you could just hear how loud the current was the whole way.

Jo soaked by rain in Revelstoke
Jo hiking Begbie Falls.

On the other hand, if it’s not raining this is an excellent hike to do that’s very close to Revelstoke. It’s only about a 20-minute drive from the town of Revelstoke. As soon as you’re there you’ll feel the peacefulness of exploring the area.

The path itself is very well maintained. Even though some people tend to get lost we found that taking a picture of the trail map at the beginning of the hike helped us a bunch. Also if you have the app Trailforks then we definitely recommend using it. Trailforks helps with staying on the right trail with its GPS system and makes it easier for you to see where you’re going.

Besides maybe getting lost once or twice the path is very nice and easy to follow. There is little to no incline on the way there. Then it’s a bit of incline on the way back but for a very short period of time. You’ll be surrounded by some fantastic scenery and we’re sure you’ll enjoy your time out on the trail.

Here’s a map of the beginning of the trail

Here’s a picture of the beginning of the trail

Trailhead for Begbie Falls.

One reason we’ll always love Revelstoke is how close all these amazing hiking trails are from Revelstoke. You can drive as little as 15 minutes in any direction and end up in stunning National or Provincial parks and Begbie is no different.

To get to Begbie Falls, you will drive about 10 minutes south on Highway 23. Then you’ll see this parking lot for the Begbie Falls Recreational area on your left-hand side. The parking lot is quite obvious and you may even see some other cars there. It is a fairly busy area and other hikers like yourself or some climbers will most likely beenjoying one of the best places to climb in Revelstoke.

Before you start the hike we’d recommend taking a picture of the trail map. You can find right at the trailhead. It’s an easy trail to follow but there are quite a few side trails that lead to climbing spots and other side trails that won’t lead to the falls. So it’s actually quite easy to get lost and then you end up spending an extra half hour or so getting back. (This isn’t necessarily a bad thing since there are tons of awesome trails in the area.)

Hiking down to Begbie Falls Recreational area.

Directions while you’re on the Bluff Trail

The Bluff Trail is absolutely wonderful. The moment you step on the trail you’ll feel at ease. It’s a very easy and nice trail to hike on since it’s very well maintained. And as long as you stay right at every fork you shouldn’t get lost.

For the entire hike, you should always be fairly close to the stream. It will follow you on your right for the majority of the Bluff Trail and this stream is what Begbie Falls eventually turns into. So if the stream is powerful you can expect a nice waterfall at the end of it. If you look here on Trailforks you will be able to see the Bluff Trail. It’s a friendly 2 km downhill trail which leads you to the forest road.

Outdoor activity near Revelstoke.

Begbie Service Road to Begbie Falls

This is the only tricky part of the whole hike. Just because the signage is a little confusing and you don’t really know where to turn to find Begbie Falls. It took us a bit of trial and error but on the second path we took we ended up finding the falls.

So once you get off Bluff Trail onto a very visible forest service road you will instantly take a right. You will walk until the end of the service road which is the parking for Begbie Falls. Once you get to the parking lot you will take a left.

Views of Mount Begbie.

The trail will bring itself back into the forest with a steep decline right off the bat and from there the trail will lead you to the waterfall. Again just make sure to stay right and about 100 meters from the waterfall you will see an arrow pointing you in the right direction.

From there you will find the platform that overlooks Begbie Falls. It looks like it’s two different waterfalls because it splits into two. It makes for some fantastic but very wet pictures haha. We didn’t spend too much time at the falls because there are some other epic spots just around the corner.

So if you have time then definitely explore the area and check out some of the other trails nearby. The area isn’t too big so it’s not like you will get completely lost either but do go explore a little.

You may even notice that there are a bunch of camping spots too. So if you want somewhere to camp near Revelstoke for a night then the Begbie Recreational Area is a fabulous spot to camp out for a night or two.

Jo exploring Mount Begbie area.

Begbie Falls back to the trailhead

So this hike is best done as an in and out hike. Once you’ve done your exploring around the waterfall and the surrounding area then you can go back to the forest road.

From there you can connect back to the Bluff Trail and make your way back on the same trail you came in on. This time every chance you get you’ll stay left since it’s the opposite of when you came in. But you’ll notice the trail easily.

You may also see a bunch of other small trails with signs. The majority of those lead to some awesome climbing spots. So if you ever want to come back and climb you’ll know where to go.

Flowing water near Revelstoke

How to get there from Revelstoke

It’s a short little drive from downtown Revelstoke. It’s on the Begbie side so you will have to cross the bridge and head south on the 23.

  • It should only take about 15 minutes from downtown to drive to the trailhead.
  • Directions can be found here. Use those directions because if you put Begbie Falls into Google you will drive right to the actual car park on the forest road and won’t have much of a hike.
  • Like we mentioned before though the car park for the trailhead will be on your left side when you’re going south on the 23. You won’t miss it!
Begbie Falls near Revelstoke.

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Camping in Revelstoke

If you’re looking to camp in Revelstoke then we have a few recommendations. Echo Lake is an absolute beautiful place to camp but it’s a little out of town. So it’s worth going there for the full weekend. Where as Williamson Lake Campground is right in Revelstoke and super easy to get to.

Here is a post of a few camping places in Revy: 5 Gorgeous Spots for Camping in Revelstoke. A few are in town and actual campgrounds where others are just free campsites when you can drop a tent and stay the night. So you can see which campsite works best for you depending on how you’re travelling around.

Before you go

It doesn’t hurt to check the local bear warnings in and around Revelstoke. Especially since Revelstoke and its surrounding area are known for having bears wandering around the city and the local parks all the time. You can check out this site for any warnings and closures. But if you come prepared and you bring bear spray you should (hopefully 😉 ) be ok – as long as you know how to use it.

You can check the Revelstoke weather forecast here too to make sure the weather is in your favor. We went at the end of June and all the snow finally melted but we got soaked in rain. The trail was a little bit muddy but nothing some waterproof hiking boots couldn’t handle.

The hike is rather short and easy so there isn’t really anything else you need to worry about. Make sure to not forget your camera or phone to take some epic pictures by the falls.

Dom soaked and hiking in Revelstoke.

What to bring

It is a shorter hike so you don’t need to bring too much with you. We just brought a few snacks to enjoy as a little reward for getting out and exploring.

Ideas of what to bring:

  • Water is always nice to bring! If you have a Lifestraw you can fill it up in the freshwater stream along the hike (but please don’t fall in).
  • A few snacks (nothing better than enjoying snacks at the end of a hike).
  • Bear spray (Especially here in Grizzly territory)
  • A music player (to keep bears and other wildlife away, and for jammin’).
  • Hiking shoes are good for this hike (since it gets quite muddy).

We hope you enjoy Begbie Falls as much as we did. Even if you don’t get soaked in rain we’re sure you’ll have a great time, haha. Revelstoke has so many things to offer and we’re loving sharing all this information about this outdoor paradise with y’all.

If you love hiking, climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, or any other outdoorsy activity you can do it all in Revelstoke! We will continue to share amazing spots to camp and hike near Revelstoke so stay tuned for some more local hikes in the area right here.

Have fun!

Dom & Jo
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