Stramberk truly is a hidden gem of the Czech Republic. Even many Czechs don’t know about it and have never been to Stramberk before. Our goal is to help change that. This cozy little town situated in North Moravia is one of the hidden gems worth visiting if you’re in Ostrava or passing through this part of the country.

From beer spas to delicious pizza, beautiful sunsets over the rolling hills, and the famous “Stramberk Ears” there’s lots to explore in this small town. After reading about the things to do and where to stay in Stramberk there’s a good chance you’ll want to stay here for at least one night. Let’s see!

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Spending a day in the beautiful village of Stramberk

The beauty of Stramberk is that even though it is a small town you can easily fill your day with awesome cultural activities like relaxing in a beer bath and trying some delicious Stramberk cookies (these are very famous). 

Walking through the cozy little village gives you this storybook feel and just being in Stramberk is a joy. Our first impression of Stramberk was actually that it reminded us of a Czech version of some of the small Portuguese villages we’ve seen during our travels in Portugal. To say we were pleasantly surprised would be an understatement!

Going to Stamberk is doable as a day trip from Prague but we recommend spending at least one night in one of the hotels in Stramberk to fully enjoy your time here. From Ostrava, this is a much more manageable day trip since it’s much closer to the city. But again, we really recommend staying at least one night here!

Start your day with a coffee and a sweet at Cukrárna U Hezounu

Dom and Lada (the owner) standing in front of Cukrárna U Hezounu

In the Czech Republic, there are these famous cookies that you can find in grocery stores around the country. They’re called Strambersky Usi (Translated: Stramberk Ears) and they originate from this little town. They are these kinds of sweet cinnamon cookies that remind you of Christmas!

If you want to try the original Stramberk Ears, head to Cukrárna U Hezounu! You can find similar cookies all over the country but they are not allowed to use the name Strambersky Usi. Cukrárna U Hezounu uses a special recipe with a secret ingredient and it goes back many generations.

One of the fascinating things about Cukrarna U Hezounu is that they make the cookies right there on the first floor. Then they have a little coffee shop right below where you can purchase these famous Czech cookies and try a bomb hot chocolate 💣🔥🍫 !

The cookies are probably one of the things Stramberk is most famous for. The story behind these cookies dates back to the 1200s. It is quite an interesting one which hopefully a local who speaks English can tell you about. 

You can learn more about the story behind the Stramberk Ears here. Visiting the cukrárna (sweet shop) is also a great way to start the day before exploring and walking around this little village.

Short hike to the top of Bila Hora

Now you have an excuse to eat as many sweets and pastries as you want at Cukrarna U Hezounu! This is by no means a crazy hike as it takes just over an hour to get up to the viewpoint and return. 

You can start the walk directly from the coffee shop if you follow this trail map up to Bila Hora (White Mountain) here. It’s a little hike where you can go to the top of this lookout tower and see all of Stramberk. 

The lookout tower opening hours and price guide can be found here. You can also skip out on the lookout tower and just hike to the top of Bila Hora and then make your way back to town for some more exploring and lunch.

Delicious lunch at Pizzeria Piccolo 

Pizzeria Piccolo in Stramberk

When you think of eating lunch at a small town in the Czech Republic you probably wouldn’t think of pizza but Pizzerie Piccolo is just too good to pass up on! The atmosphere and decor of this place is so unique you would almost think you’re in an art studio or some sort of cafe. And their pizzas are delicious!

BE AWARE! The pizzas are HUGE so if there are two of you then it’s best to share one because there’s no way a human can eat a full one to themselves here.

Their lemonades and drinks are also really good. We only have good things to say about this place and we would go back and eat there in a heartbeat if I could. The pizza was that good! 

Since Stramberk is so small you can walk everywhere and this place is right next to the main square of Stramberk! Pizzerie Piccolo must-stop during your visit to Stramberk, especially if you love good pizza!

Check out Pizzerie Piccolo’s reviews on Tripadvisor here.

Checkout the view from the top of Stramberk Castle Tower

Stramberk as seen from the castle tower

Time to burn some calories again after munching on some Pizza! You’ll notice the Stramberk Castle isn’t far at all since it’s basically connected to the main square. You can walk to it in a few minutes from Piccolo’s Pizzeria. 

Take in the views from the bottom of the castle but we do recommend coming back here for sunset so for now, you can just make your way to the castle to see the view from the castle tower. 

You’ll find more information about the Stramberk Castle here including its opening hours, entrance fee, and history. It’s a rather small tower so it doesn’t take long to walk up but there are many interesting things to see inside the tower such as photos, exhibitions, and artifacts.

From the top, you’ll get a panoramic view, similar to the one from Bila Hora where you’ll be able to see all of Stramberk (unless you go on a foggy day like us, haha).

