If you’re like us, one of the first things we do when we visit a new city is to explore the cafe options. Not just because we love ourselves a good cafe latte, but also because we need a place to work from while we travel! After living in the Czech Republic for two years, we’ve scooped out some of the best cafes to work at in Prague.

Although there are plenty of coworking spaces and shared work offices in Prague, there’s just something special about working at cafes as well.

We love the vibe and atmosphere at cafes and the smell of fresh coffee. We love finding quiet, hidden-away gems but also busy community-driven cafes as well. Luckily, the beautiful city of Prague has cafes for everyone including some of the best cafes to work at we have encountered.

In the list below, you will find a list of 12 amazing cafes from a coworking perspective. We also love exploring cafes in our free time but during the week we usually go to cafes to work, get stuff done. Just to get out of the house, you know. Working at cafes really brings creativity and a different perspective to our work and that’s why we love it!

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12 of the best cafes to work at in Prague

The 12 coffee shops below really stand out for us. They all have friendly staff, a good atmosphere, and most importantly, they don’t mind remote workers hanging out and getting work on their laptops. (It’s the worst when the staff is just waiting for you to leave, ughhh).

When we go to work at cafes, we usually try and buy something every 60-90 minutes. This is because we don’t want to take advantage of these coffee shops. It’s good to support local businesses! However, if you’re either on a budget and can’t really afford to spend a lot of money, or if you order a meal or something a bit more expensive then staying for longer likely isn’t a problem.

Prague has so many good cafes but these 12 are definitely the ones that are the best for coworking in our opinion. Most of them are spacious, laptop-friendly, have good wifi, and everything you need to have a productive work day.

Let’s dive in!


CafeDu coworking space in Prague
Cafedu coworking space in Prague

If you’re following us on Instagram you’ve definitely been spammed once or twice by us about Cafedu. It’s probably the most regular cafe in Prague we visit. 

Cafedu is located really close to our favourite part of town, Vinohrady, and it is easily accessible by public transport. Our favourite part about this cafe is the fact that it has super friendly staff (Jakub, you’re the best) and GREAT coffee!

It’s such a nice cafe to work at because there is so much room. There’s two floors and plenty of tables with lots of space. So you actually don’t feel like you’re taking up too much space at the cafe from regular guests. Plus most people who go there are coming to work, study, or do something on their laptops just like you.

Want to spend even more time at Cafedu? They actually have their own coworking space that you can buy a monthly membership to. We’ve never bought it because we are always on the move. We do have a few friends who use it and absolutely love it so we highly recommend it.

All in all, it’s an awesome cafe in Prague to work at and we only have good things to say about Cafedu. The desserts are also exceptional. So if you have a sweet tooth one day give one of their cakes a go.

Check out Cafedu’s Instagram here.

The Kavárna

This cafe has a special place in our hearts. It’s just down the road from our old place in Prague that we absolutely loved. The Kavárna is honestly one of our favourite coffee shops in Prague. If you’re looking for a cafe to spend an hour or two at then this is it.

It’s on a nice quiet street in Vinohrady close to tram lines and walking distance from anywhere in Prague 2. The Kavarna itself isn’t too big but most of the time people get coffee for the road or sit outside when the weather is nice. For that reason, there’s usually room inside where you can sit and work.

There’s always good music playing and the staff is friendly. You rarely feel like you’re taking up too much space either because it doesn’t get too busy inside.

It’s not the type of cafe where you’re going to connect and meet people. It’s the type of cafe to get some work done in a cozy environment.

You can check out The Kavárna on Instagram here.

The Miners Coffee in Vinohrady

Photo of the coworking space in the Miner Coffee shop in Vinohrady, Prague.
Photo of a man on his laptop at Miners Coffee shop.

From the moment you get inside of the Miners, you can instantly feel you’re in the cool and hip part of town. It’s always filled with expats and locals. People are always chatting and hanging out with each other while waiting for a coffee to bring to either JPZ square or Riegrovy Sady.

One thing we really like about The Miners is that they have quite a bit of space. Usually you can always see people working and getting stuff done on their laptops. So depending on the time of day there should be some room for you to get work done. 

Even though it’s quite busy and can be a little distracting if you’re trying to get work done it’s also a nice change of pace. It’s a good cafe to spend some time in if you’re trying to get your creative side to come out. We love the energy and the vibe at the Miners. 

