Located at the foothills of the Pirin Mountains, Bansko is one of the most famous towns in Bulgaria! This ski-resort town and digital nomad hub in the south of Bulgaria is a must-add to your travel bucket list.

With a wide variety of hotels in Bansko, you can easily find a beautiful place to stay with beautiful views of the mountains and a spa to relax at after a full day of skiing or hiking.

For being a small mountain town in Bulgaria, there are a ton of things to do in Bansko. Try some delicious food at one of the many restaurants, soak up at one of the hot springs around town, or just relax at your hotel.

We personally love summer in Europe and there are so many fun things to do in summer in Bansko so don’t sleep on this mountain town during the summer!

In this post, you can find 5 mountain resort hotels in Bansko that are worth staying at if you plan to enjoy the town and explore all the different hiking trails, skiing, and Bulgarian culture.

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5 beautiful hotels in Bansko, Bulgaria

These 5 hotels in Bansko are all located relatively close to either the city center or the gondola.

Bansko is a fairly small town but it does (kind of) have two areas: the town center and the gondola. The two areas are connected though and if you walk from the beginning of the town center to the end of the gondola area, it is only a 20-30 minute walk.

The nice thing about Bansko is that everything is close by. No matter which area you stay in you’re never far from a restaurant, grocery store/convenience store, a warm cup of coffee, or a pub!

If you’re planning a ski trip to Bansko or just a little mountain getaway you might want to stay closer to the gondola so you have easy access to the slopes. The same goes if you’re coming to Bansko for hiking!

However, if you’re coming to Bansko as a digital nomad, you might want to stay closer to the town center as this is where nomads hang out and where most of the coworking places in Bansko are located.

#1 Amira Boutique Hotel

💰 Price: €90-130 a night
📍 Location: Gondola area
⭐️ Hotel Rating: 5 stars
🗣️ User Rating: 9.3
🌿 Sustainability? Travel Sustainable Level 2
👉🏼 Check out Amira Boutique Hotel prices & availability here

Amira Hotel is one of the only boutique hotels in Bansko and it’s located only 400 meters from the gondola. The location is perfect if you’re looking to go skiing or want to be close to the mountains. 

Amira is a really wonderful hotel with a pool, gym, and spa included which is awesome when you’re looking to relax after a big day of skiing or hiking. 

When it comes to high-end hotels in Bansko Amira is at the top of that list! 

It’s hard to say what’s the best part of staying at Amira since it has so much to offer…

There is a terrace where you can enjoy a nice view of the mountains from. You can also go to the spa where you’ll find an indoor pool, sauna room, and chill room. And then you have an in-house restaurant with amazing food!

Even all the bedrooms are well equipped with nice showers and bathtubs. So even though Bansko is an outdoor paradise there’s a good chance the hotel will keep calling you back.

What makes Amira Boutique Hotel unique?
Amira Boutique Hotel has one of the most beautiful spas in Bansko. It’s small and quaint but has everything you need to have a relaxing experience in Bansko.

Book your stay at Amira Boutique Hotel here

#2 Premier Luxury Mountain Resort

💰 Price: €110-170 a night
📍 Location: 1 km from the gondola
⭐️ Hotel Rating: 5 stars
🗣️ User Rating: 8.4
🌿 Sustainability? Travel Sustainable Level 1
👉🏼 Check out Premier Luxury Mountain Resort’s prices & availability here

The name of this hotel is very fitting for what you get! This hotel is a luxury mountain resort perfectly located in the Bulgarian Mountains.

This resort has everything you need from all-inclusive food to spas and both indoor and outdoor pools

Premier Luxury Mountain Resort is great if you’re coming to Bansko to truly relax and enjoy a nice weekend or a week away from the busy city life to get some quiet mountain time. 

You’ll definitely be able to make the most of the Premier Luxury Mountain Resort – and when you want to get out and explore you have everything you need within walking distance

The gondola is also only 1 kilometer from the hotel. Perfect for both skiing and hiking!

What makes Premier Luxury Mountain Resort unique?
Premier Luxury Mountain Resort has one of the best breakfast and dinner buffets in town.
It’s great if you’re going to ski or hike all day when you’ve really built up an appetite.

