Prague, the beautiful city in the heart of Europe that takes your heart every time you come to visit. Or in our case made us move here twice! It feels like we’ve explored the city a million times now and we always find new amazing sunset spots in Prague that are worth mentioning. 

In this post, you can find some classic sunset spots in Prague where all the tourists go, a few hidden gems, and then some local favourites we have found and love going to. We’re here to share them all because whether you live here or are just spending a weekend in Prague we want you to experience it all.

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13 incredible sunset spots in Prague that are worth visiting

During the peak of summer, you can see most expats and locals head to the hills for the best sunset spots in Prague. The beauty of Prague is that the Old Town is down in the valley and lots of the neighbourhoods are in the hills up above. 

Because of this, there’s a bunch of great parks, rooftops, and bars around the city where you can watch the sunset over the castle. On the good days when the sun sets behind the castle and the sky turns pink and orange it doesn’t even feel real.

We hope you get a chance to experience this!

#1 Riegrovy Sady – Park sunset

A beautiful sunset photo from Riegrovy Sady.

Google map location: Riegrovy Sady sunset spot in the park

This is one of our favourite spots in the city. Riegrovy Sady is such an amazing park and the view that you get of Old Town and Prague Castle is incredible. 

Over the years this park has become increasingly more popular especially in the evenings for sunset. Crowds of expats and locals end up hanging out at the park, listening to music, drinking beer, and enjoying the awesome view. 

It’s the perfect spot if you’re looking for somewhere easy and free to watch the sunset in Prague.

#2 Havlickovy Sady – Vineyard sunset

Google map location: Havlickovy Sady sunset viewpoint

From this spot, you don’t directly see the sunset from the Havlicek viewpoint, but you get all the vibrant colours of the sky – especially when there are a few clouds around. It’s an awesome place to hang out in the evening while the sun is going down. The way the sun hits this side of the city is just beautiful to see. 

The best part is you can grab a takeaway pizza at Papa Gusto and bring it to this viewpoint. You can sit on one of the benches and enjoy the view overlooking the Grebovka Vineyard. 

Again, you don’t actually get to see the sunset from the viewpoint but it’s still magical in its own way. The pizza, vineyard (where you can buy wine), and less busy area make for the perfect place to spend the evening.

#3 Strecha Radost Bar – Rooftop sunset

Strecha Radost rooftop bar.
A guy sitting down at the Radost rooftop bar in Prague.
Strecha radost rooftop bar in Prague.

Google map location: Strecha Radost rooftop bar for sunset

If it weren’t for having local friends we’d have no idea this place even existed. Strecha Radost is on the roof of this very communist-looking building. The building itself (Dum Radost) is quite popular because of the cafe inside and the office spaces.

But the fact that there’s a rooftop bar at the top no one would ever guess. Our favourite part about this rooftop is that it’s hands down one of the hidden gems for watching the sunset in Prague. It’s easy to get to if you know where you’re going but still a little out of the way. 

You have to pay an entry fee of 50 CZK/$2.5 to get in (this is the standard price, it might change if there’s an event). The entry fee includes a very generous glass of wine or beer! The fact that you’re on the roof of a building overlooking all of Prague makes it absolutely worthwhile.

It’s a spot most tourists or travellers don’t end up checking out. If you get the chance it doesn’t even have to be for sunset but it’s totally worth going for a drink up at Strecha Radost.

#4 Zizkov TV Tower – Restaurant sunset

Famous Zizkov tv tower in Prague.

Google map location: Zizkov TV tower restaurant for sunset

Ready for a fancy spot to watch the sunset in Prague? This post is inside the second ugliest building in the world. No joke! For some reason, the Zizkov TV tower is the second ugliest building in the world. I guess it stands out?

Anyways, there’s a beautiful restaurant in the tv tower. It’s called Oblaca and literally overlooks all of Prague. Just to warn you it is on the more expensive side for Prague standards but still very affordable for what you get compared to other capital cities in Europe.

Whether it’s for a nice night out or a date then Oblaca is a great place to watch the sunset. Where else can you enjoy an incredible dinner overlooking one of the most beautiful cities in Europe? Oh, and the sunset sets right in front of your eyes. Heaven!

#5 Charles Bridge – River sunset

Beautiful photo of Charles Bridge in Prague.

Google map location: Charles bridge for sunset

This may or may not be the most touristy spot to watch a sunset in Prague but also one of the best. It’s going to be completely hit or miss with how busy the bridge will be. Some nights it’s busier than others.

The highlight of watching the sunset while standing on Charles Bridge is that you have the castle right in front of your eyes. You have the Vltava river flowing beneath you and all the beautiful buildings surrounding you. 

It’s not a spot we go often for sunset but if you’re in Old Town and want to experience something worthwhile then it’s the spot.

#6 Vltava dinner cruise – boat sunset

Photo from a river cruise in Prague.

Since we’ve mentioned the Vltava River a few times we can’t skip out on mentioning a dinner cruise on the Vltava. One of the best parts of the dinner cruise is that you get a front-row seat to the sunset over Prague Castle. 

There are a few options but honestly, they’re all worth what you pay for. There are quite a few dinner cruises with different prices so if you want something a bit more budget you can find that but there are also some fancier cruises as well.

We recommend this evening buffet river cruise because it has a glass roof which makes it perfect for sunset, the price isn’t too expensive, and the buffet is great! The reviews speak for themselves!

Day cruises are fun as well but it’s totally worth doing an evening cruise. A Prague sunset on the Vltava is one of the things we always recommend to friends when visiting. We hope you enjoy the calm and relaxing evening on the river.

#7 Dancing House rooftop – Rooftop sunset

Iconic photo of the Dancing House in Prague, Czech Republic.