They also have a few other locations around the city that are worth checking out. We personally love the Vinohrady location just because of where it’s located but they are all great and run by the same owners.

If you want to get a feel for the Miners and the delicious food and coffee they have you can check out The Miners Instagram here. You won’t be disappointed! 😉

Coffee Corner Bakery

Photo of the food and coffee at the Coffee Corner Bakery in Vinohrady, Prague.
Photo of the food and coffee at the Coffee Corner Bakery in Vinohrady, Prague.

Coffee Corner Bakery is the coziest place ever. They usually have some chill jazz music playing in the background and we’re here for it. You can sit next to the fire or find a comfy chair somewhere in the cafe. The atmosphere is awesome and it’s one of the reasons why we keep coming back.

CCB is super laptop-friendly and the wifi is great. We usually try to go on weekdays when it’s not as busy so it’s easier for us to sit and get work done for a few hours.

The staff is super friendly and the food is seriously delicious. We love to bring our laptops and get work done during the week but it’s also an awesome place to come eat at on the weekend for brunch or just a little afternoon date.

The cafe is conveniently located on Korunni Street where a bunch of trams go to. It’s super easy to get to via metro and tram. If you want to get a feel for the vibe, and sneak peek at the delicious food, then check out Coffee Corner Bakery’s Instagram here.

Kafe Atrium

This fancy cafe is run by 3 awesome ladies. They really take pride in their cafe – and you can feel that from the moment you enter the door. It’s hidden away in Zizkov, one of Prague’s coolest neighbourhoods in our opinion. 

Kafe Atrium is a hidden gem for expats and locals. It’s never too busy during the day so it’s easy to get some work done there while enjoying your coffee. It’s not too spacious but they have an outdoor seating area too which is great in the summer.

The food and coffee are delicious and the ladies who run the place are always down to chat. The vibe is great and if you’re really in the mood to be productive and get some work done then you can find a seat inside or outside and enjoy the peace and quiet at Kate Atrium.

Once you come here once you’ll probably become a regular customer in no time. If you want a feel of what Once you come here once you’ll probably become a regular customer in no time. If you want a feel of what Kafe Atrium is like you can check out their Instagram here.

Loft Cafe Karlin

One of the best cafes to work at in Prague and a delicious coffee to show.
Delicious deserts from one of the best cafes to work at in Prague.

If you’re looking for a trendy and spacious cafe to work at in Karlin then consider the Loft Cafe. Karlin tends to be forgotten at times but Karlin is one of those up-and-coming neighborhoods in Prague.  

With more and more young people moving out that way, lots of cool restaurants and cafes are popping up over there and that’s exactly where the Loft comes in.

They have a bunch of space for coworking and don’t even get us started on their desserts. You can find it on the main floor or make your way up to the loft where there’s also plenty of room. You may think you’ll only be there for an hour or two but the temptations from all the yummy desserts will keep you there all afternoon.

The staff is young and fun and the lighting and everything really brings the Loft alive. It’s full of energy and a great place to get stuff done. Check out the Loft’s Instagram here to see what you’re missing out on.

Zizkavarna Cafe

Fun fact! Zizkavarna in Zizkov and The Kavarna in Vinohrady have the same owners. So it’s no surprise that we love this cafe as well. We used to live in Zizkov back in the day and Zizkavarna was a place we’d often spend a lot of time at. 

It’s not the biggest cafe but during the day you can usually find a window seat or a small table to get some work done. The vibe inside is really chilled out and even though it’s usually quite full it never seems too loud in there. 

We’re going to say this about every single one of the places but Zizkavarna is honestly one of our favourite little cafes in Prague. We love to go cowork there but sometimes we just like to walk by and grab a coffee and bring it to Riegrovy Sady, the park just down the street.

Everything is great at Ziz and if you want to see it for yourself before you go, you can check out the Zizkavarna Instagram page here. We hope you love this little cafe as much as we do.

Pro tip: If you pick up their stamp loyalty card, this works for both Zizkavarna and the Kavarna. Woop!

Cafe Letka

Cafe Letna is one of the best cafes in Prague to work from.
Beautiful picture of Cafe Letna in Prague.
Cafe Letka in Prague.

If you’re ever north of the Vltava river and in Letna you have to check out Cafe Letka. Sometimes we go to Letna just to go visit this cafe. It can be really busy at times and prices are a bit higher than in other places but it’s totally worth it. 