Book your stay at the Premier resort here 

#3 Gardenia Park Hotel

💰 Price: €75-85 a night
📍 Location: 300 meters from the center of Bansko
⭐️ Hotel Rating: 4 stars
🗣️ User Rating: 9.3
🌿 Sustainability? Travel Sustainable Level 1
👉🏼 Check out Gardenia Park Hotel’s prices & availability here

Gardenia Park Hotel is a great hotel in Bansko no matter the season! The hotel is located right by the park in the center of Bansko and close to restaurants, cafes.

There is also free transport included to the first gondola at the ski resort. 

There are definitely a few things that make Gardenia Hotel in Bansko stand out. One thing we love about this place (like some of the other hotels in town) is that it has a really nice modern spa that you can come back and relax at after your day out and about exploring Bansko.

Gardenia is a great place to stay in Bansko. With a continental breakfast and a restaurant at the hotel, you don’t need to go far to get some nice food in Bansko.

What makes Gardenia Park Hotel unique?
The location of Gardenia Park Hotel in Bansko has to be one of the highlights of this place.
Located right in the park downtown next to the city center it’s the perfect location to be in the heart of this mountain resort.

Book your Gardenia Park Hotel here 

#4 Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena Bansko

💰 Price: €150-300 a night
📍 Location: Gondola
⭐️ Hotel Rating: 5 stars
🗣️ User Rating: 9.3
🌿 Sustainability? Travel Sustainable Level 2
👉🏼 Check out Kempinski Hotel’s prices & availability here

Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena in Bansko is the creme-de-la-creme when it comes to hotels in Bansko. 

Nothing tops Kempinski in Bansko and that’s why you do pay a slight premium compared to the other hotels in the area but you’ll quickly understand why. 

From Kempinski, you can ski in and ski out to 157 alpine-styled rooms at this 5-star resort. You can’t go wrong with splurging a bit of money and enjoying the finer things during your stay in Bansko.

No matter if it’s summer or winter there’s always something unique and special to do here. It could be anything from a special dinner with a new cuisine to some fun event.

There’s always something fun going on at Kempinski.

What makes Kempinski Hotel Grand unique?
Kempinski is the only ski-in ski-out hotel in Bansko!
If you’re planning a winter getaway there’s nothing better than being right on the ski hill.

Book your stay at the Kempinski Hotel here 

#5 Boutique Hotel Uniqato Bansko

💰 Price: €45-70 a night
📍 Location: Gondola
⭐️ Hotel Rating: 3 stars
🗣️ User Rating: 9.0
🌿 Sustainability? N/A
👉🏼 Check out Boutique Hotel Uniqato’s prices & availability here

Hotel Uniqato is a boutique hotel located near the gondola in Bansko. It’s in a bit quieter area but still very close to where all the fun after skiing is.

So you can really relax and enjoy the sauna and steam bath (that’s included in the hotel stay) when you need it, and when you feel like partying you only have a short walk to where the fun is happening.

This hotel is definitely the best bank for your dollar in Bansko as it is quite affordable and still offers plenty of different amenities. 

Restaurant Victoria is located on the first floor of the hotel where you can try some delicious Bulgarian and international dishes. 

For breakfast, you can enjoy a nice breakfast at the hotel before heading out for a day of skiing or hiking, enjoying the fresh mountain air of Bansko.

What makes Hotel Uniqato unique?
Hotel Uniqato is located in a super quiet and central part of Bansko with a very modern and boutique interior design that makes for an awesome stay in this mountain resort town.

Book your Boutique Hotel Uniqato stay here

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Recap of 5 of the best hotels in Bansko

All of these hotels are unique in their own way but we tried our best to focus on options that are either focusing on sustainability or with fun and unique features at a reasonable price.

All 5 of these hotels range in price but they are all great hotels in Bansko that we recommend to anyone looking for a good stay in this small town near the Pirin National Park.

Hopefully at least one of these will fit what you’re looking for for your stay in one of Bulgaria’s most beautiful mountain and ski towns.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the mountains or hotels in Bansko. You can leave a comment below or DM us on Instagram.

We’re pretty quick to reply to both so any questions we’ll be here to help you out.

Enjoy Bansko and the Pirin Mountains!

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