Google map location: Dancing House rooftop bar for sunset

Many people know of the famous Dancing House in Prague. It’s one thing to take a picture of it from the outside but the real magic lies up inside on the rooftop. 

If you enter through the lobby and take the elevator to the top floor you’ll find this awesome little rooftop bar. 

There’s an entrance fee to get in which is a drink of your choice! You just buy a drink and then you can go inside. If you don’t want a drink, you can pay 100 CZK (but this is often more than the price of a drink).

The Dancing House is seriously one of the best sunset spots in Prague. Some evenings it’s not even that busy and you have this wonderful rooftop basically to yourself. 

The rooftop bar overlooks the city and Prague Castle as well. So stop by during the day for a cool picture of this unique building but come back in the evening for a drink and a pretty sunset view.

#8 Duplex Club and Restaurant – Prague sunset

A couple having a drink at Duplex Club and Restaurant in Prague.

Google map location: Duplex Club and Restaurant for sunset

Duplex Club is right on Wenceslas Square and it is one of the best rooftop restaurants in the city. Before it turns into a nightclub you can enjoy a nice fancy cocktail overlooking the city.

If you’re celebrating a birthday or want a fancy night out then Duplex is the spot for you and your friends. It’s better to reserve your table in advance because it can get quite busy. Especially in the evenings for sunset. 

Enjoy a cocktail or two overlooking the city and one of Prague’s most famous locations, Wenceslas Square. We don’t go to Duplex often but when we do we always have a great time dressing up and enjoying a night in the city.

#9 Petrin Tower – Viewpoint sunset

View of Petrin Tower in Prague, Czech Republic.

Google map location: Petrin Tower observatory deck for sunset

This isn’t one of the regular spots to watch a sunset in Prague. If you’re feeling a little adventurous and want to see the city from above while the sun is coming down then it’s worth making the trip to the Petrin Tower

The tower is located in the beautiful Petrin Park that overlooks the city. At this point, you might be thinking “How many parks are there in Prague?” A LOT!

To get to the top of the Petrin Tower you have to pay a fee of 150 CZK/$7. It’s totally worth it if you’re not scared of heights. Especially for sunset. 

If you’re not feeling the climb up to the top of the tower you can also go to one of the many viewpoints in Petrin Park that overlooks the city and watch the sunset from there.

#10 Vysehrad Park – Prague sunset

Google map location: Vysehrad Park for sunset

From one side of the river to the other, this is another viewpoint overlooking the city. The beauty of Vysehrad Park is that you’re a bit out of the city and can get the full view of Prague. 

Along the edge of the park where the fortress walls are is where you can find the best spot to watch the sunset. It’s a beautiful area that overlooks the Vltava River and the city of Prague. And then you’ll have the Vysehrad Castle right behind you.

On evenings where the clouds turn to magic and turn the sky all colourful there’s no better place to be than at Vysehrad Park. People know about this spot but it’s not nearly as busy as some of the other places mentioned.

#11 Stalin – Viewpoint sunset

Google map location: Stalin viewpoint for sunset

The name is weird but there did in fact used to be a Stalin monument on the top of this view point. That’s long gone now though and now it’s officially one of the cooler places to hang out in the evenings. Skaters, expats, and tourists all come here to enjoy the cool view of Old Town and the Vltava River bending around the city. 

Stalin is always busy with skateboarders, locals walking their dogs, and people hanging out sipping on drinks and enjoying the views. The fact you can see most of the city from Stalin makes it a popular place for visitors to check out.

You can also walk around Letna Park and find some other great spots to sit and watch the sun go down. One of the other really good viewpoints is only a few minutes from Stalin. Here’s the other Letna viewpoint.

#12 Parukarka Park – Chill sunset

Beautiful view from Parukarka park in Prague.

Google map location: Parukarka Park for sunset

Somehow we didn’t know about Parukarka Park the entire first year we lived in Prague. But once we went up there for the first time and explored the park that sits above Zizkov, we became regular visitors.

The views from this park are absolutely incredible and it’s way less touristy than all other parks in Prague. We usually bring some drinks and snacks and spend hours hanging out, playing games, and eating while taking in the views of Prague.

Hopefully, you get a chance to visit Parukarka for sunset. You won’t be disappointed by the view over Prague. Just remember to bring snacks! =)

#13 Strecha Lucerny – Rooftop sunset

Google map location: Strecha Lucerny rooftop bar for sunset

Last but not least is Strecha Lucerny. It’s another rooftop that has been transformed into a bar like Strecha Radost mentioned above. This rooftop trend is becoming quite popular in Prague, and we’re here for it!

One thing to consider is that there is a 100 CZK/$4 fee to get up to the rooftop. The nice thing is the money goes into preserving the rooftop and hopefully keeping it around for a while. 

The food and drinks are relatively cheap though. We recommend making a full evening out of it if you’re going there already. Strecha Lucerny closes at 10pm so it’s perfect to watch the sunset. 

Lucerna Rooftop is also centrally located and they always have some sort of music or event going on. Enjoy the good vibes, beautiful views, and awesome rooftop concept at Lucerna.

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Summary of all the different sunset spots in Prague

There are so many incredible viewpoints, sunset spots, and parks worth checking out if you want the perfect sunset in Prague. It’s one of the many things we love about living in Prague

So if you’re looking for a chill night in the park you have Letna, Parukarka, or Riegrovy. Or you can treat yourself to a nice evening at one of the rooftop bars. 

The opportunities are endless in Prague and there are tons of other great hidden spots in Prague that you’ll only find by walking around the city.

We hope you get a chance to visit at least a few of these places and if you have any questions about them then please DM us on Instagram or drop a comment below. We love hearing about your personal experiences in Prague and the places you get to visit.

Have fun!

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