During the summer months, you can sit on the window sill with the windows open and it’s just such a vibe. There isn’t too much seating but if you are there during the week for a few hours in the middle of the day you should be able to find some room to sit. 

The coffee is great and the staff is lovely. We love the atmosphere and just hanging out at Cafe Letka even if we’re not working. The interior is a bit old school and boutique which adds a lot of character and we love it.

It’s a great coffee shop to work at in Prague but it’s also a great place to go for brunch on the weekend. Make sure you make a reservation in advance though because it gets BUSY on the weekends!

Check out what Cafe Letka is dishing up on their Instagram.

Dos Mundos

Dos Mundos cafe in Prague.
Picture of a chair at Dos Mundos Cafe in Prague.
Swing chair at Dos Mundos in Prague.

Dos Mundos is located in Letna not too car from Cafe Letka. You may have seen pictures from it before because there’s a swing inside! Maybe not the best seat if you want to come and get work done but it’s fun to check it out and swing for a second or two. Or you can just come and hang out without getting work done! 😉

Dos Mundos in Letna is a great spot to get work done. It’s not the biggest cafe but you can usually find a seat at one of the tables in the back. If you want some space to yourself at a quiet little cafe, this one is great.

We love both of Dos Mundos’ locations but this one in Letna is a bit bigger so it’s easier to sit and get some work done. Dos Mundos actually roast their own coffee so the quality is exceptional. If you want to come and try some yummy coffee you can check out Dos Mundos Instagram to see what they’re all about.

Kofárna Cafe

The Kofárna Cafe may have some of the best cakes and desserts in town. Plus they have super quick wifi. The Kofárna has a very modern and hip coffee shop vibe to it with lots of people coming in for their daily coffee but also some remote workers who come for the atmosphere.

If you’re looking to feel inspired and need a change of scenery, The Kofárna is the perfect place to come. The food and coffee are great (especially the sweets) and the staff is super friendly and accommodating. All in all, you’ll have a great time hanging out and getting work done here.

Fun fact: this is actually one of the only cafes mentioned on the west side of the Vltava River. Most of the coffee shops mentioned are in the more expat neighbourhoods likes Vinohrady, Zizkov, and Letna but Kofárna is in the Mala Strana neighbourhood.

It’s super easy to get to by tram and metro and it’s in a really nice part of Prague. Honestly, where in Prague isn’t beautiful? For a sneak peek of what you can expect, you can go through Kofárna Cafe’s Instagram here.

Cafe Neustadt

The outside of Cafe Neustadt in Prague
The interior of Cafe Neustadt in Prague

Last but not least, we have Cafe Neustadt. We can honestly say this is a hidden gem. Located fairly centrally in Prague, Cafe Neustadt has never got the attention it deserves. Because of that, there’s always room to sit. Especially in the warmer months where most people sit outside on the terrace. 

If you want some seriously good coffee, views of the historic New Town Hall Tower, and a nice spot to get work done then this is it. The best part is that they’re open until 11pm so you can literally come whenever you want, find a table, and do what you gotta do. 

They also have some delicious meals on their menu including tasty desserts. So come to get work done but don’t forget about the food. You can see all the delicious stuff they have on Cafe Neustadt’s Instagram page.

Ezra’s Bagels

Bagels, coffee, and a place to work from? What more do you need. Ezra’s Bagels is our newest recommendation because their bagel and coffee shop is quite new. The American styles bagels used to be made upon request and made at home until recently.

With the crazy demand and need for growth, they opened up in Holešovice. And let’s just say it’s beautiful. If you’re looking for a nice spacious and relaxing space to enjoy a coffee, a bagel, and get some work done then this is one of the new best places in town.

Ezra’s has an open floor plan with quite a few tables so you can always find a place to sit. The owners and the staff is super friendly and always down to chat. Maybe they’ll give you an extra bagel or two to take home some days if they don’t sell out. To get a feel for this bagel and cafe shop you can check out Ezra’s Bagels on Instagram here.

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Recap the best cafes to cowork at in Prague

Now you have 11 different options of totally unique and cool coffee shops to work from in Prague. We love them all and they are all great to work at and also laptop friendly. If it’s not a coworking space in Prague that we’re working from then it’s definitely a cafe. 

We hope you enjoy trying some of these cafes out for the first time and we’d love to get your feedback on which cafes you like best and why. DM us on Instagram or leave a comment below and let us know.

Enjoy some good coffee or tea – and snacks, hehe 😉

Have fun!

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