The area is really nice because there are plenty of rolling green hills and lots of nature around! It’s also a good way to burn off the huge pizza! 😉

Enjoy a beer spa with an incredible view

Enough walking and exploring for one day! It’s time to enjoy one of the coolest things in Stramberk: Relaxing in a bathtub full of beer. It’s not exactly beer you’ll be bathing in but they use some of the ingredients from the beer-making process and mix it into the tub that’s full of hot water. Add some bubbles, and voila! You have yourself a beer bath! 

The best part is that there’s a tap where you can pour your own beer and drink as much as you like while you’re in the tub. If that doesn’t scream Czech Republic then I don’t know what does! Since the Czech Republic is the beer-drinking capital of the world, a beer bath makes complete sense!

It’s such a relaxing experience even if you don’t like beer that much. The Stramberk Spa Resort is beautiful and the rooms where the baths are are very well designed to fit the setting and it’s just super peaceful! 

Once you’re out of the bath you’ll have another hour or so to enjoy time in the relaxation room. The room is simply there to relax, drink beer (so remember to fill up before you leave the tub), and enjoy the view overlooking Stramberk. Sounds like heaven, right?

The best part is that the Stramberk Spa has a hotel connected to it (Štramberk Spa Hotel). That’s where we spent the night and it was fantastic. So if you do plan to stay the night in Stramberk you can look into staying the Stramberk Hotel as well. It so nice once you’re done at the spa you can just walk back to your room, shower, change, and get ready for dinner.

Yummy Czech dinner at the Stramberk Spa Resort

If you end up staying at the Stramberk Spa Hotel you’ll only have to walk a few steps down to dinner. The Stramberk Spa Restaurant is located on the main floor of one of their two buildings. It’s a standard Czech restaurant and a perfect place to spend an evening in this little quiet village. 

They have a variety of delicious Czech meals along with some more international meals so there should hopefully be options for everyone here. If you would like some wine on top of the beer you just had at the spa then you’re in luck. At the restaurant, you can test out some local wines from the region and other parts of Czech. The Moravian region of the Czech Republic is the wine part of the country so give one of those wines a try!

One last viewpoint for sunset near the castle

Sunset as seen from the Stramberk Castle

Our little guide to a day in Stramberk consists of a lot of walking, eating, and viewpoints. So now we’re going to finish the night off with one last viewpoint before calling it a day. Only about a 5-minute walk up the stairs from the Stramberk Spa Resort, you’ll find the castle walls right below the Stramberk Castle. Here you can get an awesome view of the sunset!

It’s not as high up as the castle tower but it’s a beautiful spot right on the edge of the castle grounds where you see green fields, rolling hills, and small countryside houses scattered all around. 

Of course the time the sun sets will be drastically different say in July compared to late October so you may have to go before dinner to catch the sunset in the later months of the year. Then in summer, you’ll be fine to go later in the evening! You can check what time the sun sets in Stramberk here.

It’s the perfect way to end off a magical day in Stramberk. It really does have a magical feel to it from the castle to the street lights that come to life at night.

Where to stay in Stramberk

Our room at Stramberk Spa Resort

Stramberk is a small town with only a few places and hotels to stay at! We stayed at the Stramberk Spa Resort so we can only really recommend this place but it was really good so we’re happy to. The rooms are spacious, the beds are comfy, and the interior design fits perfectly in with the fairytale town.

It’s nice that the Stramberk Spa Hotel is located right on the main square. It has the beer spa and a restrarant connected to it so it is really convenient. For one night the Stramberk Spa Resort is the perfect place to stay!

Check out their reviews and book your stay here.

How to get to Stramberk

Prague to Stramberk:

Ostrava to Stramberk:

Brno to Stramberk:

Best time to visit Stramberk

Since a lot of the activities are weather dependent like exploring the main square, hiking up to Bila Hora, and walking around the castle grounds it’s nice to come when the weather is nice. Then again a beer spa can be cozy on a cold winter day!

With Stramberk it’s really hard to say when the best time to visit is but we would recommend going sometime later in the summer or early fall. That way you can still walk around and see everything without being too cold. Then in the late afternoon or evening, you can enjoy a nice beer spa, dinner, and hopefully catch a beautiful sunset.

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Recap of spending a day in Stramberk

It’s small, cozy, and quiet but you can easily spend a full day enjoying yourself in Stramberk! The Strambersky Usi (local cookies) and the Stramberk Spa are definitely the highlights of this beautiful village. 

Don’t forget to stop by Piccolo’s for pizza and check out the viewpoints to really take it all in. And if you have the time it’s worthwhile spending one night in this cozy town to see and experience everything Stramberk has to offer.

Stramberk is a beautiful place and we really hope more people who visit the Czech Republic will get a chance to visit this hidden gem. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about Stramberk or the Czech Republic in general. You can DM us directly on Instagram or leave a comment below.

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